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Comment Re:Explanations (Score 1) 430

>140: ???

Many specialized gaming-keyboards have dozens of customizable macro-keys. Not being that avid a PC-gamer I know of only one such product by name having purchased one for my younger brother recently (the Roccat Valo, the nordic version of which I believe has 149 keys total, you're free to check the layout image for an accurate count), but know there are others like it on the market.

Comment DIY Texting System For Really Underground Radio (Score 1) 98

> There's some kvetching in the NPR story's comments that it's not the first use of cave radios, but that seems to miss the point ..

It is a valid point - not the first ues. It does demonstrate skill for a sixteen-year-old to be ables to design and construpt the device. An amalgam of VLF radio and a digital device. Communication underground has always been a problem. Leaky lines are one such solution, either active or passive.

Comment Re:Stupid summary, stupid story (Score 1) 913

what you didn't see is the gradual fraying of the cable, and under the right conditions this could cause the cable to bind in the sheath. However, the reason this didn't happen in a lot of systems and why the most common failure is a cable break at end of life, is because it was designed to make sure that the most stressed portions of the cable are also the most exposed, so they don't have anything to bind against, when they start fraying. also the pedal return spring is quite beefy. Get down there with your paws sometime and push on it... same with the brake pedal... your feet have a lot more power available, even under relaxed regimes, and a good engineer takes full advantage of that.

Comment Re:Diploma mills prove the worthlessness of degree (Score 1) 258

Education doesn't show an ability to learn

When will people stop asserting blanket statements as though they were fact - and then backing up their 'facts' with anecdotal evidence??

Simply because you know some people with a degree and no aptitude to learn this does not imply that having a degree is not in some way a useful gauge to someone's aptitude to learn. If I stated that I knew some graduates who were good at learning new things and some non-graduates who were bad learners would you take this as evidence enough to change your view? No, I didn't think so . . .

Comment Re:Loan guarantees? (Score 1) 373

Many of the German plants use *dry* cooling towers. More efficient 4th generation plants will need less cooling that the current crop of 60s rubbish as well, making dry cooling more economically attractive. Finally 8000 wind turbines is going to be eyesore in anyones view surly. current wind farms are and order of magnatute smaller. but >1000s is what you need to realistically replace coal/nuclear.

Comment Re:Loan guarantees? (Score 1) 373

Wind energy scales to the 3rd power of wind speed. Also from wind patterns you end up in the very low end of the generators capacity for most of its life, that is a 1MW generator spends most of its time generating ~100kW or so. Even in very favorable sites its not very good. Then you don't get the power when you need it so you must have a huge amount of over capacity. In fact far more capitol investment than a nuclear plant. The kind of numbers of generators required would stretch copper to it limit, even well beyond by some estimates.

Add it all up, and *every* study I have read shows that wind is and will be very expensive compared to almost anything else (solar panels can compete for the most expensive, but not solar thermal). Most wind farms around the world make money from subsidies by existing, not by making commercial sense.

Compare to nuclear, the generators can run at capacity 90% of the time, and can load follow (yes they can address peek power), and are also "free" to fuel. Free to fuel here is from the fact that a nuclear power plant sees less than 5% of its amortized cost in fuel. Even big price hikes in U costs don't effect nuclear energy prices much at all. There is over 5000 years worth of U if we reprocess. Far more if we use the oceans U. Then there is Th!

However decommissioning costs are not clear cut yet. We just haven't decommissioned enough reactors. But we could instead reuse the containment builds for new nuclear plants. Since the containment buildings are one of the biggest capitol costs, this could make a big difference, as well as reduce decommissioning costs of current plants.

Now no one seems to want to be next to a nuclear plant. But they are pretty small compared to a 1GW wind farm (which can't give 1GW for the vast majority of of its lifetime). And these days no one wants to be next to wind farms either.

Comment Re:Great News (Score 1) 121

Hopefully it's getting better. I bought a couple of these, 128GB model, and so far I've not been disappointed with read or write speed (in fact it's been snappier than the Seagate I had before). Granted, I'm not running a busy server. As for it not supporting TRIM, oh well, it's half-to-a-third the price of a Corsair, and WinXP which is the OS I put on one of them doesn't even support TRIM.


Submission + - LyricWiki API killed by the music industry 2

Sazzer writes: "Just seen on Amarok as lyrics for a song: "Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions from some of the major music publishers we can no longer return lyrics through the LyricWiki API (where this application gets some or all of its lyrics).
(Please note: this is not the fault of the developer who created this application, but is a restriction imposed by the music publishers themselves.)"

And from the LyricWiki page itself: "Unfortunately, licensing agreements with the biggest publishers in the music industry require us to no longer offer the ability for programmatic access to LyricWiki's collection of lyrics.
We tried to arrange some way to let API Developers license through us, but this was not possible.
While this is not something we are happy about, it is a necessity in order to finally secure licensing for LyricWiki from the major publishers which will allow the project to survive indefinitely.
For more info, please see the letter to API Developers""

Submission + - Relativistic Navigation Needed for Solar Sails (technologyreview.com)

KentuckyFC writes: "Last year, physicists calculated that a solar sail about a kilometre across with a mass of 300 kg (including 150 kg of payload) would have a peak acceleration of about 0.6g if released about 0.1AU from the Sun, where the radiation pressure is highest. That kind of acceleration could take it to the heliopause, the boundary between the Solar System and interstellar space, in only 2.5 years; a distance of 200 AU. In 30 years, it could travel 2500AU, far enough to explore the Oort Cloud. But the team has discovered a problem. Ordinary Newtonian physics just doesn't cut it for the kind of navigational calculations needed for this journey. Because the sail has to be released so close to the Sun, it becomes subject to the effects of general relativity. And although the errors these introduce are small, they become magnified over the course of a long journey, sending the sail roughly 1 million kilometres off course by the time it reaches the Oort Cloud. What these guys are saying is that if ever such a sail is launched (and the earliest estimate is 2040), the navigators will have to be proficient in a new discipline of relativistic navigation."

Comment Re:From a typical web surfer's point of view (Score 5, Funny) 310

A really douchy, I mean helpful, move by Bell would be to have every conceivable service running on the machine these DNS queries are redirected to, that would be configured to somehow convey the fact that the queried server doesn't exist, and possibly to display some ads. Like if a person tries to check for their email from IMAP the server would blindly accept any login credentials and return a mailbox with one mail with the subject "Invalid domain" and some adverts as contents. An SMB share would have folders named "Invalid" and "Domain". The possibilities are endless. Think of how convenient and helpful this would be.

Comment Re:You don't need every child affected (Score 5, Insightful) 167

If we start to make rules for the many based on the actions of a select few, we're destined for failure.

The fact that a couple of disturbed and mentally unhealthy kids got their adrenaline running by psyching themself with violent video games doesn't mean we should ban these games from all kids. Just like if I use a baseball bat to beat someone to death we shouldn't shut down every single litte-league in the country to stop the children from doing the same.

I think that some age control with games is good. In Finland we use PEGI age recommendations, and some games are also reviewed by the Board of Film Classification. The important classifications are 16+ and 18+. A retailer can refuse to sell a 16+ game to a person younger than 16 without a parents consent. 18+ games are prohibited by law to be sold to minors. If parents choose to buy a game and give it to their child, it's their choice, but a retailer, with no way of knowing the personality or mental maturity of a child, will not be permitted to sell an 18+ game to the child.

This system is by no means perfect, but it stops little impressionable kids from getting their hands on adults-only games, but permits parents to expose their children to such material, if they feel they're mature enough to handle it.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - BPI Forces YouTube to Remove Musician's Own Music (arstechnica.com) 2

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "British musician Calvin Harris is upset with the British Phonographic Industry for sending a copyright complaint to YouTube forcing YouTube to take down music he put there himself. Mr. Harris was upset enough over the affair to say that, 'The BPI are the worst organisation to ever walk the earth and their setup is shambolic,' while employing a few colorful metaphors most publications are loathe to repeat. Mr. Harris appealed to the House of Lords to file a formal complaint against the BPI, but was turned down and, to date, the BPI has yet to explain its actions to anyone seeking comment on the affair. No doubt they had some noble reason, such as trying to protect the artist from exposure to YouTube comments."

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