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Comment Re: Another reason to ban rifles (Score 1) 1134

Im a New Zealander and i have a firearms licence. Also i currently live in the EU. Despite the claims many EU countries have very lax gun laws. In Austria for example you just need to be over 18. There are plenty of other examples of strict and non strict gun laws and high/low gun crime and much lower mass shootings.

The fact is the problem in America is Americans. Even the sane ones think stand your ground laws are a good idea, or that shooting someone for stealing a stereo is A. OK. Americans are batshit insane.

Comment Re:Typical of those poorly trained... (Score 2) 226

I am a NZer and currently live in the EU. I know several pilots personally. While AU and NZ run a similar progression to the US (with much stricter medicals and stuff), the EU for airline pilots does not. We must start with small planes, then get a instrument ratings, turbine ratings etc. Accumulate quite a few hours before we can even consider than an airline will take us on for big plane rating.

In the EU you do like a uni degree in commercial airlines and 3 years later your rated for the big stuff. Out of the blocks with far far less hours flying that we would have.

Comment Re:Say what? (Score 1) 226

The problem is 2 fold. One as you say it almost never ever happens. Even that "experienced" pilot with thousands of hours under his belt as probably never been in a uncontrolled 45 AOA situation. So all that experience is worth shit. The second is physiology. We tend to refuse to believe reality when the shit hits the fan.

Same things happen in nuclear power plants. Operator, "That can't be right, that would mean we will get a melt down. That simply won't happen on my shift, clearly the instrument is wrong". Pilots do exactly that. For many minutes at a time. till it is far to late.

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