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Submission + - WhatsApp encryption back door (theguardian.com) 1

siloko writes: From the article: "A security backdoor that can be used to allow Facebook and others to intercept and read encrypted messages has been found within its WhatsApp messaging service."

Comment Re:I'm going to make you sadder. (Score 1) 130

from one of the reviewers of that book:

For instance I was getting worried that zombies would take over my farm. I was relieved that this book explained to me that that was a different game altogether and that they are completely separate, and the zombies from the game I had not signed up for wouldn't rise.

Comment Re:Just think before you share (Score 1) 494

If you sacrifice security and/or privacy for convenience, that is your problem (or in this case your sister's).

Well that's exactly the point - I didn't sacrifice my privacy, in fact I respect it enough not to have an account on either Facebook or MySpace or Bebo or any of the others. However I can not control everyone I know and the worrying thing in the example I gave was that someone else sacrificed my privacy without my consent.

Comment Re:Just think before you share (Score 5, Interesting) 494

As always the issue here is not the type of information (data valuable to divorce lawyers) but the context in which it is gathered (Facebook search unbeknownst to the poster). And once again the usual responses will be - a) Poster is stupid, and b) Facebook is evil.

I tend to think that so long as you are empowered to share or not to share then all is well. With Facebook this is not the case. My sister shared a reasonably embarrassing photo of me with some mutual friends (some of which I work with) which was then shared with my whole building by whatever networking effect took over - nice!. I was not in control of this. Now you can argue that she could have done this pre-social networking site era - but she couldn't simple because she is not in physical contact with 99.5% of people in my building. Social networking makes ones dis-empowerment that much more pervasive.

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