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Comment Zimbabwe and Democracy? (Score 1) 669

Yea, without Wikileaks Mugabe would never have moved against the opposition ..

"On 11 March 2007 a day after his 55th birthday, Tsvangirai was arrested .. His wife .. reported that he had been heavily tortured by police, resulting in deep gashes on his head and a badly swollen eye" link

"ZANU-PF has implemented a strategy of reciprocity in the negotiations, using Western sanctions as a cudgel against MDC. He would like to see some quiet moves, provided there are acceptable benchmarks, to 'give' some modest reward for modest progress .. He also acknowledged that his public statements calling for easing of sanctions versus his private conversations saying they must be kept in place have caused problems" link

"He [Tsvangirai] is the indispensable element for opposition success, but possibly an albatross around their necks once in power. In short, he is a kind of Lech Walesa character: Zimbabwe needs him, but should not rely on his executive abilities to lead the country's recovery" link

"Grace Mugabe sues Zimbabwe newspaper over Wikileaks diamond story" link

Submission + - Microsoft's potential meltdown in Office licensing (infoworld.com)

GMGruman writes: As InfoWorld's Woody Leonhard reports, a key source of Microsoft's income — volume licenses for Office — is starting to come up for renewal, and there are signs that CIOs won't re-up, depriving Microsoft of its usual cash flow. Instead, they're looking to simplify and save money by using alternatives such as Google Docs for most employees.

Submission + - Comcast DNS servers crashed (cnet.com)

BingmanO writes: Comcast subscribers from Boston to Washington, D.C., found themselves without Internet access Sunday night after a major outage affected parts of the East Coast. Comcast spokesman Charlie Douglas told CNET through e-mail that last night Comcast engineers identified a server issue that affected Internet service for customers primarily in the Boston and D.C./Beltway areas. Though the outage focused on Boston and Washington, D.C., a Comcast customer service technician reportedly told NBC News that there were "significant Internet outages" in Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, and New Hampshire.

Submission + - Who will win control of the web? (pcpro.co.uk)

Barence writes: Control of the web is up for grabs. Each of the big three computing companies – Microsoft, Apple and Google – has its own radically different vision to promote, as does the world’s biggest creative software company, Adobe. And HTML itself is changing, too. PC Pro examines the case for each of the contenders in the war of the web and, with the help of industry experts, assess which – if any – is most likely to emerge as victor.
The Internet

Submission + - Google, Microsoft Cheat on Slow-Start. Should You? (benstrong.com) 1

kdawson writes: Software developer and blogger Ben Strong did a little exploring to find out how Google achieves its admirably fast load times. What he discovered is that Google, and to a much greater extent Microsoft, are cheating on the 'slow-start' requirement of RFC-3390. His research indicates that discussion of this practice on the Net is at an early, and somewhat theoretical, stage.Strong concludes with this question: 'What should I do in my app (and what should you do in yours)? Join the arms race or sit on the sidelines and let Google have all the page-load glory?'

Submission + - BP ignored safety modeling software to save time (computerworlduk.com)

DMandPenfold writes: BP ignored the advice of safety critical software in an attempt to save time before the disastrous Gulf of Mexico oil spill, according to a presentation slide prepared by US investigators.

The slide in question briefly appeared on the Oil Spill Commission’s website in error, but was quickly retracted.

Advanced cement modelling software, provided by BP’s cement contractor Halliburton, had highlighted serious stability concerns with the well...


Submission + - SPAM: TalkTalk trials anti-malware system

winniethepoo writes: Under the pretext of protecting you from malware we are spying on your browsing habits, .

"TalkTalk is set to start testing its controversial malware protection system that opponents claim snoops on the ISP's customers. According to the company, it will let users opt in to the service, which is intended to protect consumers by scannng websites for malware and viruses before they reach end user computers. Any websites found to be hosting viruses or other threats will be placed on a black list" link

And what's the name of the list you go on if you choose not to "opt in" ?

"The service, which the ICO also likened to Phorm (WebWise), follows customers around the internet and makes an anonymous record of the website addresses (URLs) they visit" link

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Submission + - SPAM: Digital vaccine needed to fight botnets

teXx writes: The equivalent of a government-backed vaccination scheme is needed to clean up the huge numbers of PCs hijacked by cyber criminals, suggests research .. Botnets are typically networks of home computers that malicious hackers have managed to hijack by tricking their owners into opening a virus-laden e-mail or visiting a booby-trapped website.
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