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Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 280

Windows is great for those people that want to get things done and want to treat the computer as a productivity tool.

Windows 10 has an ugly UI with smaller, less-colourful icons, spits ads in your face, keeps resetting your telemetry preferences (which can't even stop all telemetry), and forces you to reboot regularly. If that's good for productivity, what the hell is bad?

Comment Re:Anonymous Overlay Networks - USE THEM :) (Score 2) 116

You really should move all your operations exclusively onto the anonymous overlay networks and never ever touch clearnet again.

What would you say about cjdns? It claims to fully encrypt everything and only communicate with trusted peers, and people using it say it is very fast, but it still seems to be quite small and obscure. Does anyone here think it looks like a viable future protocol?

Comment Re:Not everyone is the same (Score 1) 297

Worse yet are the people that are not on facebook missing all the opinions and interactions of those that are. Sometimes that means missing out on current events or the latest gossip

Are you joking? Not being on Facebook so you can get their daily pro-establishment propaganda in your face and keep up to date on the latest "gossip"? How about, no, I don't need that shit and I'm better off without it. And happier. That's the kind of social interaction I don't need.

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