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Comment Re:Look at the source (Score 1) 629

Let us not forget that one of Trump's major talking points is to send Syrian refugees back home.

Ah, so skipping over the white people thing. Because it does look, frankly, like our leaders are trying to flood us out and replace us with darker skinned people, for whatever reason.

You know, to that country that is in the middle of a brutal civil war?

Yes, I do know that country. It's on the other side of the world from the USA, with many safe (enough) countries between the two for asylum.

To refresh your memory, it appears that just the other day the the Assad regime used chlorine gas on the people of Aleppo. It wasn't the first time Assad has used chemical weapons on his own people. Unfortunately, it probably won't be the last. So, yes, almost quite literally, Trump does appear to plan on sending people to the gas chambers.

What utter bullshit. We don't have to take responsibility for what other people do. I certainly won't. I meant *US* sending people to the gas chambers. Are we to blame for all the women who get raped in African civil wars too?

Well, we are talking about a guy who, quite literally, can be sent on a days-long twitter rant by even the most trivial of (perceived) slights. I just shudder to think what Trump might do if he has his finger on the nuclear button.

Give me a break. He isn't insane. Hillary is more likely to start a war with Putin than Trump (listen to some of her past rants).

Comment Re:Look at the source (Score 1) 629

I hear people spouting off alt-right shit all over the place, here and the other site, at the gas station, the grocery store, etc. It scares the bejeezus out of me.

What exactly are you so scared of? That white people might actually retain one or two countries in the world where they're in a majority? That immigrants turned down will be sent to the gas chambers? Or that Trump will start World War 3 by declaring war with Putin?

Comment Re:It's about time... (Score 1) 193

So all advertisers are hyper-sensitive about their ads theoretically being linked with some content that is theoretically controversial because it contains charged political rhetoric or something?

I find that hard to believe.

And do all advertisers want the same treatment? What if I WANT my company to be associated with edgy political incorrectness, but not fluffy kittens or make-up tutorials? I guess I'm SOL with Youtube, huh?

Comment Overly aggressive (Score 2) 86

I used to think that maybe this kind of thing was a good idea, but I've changed my mind. There are all sorts of reasons you might not want to use HTTPS for a website, usually revolving around the fact that it is just a pain in the ass to set up and maintain (especially if you run your own server). It's often overkill during development, or in a situation where you're piggybacking on an already-secure connection like SSH.

I suspect this is all to do with the desire of big corporations like Google to make the web more of a place for people with $$$. The money and time to setup and maintain SSL infrastructure.

And yeah I know you can use Let's Encrypt... if you're happy to put up with ludicrously short certificate expiration times, or install their software on your server and configure it to work with whatever you're serving your certs with (good luck if it's not Apache). But that sucks, frankly.

Comment Re:Microsoft demise? (Score 1) 133

With MS customers, "breaking point" seems to literally be "breaking" point. Like, unless you totally break their computer to the point of being unusable, they will use Microsoft shit. Telemetry? No problem. Ads? No problem. Shitty UI? No problem. Forced updates? No problem. Forced reboots? No problem. Stupid app store? No problem. Random lockups when using SSD? No problem. Massive updates that cause bugs all the time? No problem. Regular accidental-on-purpose resets of your privacy settings? No problem. Etc...

Comment Re:Collusion is illegal (Score 1) 585

And this was precisely the reason why I have switched to Windows 10. Windows 7 lacks support of some more modern hardware and when installing it a shitload of patches had to be installed afterwards.

So you're rewarding Microsoft et al for their shitty behaviour. Well done, take a bow. Hope you like getting fucked up the ass.

Comment Re:The license is useless Linus.... (Score 1) 238

Basically, you get major asshole points if you don't adhere to it, and you get the cooperation of free (volunteer), skilled programmers if you do - it's a matter of incentivisation.

It needs to be legally binding. Microsoft don't mind pissing off their own users! I hardly think they'll mind pissing off some Linux developers.

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