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Comment Re:Snoop Doggy Dog (Score 2) 114

The difference is that Trump is hated by the same people who expanded the snooping laws.

The FBI seemed pretty hell-bent on getting Trump elected...

If we assume that government corruption is the impetus, then it follows that the long term effects of Trump's term is decreased snooping overall.

Considering Trump's appointees are all coming from the same old places like Goldman Sachs, I'm not sure where you get the idea that corruption will be on the decline.

Comment Re:Snoop Doggy Dog (Score 1) 114

If we assume that government corruption is the impetus...

That was NOT a difference maker this election. Trump has a long, slimy business record such that to expect him to stop being slimy once in office is unrealistic. He even blatantly admitted to bribing most of the candidates on the stage during the GOP debates. I don't see that a pimp is holier than a whore.

I believe he won because he sold the idea that most our security and job problems are caused by outsiders. It's a simple and powerful message from a political marketing standpoint: Nationalism 101.

It's wrong and foolish, but I'm just addressing the sales angle here. Wrong but simple ideas sell better than nuanced but correct ones. Human Nature 101.

Comment Re:Mixed Metaphors (Score 1) 230

The Gendarme isn't going to break down your door and drag you to jail.

While it's true poverty in the modern USA is better than poverty back then, it's still not pleasant.

The implication I jabbed at is that most Uber drivers had plenty of immediate alternative and better income methods. It struck me as flippant and naive.

Comment Re:First world (Score 2) 98

The US economy actually depends on innovation similar to how the Middle East economies depend on oil. We are innovation addicts.

It's a myth that innovation itself is needed to stimulate consumption. There are plenty of existing things people already want, if they simply had the money.

But, anything that becomes a commodity to manufacture or manage gets shipped to cheap 3rd-world manufacturers (C3WM) where labor is cheaper. To maintain the USA's higher cost of living, we have to push the envelope to create new devices and markets that are too cutting edge to be commoditized (yet).

For example, when personal computers were new, they were mostly made in the USA. As they became more of a commodity, their production shifted overseas. Jobs himself used to assemble Apple computers in his garage.

Apple similarly knows they have to push the envelope to avoid being bowled over by C3WM who can throw labor at the problem. The expense and complexity of wireless earphones may seem like overkill now, but if they make Apple products slightly more convenient than the others, they have a sales and marketing edge over the C3WM that allows them to charge a premium.

Eventually the C3WM will catch up in wireless earphones and every phone will support them, and Apple will have to move on to the next Next Big Thing (which is probably already in their lab).

Thus, it's not just a "first world problem", but a first world survival technique (if you want to survive as a first-worlder).

Comment Snoop Doggy Dog (Score 5, Interesting) 114

In an online political discussion, one conservative complained about Obama's alleged excess snooping. I pointed out that Bush and Trump are pretty much pro-snoopers also.

At first (s)he seemed to argue otherwise, but after a lot of probing on my part, the truth finally came out: He was more nervous with a Democrat snooping than a Republican. It wasn't the snooping itself, but WHO was snooping.

I can see how the personal trust issue can play a part, but to keep switching the laws back and forth depending on which party is in power is not realistic.

Comment Penis Cops [Re:Hillary Lost Because of Her] (Score 1) 433

and that 3-year-olds should be able to create their own genders.

Why would you want gov't regulating genders? I thought you people didn't like gov't intervention?

Trump hasn't indicated any mandate to regulate such anyhow.

where people don't buy into the idea that all white people are evil racists...

Filtering immigrants based on religion is just on such a track in my book, along with other rude comments Mr. T has made without apologies. For some odd reason, many conservatives don't see it that way, and that concerns me.

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