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Comment Re:Facebook is in the tank for the DNC (Score 1) 104

To add to the horror of their Turkey leak: the information about female voters doesn't just include their names, addresses, phone numbers, and equivalents of social security numbers. It also includes whether they are members or not of Erdogan's AKP party. At a time when the country is in the middle of a bloody post-coup purge.

Comment Re:Horse Hockey (Score 1) 694

Reread your original post where you said "lying about". The Director said that NO clear evidence of intentional misconduct was found. Being sloppy is not "lying" to normal English users. I'm not condoning her sloppy behavior here, just pointing out that your claim as written has no evidence behind it. You are sloppy also, ironically.

Comment Blame Scope [Re:Cheesy 80's movie excuse] (Score 1) 694

You seem to miss that HRC is not the DNC. Why would the DNC having poor network security have anything to do with Clinton, or reflect on her at all?

One could argue that ultimately the prez is held responsible by the public for just about everything regardless of whether they had direct control over it or not because they always have at least indirect influence. It's the old famous "The Buck Stops Here" situation.

That's fine, as long as applied evenly, such that Trump gets blamed for plagiarizing by the RNC speakers, for example.

Comment scvhost.exe full CPU oddity (Score 1) 202

My Windows 7 Home-Premium PC had a process called scvhost.exe that was running full core CPU-wise. I eventually found it's related to the Windows Update service, and switched off updates.

Before that I applied all kinds of alleged fixes and patches without success. Some suggested it's related to the "encouraged" Windows 10 upgrading process.

What the h8ll is it doing so long that hogs an entire core? I don't see a lot of disk activity from it. Anybody else encountered this and studied the guts by chance?

Submission + - Hackers Create Safe Skies TSA Master Key, Release Designs (csoonline.com)

itwbennett writes: 'On Saturday evening, during the Eleventh HOPE conference in New York City, three hackers released the final master key used by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which opens Safe Skies luggage locks,' writes CSO's Steve Ragan. The hackers also released a 3D-printable model of the key. The issue, the hackers say, isn't that some creep can riffle through your delicates using one of these keys, but that government key escrow is inherently dangerous. Even the TSA admits that the Safe Skies locks have little to do with safety. 'These consumer products are convenience products that have nothing to do with TSA's aviation security regime,' an agency spokesperson said.

Submission + - NSIS 3.0 Final Released (sourceforge.net)

An anonymous reader writes: Ever since v2.46 came out in 2009, the development on Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS), a scripting language to create Windows installers, seemed to be dormant. Several new versions in the 2.x branch came out throughout the year, paving the way to NSIS 3.0 final, which was released today!

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