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Comment Re:still useless (Score 1) 99

you are assuming that by choosing his news sources, he is choosing to only read things that confirm what he already believes. you have no basis for that conclusion.

i frequently read news from sources like The People's Daily (beijing newspaper) or al jezeera. i think a lot of what is published in those sources is bullshit, and plenty more i just disagree with. I still find them more useful than Fox News. In this case getting news on "my terms" simply means I am not dependent upon the popular mass media of this country for my information.

Comment Re:still useless (Score 0) 99

Its revealing of how far slashdot has fallen that we're 4 years in and still trying to figure out whether or not twitter might be useful. If you don't like using twitter, don't. But here are some things I like about it.

* I frequently discover that a friend is doing something (e.g. getting a beer) nearby, and I join them, when otherwise I wouldn't have known.

* I get news much sooner that I would otherwise.

* I don't have to have a facebook account.

* I find other people with similar interests to mine because they follow me on twitter.

* Some of my friends are hilarious. I love hearing their running commentary on their experiences.

* If I'm in a part of town I'm not familiar with, or another city, and want food recommendations, i tweet and usually get a few good suggestions within minutes. There are probably other good opportunities for crowd-sourcing decisions I'm not thinking of.

* I can quickly plan events by suggesting a time and place on twitter, and dont have to send emails or make phone calls.

* When I am at conferences and events, it is invaluable for meeting up with people, or finding out last minute about something awesome I want to be part of.

I could probably go on.

Comment Re:Why a smartphone? Google voice + prepaid is bes (Score 1) 199

This sucks. Examples of why:
* GPS navigation only works if you have a gps enabled device and a constant data connection. Wi-Fi is useless for this.
* Netbooks suck. Period.
* Pulling out a laptop to check twitter to see where your friends are while walking down the street does not make sense.
* Prepaid SIM service sucks. Calls are deprioritized relative to other traffic and call quality is terrible.
Do I need to keep going? Start counting the apps in the iTunes store that *DONT* work on the iPod Touch and you should start to get the idea.

Comment Re:Don't bother (Score 1) 199

Get this. Up until 85-100 years ago (practically) no one had cars. They all managed to survive and get through life despite that handicap. You may have to endure being a social pariah for a few years but it isn't necessary to have a car. I don't know if it's still available but you can use the horse-drawn buggy on a road without getting a car. Whether they'll let you ride it to the grocery store without upgrading to a car is another thing. They allowed this for the first time with the Model T.

Submission + - Has AT&T Lost its Corporate Mind?

Ponca City, We Love You writes: "Tim Wu has an interesting (and funny) article on Slate that says that AT&T's recent proposal to examine all the traffic it carries for potential violations of US intellectual property laws is not just bad but corporate seppuku bad. At present AT&T is shielded by a federal law they wrote themselves that provides they have no liability for "Transitory Digital Network Communications" — content AT&T carries over the Internet. To maintain that immunity, AT&T must transmit data "without selection of the material by the service provider" and "without modification of its content" but if AT&T gets into the business of choosing what content travels over its network, it runs the serious risk of losing its all-important immunity. "As the world's largest gatekeeper," Wu writes, "AT&T would immediately become the world's largest target for copyright infringement lawsuits." ATT's new strategy "exposes it to so much potential liability that adopting it would arguably violate AT&T's fiduciary duty to its shareholders," concludes Wu."

Submission + - Everything you know about user-interface is wrong. (worrydream.com) 3

rhesuspieces00 writes: The ubiquity of frustrating, unhelpful software interfaces has motivated decades of research into 'Human-Computer Interaction.' The author argues that the long-standing focus on 'interaction' is misguided. For a majority subset of software, called 'information software,' interactivity is actually a curse for users and a crutch for designers, and users' goals can be better satisfied through other means.

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