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Comment Re: Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 474

Well if that is the GPs position I challenge him to come out and admit it and we can debate that argument. Its just dishonest otherwise.
The biggest flaw in that argument of course is that the only thing between Bill Gates and a homeless guy with no money is one day of terible luck. And since you are not Bill Gates you need a lot less bad luck. Even if you are sociopathic enough to think that way you should be smart enough to figure out it makes sense to cover the poor in case you join them.

Comment Re: Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 474

Governments were invented for many purposes. Among them is, as per the US constitution: caring for the general welfare of society.
Note its not in an ammendment. Its in the original document itself. So fundamentally a part of the purpose of government that it was obvious to the founding fathers. Not even freedom of thought,speech and religion was that fundamental !

Comment Hmm... interesting. (Score 1) 180

Given the small numbers of fires so far and the fact that they already limited charging, this makes me think that they now believe the problem will get worse over time—i.e. it's not just that a few units are affected by the poor design choice with battery tolerances, when exposed to just the right conditions, but that EVERY unit has an elevated likelihood of going up in smoke over time, i.e. the ticking time bomb phenomenon.

"We've analyzed their attack sir, and there is a danger."

Otherwise, this would seem to be quite a drastic move.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 0) 474

mmm, interesting.
But I'm sure you can come up with some scenario where a natural disaster kills them both at once.
Congress certainly thought it was possible - which is WHY there is a third-in-line person. Same thing could happen if, say, they both got involved in some major corruption scandal and both of them were impeached.

Comment Re:Not surprised... (Score 1) 474

Actually... you're joke may be somewhat true. Stress is a major contributor to heart disease, and living in a country where mass shootings is a regular occurrence (in fact more regular than ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD -... actually that's selling it short, TWICE as many in 20 years as the next 10 countries COMBINED) and everybody has a fucking gun, with no real measure to determine if they even know where the safety is, would sure as hell leave ME permanently stressing out.

Comment Re:Obama care is the reason (Score 5, Funny) 474

Trump could piss in a jar, say "Drink my urine to absorb my business power" and his supporters would be lining up to buy it.

And when he gets sued after somebody discovered he stopped pissing in jars after the first one and the rest were just really expensive lemonade they'll call the judge biased against urolagnia.

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