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Comment Re: Liability (Score 1) 446

Exactly. The Libertarian party seems to have forgotten all about being against corporate charters. And certainly none of the few that actually get into office have even attempted to do away with prescriptions or any sort of licensing for anything. When is the last time a big L Libertarian has supported piercing the corporate veil or a class action lawsuit?

Comment Re:Classical physics, er, error (Score 1) 372

Well, the simple wrinkle is that we don't know how much time the super-universe takes. Any computation could take a nano-second or a billion years and we would recognize that as the smallest division of time.

If the simulation means that a bus running into you ends your life - it doesn't matter if it's not real.

Comment Re: Evil bugs (Score 2) 237

Yes. This is about opportunities for optimization, not bugs. All experienced developers know that premature optimization is evil. You write code to be easy to understand and maintainable first, then do a performance analysis and decide what is and is not "good enough". If you can't show that there is a true issue then you better be able to change it in a way that doesn't sacrifice readability, maintainability, reusability, etc. or you are a hack.

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