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Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

Well, you're such a think-skinned snowflake!

The electrical grid, at least in the US, is not capable of sustaining charging the hypothetical 90% of the domestic fleet converted to EV. Not only generation is an issue, but the transmission, both the long-distance and the local distribution too are already straining under the load.

Regarding the public charging station ubiquitousness, you must live in a special place. At my job at a very large, tech-oriented company in the heart of Silicon Valley, there are no more than 8-10 stations per 100 parking spots, so, if you want to charge your EV while at work, you have to spend quite a lot of time looking for an available station - not very convenient.

Again, the thread was about the many people who don't own a SFH with a private garage and don't live in your city with the abundance of public charging stations. You just got carried away, without trying to understand other people's situation.

Comment Re: FACT: (Score 1) 993

That's factually incorrect. George Washington has been a mediocre president, just like his military skills. His most valuable decision as president has been not wanting to become "benevolent dictator" for life and stepping down after two terms.

There have been much better presidents than him, he just was the first.

Submission + - finally Yahoo's fate has been revealed (

serbanp writes: The mystery has been solved: Yahoo will be bought by Verizon for $4.83B. Interestingly, it appears its fate is to be paired with the other relic from the internet dawn era: AOL. May Yahoo rest in pieces!

Comment Re:This confirms my previous speculation (Score 1) 461

Don't you hate the moment you click the "Submit" button only to figure out what a stupid comment you just posted?

Despite having a few traits in common (they're both men, born on their respective birthday, and had been involved with disclosing secret stuff), Assange and Snowden are two different persons. If anything, Assange should be dependent upon maintaining President Correa's goodwill.

Comment Re: Have to give it to Apple..... (Score 1) 771

USB-C sucks from the mechanical p.o.v. when compared to a standard jack connector. More difficult to insert, tiny contacts that wear out much faster.

ANYTHING replacing the round pronged headphone jack has more downsides than real benefits, be it crappy connectors like USB and thunderbolt or BT-enabled (whose battery life sucks).

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