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Comment Re:The problem is not the ratio but the total carb (Score 1) 40

Why China? Why not everywhere else. Seems a bit unfair to expect China to stay on bicycles and not adopt ICE and only allow electric if other countries are not willing to do the same. Indeed, whilst the POTUS is promoting Coal as the fuel of the future, China has been promoting renewables. (it sucks that they have all the pollution and disregard for the environment from all the factories).

Because only China is doing this in large part. They have the top emissions worldwide. The US & Canada are both dropping.

it's 2017, not 1997. wake up.

Comment Re:Abandon hope all ye who enter Slashdot? (Score 1) 43

Just my take on it, mostly based on a mix of my interactions with Taco and my own experiences with a couple of startups in the '80s, but I think they programmed the system out of love and the advertising model was tacked on at the end. I'm not saying that Slashdot was part of the dotcom bubble, but rather that the bubble created unrealistic expectations for the value of advertising on websites. The ongoing value of the "brand" is kind of illusory, largely because it's based on that critically flawed business model of eyes for advertisers.

I think the solutions require rethinking economics, but I'm too old and discouraged to worry much about those things anymore. The apparent resolution of the Fermi Paradox would indicate that there are no solutions after all.

Comment T'would be amusing if Slashdot tried to lead, eh? (Score 1) 166

Too early? One "funny" modded comment that wasn't much. Several "insightful" mods, apparently on some sort of confusion of wit with insight. Brevity is only the soul of wit, sorry.

Actually, I sort of think that the (increasingly evil) google has a good idea there, even if it's intuitively obvious to the most casual observer. Reputation is ultimately a human thing, and it is ultimately based on a network of trust. Three obvious problems:

(1) Abuse of anonymity breaks the foundation of the trust network.
(2) The google is biased by the love of money and wants "extra" trust to sell more ads.
(3) TMI

Improved moderation could make Slashdot a model of possible solutions, but there's no funding model to drive change here. Would you actually pay REAL money for more reliable information? Especially when there's an effectively infinite supply of "information" just a few short clicks away?

Since it will never happen on Slashdot, does anyone know of a discussion website where the network reputation of each source is displayed next to the avatar? Various ways to do it, but it would be easiest for me to interpret a multi-dimensional radar diagram based on reactions to the work published by that source. (Details available upon polite request, as the sad joke goes.)

Comment Most of this comes from certain Net block regions (Score 1) 166

Just don't let them post news without it being verified first.

Problem solved.

Their motivation is to lie to get the click ad dollars. They will do whatever Russia asks them to get the sweet bonus spiff for pushing Russia fake news, since they get both the ad dollars and the Russian extra.

Submission + - Murdered woman's Fitbit nails cheating husband

BarbaraHudson writes: A murdered woman's Fitbit data shows she was still alive an hour after her husband claims she was murdered and he was tied up, contradicting her husband's description of events.

Richard Dabate, 40, was charged this month with felony murder, tampering with physical evidence and making false statements following his wife Connie's December 2015 death at their home in Ellington, Tolland County.

Dabate called 911 reporting that his wife was the victim of a home invasion, alleging that she was shot dead by a "tall, obese man" with a deep voice like actor Vin Diesel's, sporting "camouflage and a mask," according to an arrest warrant.

Dabate alleged her death took place more than an hour before her Fitbit-tracked movements revealed.

Comment The problem is not the ratio but the total carbon (Score 4, Insightful) 40

While it is true that China is rolling out more all-electric cars SUVs and trucks than North America, the problem is not the ratio of electric vehicles but the shift from 80 percent bicycle to more cars and SUVs.

China needs to stop providing parking spots for non-electric cars in high demand areas, and use those spots for bicycles.

Submission + - Why Did Google Really Block A Guerrilla Fighter In The Ad War? (

tedlistens writes: Google's decision to ban the Chrome plug-in AdNauseum due to a violation of its "single purpose policy"—shortly after the app began supporting the EFF's new Do Not Track standard—was only the latest salvo in an ongoing war over online advertising. The ad industry knows that ads are a nuisance, and it's now taking pre-emptive measures to make them more palatable—or, in Google's case, to block the unpalatable ones. But Google's positions also point to a crucial disagreement at the heart of the ad war: What makes ads such a nuisance to begin with?

Ads aren't just ugly, annoying, and bandwidth-sucking: They pose a risk to privacy, as the networks of software behind ads—cookies, trackers, and malware—watch not only where you go on the web but, through your phone and your purchases, what you do in real life. But privacy is largely missing from Google's discussion of problematic ads, says Howe. By avoiding mentioning AdNauseum's actual intent, Google's explanation for banning it echoes the advertising industry's discussion of web ads, which focuses on aesthetics rather than privacy.

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