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Submission + - The Gates Foundation Engages its Critics (

sam_handelman writes: "The Gates Foundation responded to the critiques of its policies (previously discussed here) by inviting its critics at Education Week Teacher to a dialog on its own site. Edweek blogger Anthony Cody answered the challenge. The two sides negotiated a five-part series of post and counterpost, which can be viewed on both sites. Previous exchanges include Cody's question, Can Schools Defeat Poverty by Ignoring It?, and an answer from the Gates Foundation's Global Press Secretary, Chris Williams, Poverty Does Matter--But It Is Not Destiny.

  The final round of the dialog has begun, and is available for comment on the Gates Foundation's own blog. Slashdot readers may not know about Gates' sponsorship of specific edutech industry partners, such as Rupert Murdoch's Wireless Generation, and Pearson Education. Cody poses tough questions, including, "Can the Gates Foundation reconsider and reexamine its own underlying assumptions, and change its agenda in response to the consequences we are seeing?" According to the agreement, the Gates Foundation will answer in the coming week, concluding the series."


Submission + - A critical evaluation of Bill Gates' role in education (

sam_handelman writes: "Although less well known or widely lauded than their charitable efforts in the third world, the Gates foundation has extensive links to the so-called ed reform movement. Although the periodical edweek generally supports education reform, edweek is carrying a second blog post (with links to investigative journalism pieces) which is extremely critical of the gates foundation's role in education, accusing the Gates foundation of doing harm to students, while using their leveraged contributions to waste huge sums of taxpayer money. The quantity of taxpayer dollars involved are potentially in the hundreds of billions $US, and the profit margin for education-vendors is typically very high.

Part I, about the Gates foundation in Africa and elsewhere, was covered on slashdot last week."


Submission + - Edweek critically examines Bill Gates' philanthropic record (

sam_handelman writes: "The common perception among Slashdotters is that while Bill Gates may cause us some professional difficulties, he makes up for it with an exemplary philanthropic record. His philanthropic efforts may turn out to be even worse than his operating system. Edweek, not ordinarily an unfriendly venue for Gates, is running a series of blog post/investigative journalism pieces into what the Gates' foundation is doing, and how it is not always well received by stakeholders."

Submission + - Dystopia Week Continues: Bill Gates to fit Students with Galvanic Bracelets (

sam_handelman writes: As part of his "philanthropy", Bill Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation is providing $500K to support research into using electrophysiological measurements to evaluate the effectiveness of different teaching methods; not in a purely research setting, but as a live evaluation tool for individual teachers.

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