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Comment Season of cherry blossoms (Score 1) 1

Hello, Johndiii..

I sent a couple of photos of cherry blossoms. Very blur. Forgive.. I'm going to move back to Fukuoka on 11th of April. I spent one year and three months in Kokura.

I left this hometown at age 20 and my homecoming was for the first time in 27 years.

I don't come back here any more.

Poems are cry of your soul. Nice magic of words!!

Comment Re:We missed our snow! (Score 1) 2

In my opinion snowfall at its marginal area is most beautiful on earth.

If you live between latitude 34 to 35 degrees area of the northern Georgia, you must have several -three or four snowfall days in a year. I live slightly below than latitude 34 degrees so we have a few -two or three snowfall days.

Tokyo is located at latitude 35.5 so they have more snowfall days, but anyway less than a week.

One of the cities located at latitude 33 usually doesn't have any snowfall.

The city located at latitude 37 always has trouble of heavy snowfall evey winter. For them snow is not an objective of nostalgia, but simply it's something that has them feel fear to nature.

Snow is a miracle humans ever had. Let's keep beautiful snow, the symmetric beauty of its crystal suggests it's one of the most beautiful gifts from heaven as such.

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Journal Journal: Snow out of season 2

Here in Tokyo -actually I'm not there though, it started to snow untimely. Snowfall continues as of now 21:50 to three in the morning tomorrow. It piles up to 3 to 5 cm. Cold night..

Comment Re: Chesterton (Score 1) 18

In late 18th century when Admiral Perry comes to Japan with the four Black ship the population of the United States and Japan was almost the same. Just twenty years ago the US was two times as populous as Japan. Now population of US is over three hundred million, exceeding Japan almost three times.

The average number of kids in a family in Japan is one point something, by the year 2055 the populatin of Japan will be reduced to 89 hundred million accrding to a survey.

Culture without universality never prevails.

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Journal Journal: Ms Clinton comes

Secretary of State Ms Hillary Clinton comes to Japan. She said bilateral relation between United States and Japan is essential and a corner stone to world politics. Japan is the first country for her to visit outside US and she invited Japanese premire to visit the White House as the first foreign leader.

Through Japan bashing, passing now is the time to Japan banishing. Assimilation has been in progress in such a degree.

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Journal Journal: Drunken proved

People who made a mistake under the influence of alcohol often make an excuse as they didn't drink much. This is the proof of their intoxication. They think they didn't have much because they had already much.

Comment ii (Score 1) 18

>Chesterton's system solves this problem rather neatly- only information is traded between communities, and the principle of subsidarity requires the factory be as close to the end consumer as possible, eliminating the need for shipping.

This is also a core of your thought.

Thirty years ago almost all information was monopolised in either Tokyo or Kansai region in Japan, so we were obliged to think about learning in either of the two regions. Because we couldn't obtain enough books in local area.

I started to consider moving to the US to learn more when I was the third grade at the University. Because I thought it was hard to acquire surroundings surrounded only by international common language. So I went to the US. About a year I enjoyed its ambience fully.

How about now? Do I have to go to Tokyo to obtain enough informatin? No. I can get it through the net. Do I have to go to the US to fully enjoy the flood of information? No. I can get it through the net.

Now the time has changed from the age of centralised, monopolised system to decentralised, multilateral world where we can find as many hubs of information and knowledge as possible.

I first saw the name Chesterton in a dialog between you and Mike Hawk and got curious since then.

Our age has come closer to his ideal more and more.


Comment Stimulate economy (Score 1) 15

These two suggestions are a good idea. One helps middle class households and the other helps create government owned companies. Many companies were first created by government, then later they were sold to private sectors in marvellously low prices. In recession things will be reverse. I suggest 700 billion dollars be used for every household. This is going to be much more direct way to stimulate economy, which is in a word to make the flow of money in society. Recession or depression means money stays in some place..

>the depression doesn't feel half as bad if you have a job.

I myself want to work at least 40 hours in a week. Unless doing so, I would feel as if I were under a potential umemployment.

Comment Public enterprises (Score 1) 3

>However, there's still a good reason to oppose pork: The jobs the federal government creates

In well-developed countries, public enterprises contain a lot of needless investment. Because infrastructure was already well-built so there's scarce place to dig up more.

In the case of U.S., however, there's a lot of hinterland to develop. I think it works well if done under well-prepared plans by a superior leader.

Comment The Questions of King Milinda (Score 1) 2

>Happiness can be found when expectation dies.

This is similar to Zen Buddhist world view and also I recall the word of Diogenes - he wanted only a little bit more sunshine. I'm not so sure whether the words found in the Questions of King Milinda.

A kind of religion seeks no worldly profit. This form is indeed an original figure religions ought to be.

Comment Manifest Destiny (Score 1) 13

>it is those joys that we term the profits of liberty.

Profound words..

In the past oftentimes war had become the big trigger to more liberated stage of human life. But we didn't have to worry about total elimination of humankind in even all out war. Time has changed and now we need to use only human wisdom in order to liberate human nature more and more, without experiencing a war.

Comment Meaning of marriage (Score 1) 12

>Prevention of conception

We need to wait for a wife's menopause in order to enjoy our marital life fully, which usually comes more than twenty years after our first liason. Don't worry, life is long.

Meaning of marriage is first of all in social relations to have fun exclusively between two opposite sex. Raise their kids, live together economically come only after this first aim is achieved.

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