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Comment Re:Yeah, the bubble will pop long before that (Score 1) 374

You also have to look at demand. The overarching idea that college is so important that everyone should go is just plain wrong. How many people go to college only to leave with massive debt and a degree they never actually use? For many, if not most, college is simply an expensive waste of time. The idea that modern jobs require it is wrong. College is not job training, it's higher education. It is not a solution to a changing employment landscape, that's vocational education.

We need to accept that not everyone benefits from college, not everyone needs college, and not everyone should go. College used to be for the smarter students who could make use of it. Now it's been reduced to high school+, dumbed down for students who shouldn't be wasting their time there and probably won't make it to a second year.

I'm more concerned with artificially inflated demand than I am with supply.

Comment Re:Ugh, and the ZOMBIE "ad" apps (Score 1) 353

Ah, okay. I don't like the way they're going either, but I can see why they would. Part of it is how they're changing their entire update/upgrade model to an SaS deal (which I'm not into), meaning that in the end they may never "sell" another copy. I think they also lost the sweetheart deal they used to force on manufacturers - that whole "microsoft tax"/"you're paying for a license for every computer you sell even if you don't install Windows on it" thing. Yeah, it was total BS, but from their perspective it's a loss that has to be recouped.

So in the end, I don't like it but I understand it and get where they're coming from. Still, I'd rather just pay $100 every few years for an upgrade license. Full disclosure: I'm being a little shitty when I say that as I have rarely had to pay for it at all and never paid full price. I've gotten licenses from work, school, or picked up student copies or resold volume licenses. Meaning I'm one of the people who encouraged Microsoft to make this move. Sorry.

Comment Just in Russia? (Score 1) 49

I'm trying to remember if I've ever seen a late-model iPhone on sale or with a retail price below Apple's MSRP. The closest I can come up with is a carrier plan that, in the end, charges more for the phone but gives a lower (or no) up front cost.

Can anybody else find a new (not used or refurbed) iPhone of the current or last generation for less than Apple's standard price?

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