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Comment Re:Maybe Wikileaks is the wrong entity to be angry (Score 1) 286

And if you get raped outside your own home, is it reasonable to expect that the incident would be discussed in diplomatic cables? If you go to your doctor and he diagnoses you with HIV, should embassies be informed? What little context for the information is relayed in the articles about it suggest that much of the information regards domestic incidents, not Saudis in other nations. It is reasonable for information on refugees to be transmitted, but domestic arrests of Saudi citizens?

Comment Re:Maybe Wikileaks is the wrong entity to be angry (Score 1) 286

A natural assumption, however it is worth noting that none of the articles contain any context whatsoever.

More importantly - these were diplomatic cables from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Why were they discussing the rape of Saudi citizens on Saudi soil? What little can be gleaned regarding the context of this information suggests that it was entirely domestic in nature, and therefore its inclusion in diplomatic cables is wildly inappropriate.

Comment Re:Maybe Wikileaks is the wrong entity to be angry (Score 1) 286

Note that none of the articles about it give any context whatsoever for why these records were there. Also, the Saudi dump occurred on June 1st, 2015. These inflammatory headlines are only coming out since the DNC breach. Note also that the approach and tone of the arguments follow common DNC rhetorical tactics.

Comment Did they just solve an old PoliSci problem? (Score 1) 179

There is distance between people's stated and actual preferences. Data on stated preferences can be gathered via surveys (with the usual distortions), but revealed preferences can be trickier to identify, to do so accurately and with any granularity is a real problem.

Forget advertisers, this is a boon for academic political science and sociology research. Facebook has such massive data sets that there could be dozens or hundreds of unknown correlates of political preference, behavior, and decision making. Not to mention responses to outcomes and conditions.

I can't think of any University that wouldn't want to get its hands on this data. I hope Facebook makes it available to academia.

Comment I'm glad they removed it. (Score 1) 141

Backspace as "go back" has only ever caused me headaches. Even right here on slashdot. All it took was not realizing that the text input box had lost focus, and all my typing would go poof. The issue was largely alleviated when chrome started to 'remember' what I had typed, so hitting forward would usually refill the box, but it's still a bit of a nail-biter.

I don't use a lot of keyboard shortcuts in browsers, really just Ctrl+R, so the change only works to my benefit.

Comment We've gotten these calls, went like this (Score 1) 105

My girlfriend is a realtor, so they called her to sell her ad space on Google. As she was sitting next to me, I pulled up Google's advertising policy. It already seemed suspicious that Google would be cold calling people to sell ads, what with being so huge that advertisers should be coming to them, not the other way around. So the people on the phone admitted they were not google, and were reselling ad space. But the promises they were making directly contradicted details of Google's policy, and when I pointed this out, they insisted they were legit, had been doing it for years and were right down the street from Google's main campus. They seemed deeply hurt that I suspected they were a scam, but it never smelled right.

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