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Comment Re:With the USD valued far below ZERO (Score 1) 56

All value is fiat. It is an entirely subjective concept. In other words, the US dollar has value for the same reason gold has value - we agree that it does. There's no point to the intermediate step of basing the value of a currency on a fiat-valued commodity, and several good reasons not to do so. A commodity base divorces the value of a currency from the national economy, greatly magnifying downswings in the business cycle, makes managing inflation/deflation much more difficult, makes a mess of international finance and currency exchange, there are national security concerns as it exposes the economy to currency attacks, and on and on...

The FDIC insures deposits, correcting the problem that led to the depression era runs on banks.

You seem to be very angry, but don't have anywhere to put that anger. It's led you to choose ridiculous targets. The Jesuit CIA? Nonsense. Jesuits don't run anything in the US that the Catholic church doesn't own. Jesuits are a branch of the priesthood. They already have jobs. Your attacks on Jews and homosexuals are equally absurd.

Figure out who you're actually mad at and deal with your feelings.

Comment Re:18 USC 599 (Score 1) 692

Don't you see why that doesn't count? It says "he"! Hillary is exempt, as she is a she.

Seriously though, this was a Primary. Normal election laws don't apply to what is essentially a private club's internal voting. The Party probably has rules against it, and is supposed to remain impartial, but those are the Party's rules and it's up to the Party to deal with infractions.

Which they have done - they booed Debbie at breakfast. It hurt her feelings so badly that she had to resign and take a high level position in Hillary's campaign. Which she probably won't even get paid for! She'll have to deal with just the power and influence (and expense account) until the election is over and she takes her new position in the cabinet. Poor Debbie....

Comment Re:America (Score 2) 692

You're right in spirit, but missed some of the details. Which makes perfect sense if you aren't familiar with America's electoral system, because it can be a bit odd.

Each party has a Primary election to select its Presidential candidate. Primaries aren't official elections, they're internal party elections, and each party has a State committee that runs the primary in that State - The Illinois State Democratic Committee runs the Democrat primary in Illinois, same for Texas and so forth. Internal party matters, like primaries, are considered private political matters, and not subject to the same laws as the General election.

So, how the primary is organized, who can vote and who can run is a tangled mess of National party rules, State laws, and each State party's rules. The Federal Election Committee keeps an eye on donations, but that's about it for primaries. The General election, between the winners of each primary, is much more closely supervised, and if the FEC biased it there would be hell to pay.

But this was a Primary. The Party only has to follow its own rules, and if they are broken, the Party decides what to do about it. So even though they effectively rigged an election, it was their election and they aren't going to do anything about it. The party chairwoman resigned, but the orchestrator is still going to be nominated as the candidate, while the "disgraced" former chair's only punishment is having to take a high level position in Hillary's campaign.

No, you read that right. Her punishment is a promotion. The job doesn't pay in cash though, it pays in power and influence, possibly a cabinet seat.

And you probably thought Parliamentary democracy was messy.

Comment Re:Steam should stop modifying perms (Score 1) 409

Honestly, I don't see what the problem is. Yes, it's under Program Files, yes it relaxes permissions, but so what? Nothing gets elevated and permissions outside steam aren't affected. Having a user-writable folder in a secure location should only be an issue if there are system files inside it. It can cause headaches on shared systems, but for a home user it really doesn't matter.

Comment Re:Steam should stop modifying perms (Score 1) 409

VirtualStore isn't really up to the task. Doesn't play well with the DRM, updates, in-game settings, etc. Steam needs to have direct read/write permission for game files, and context switching (run as admin) only causes more headaches.

Creating a separate SteamLibrary folder outside the secure locations with relaxed permissions is the best solution. Or just don't worry about it.

Comment Re:Great example of a key flaw in the stock market (Score 1) 192

People are lazy and perceptions are biased. People will get hung up on the drop, some will have lost a good chunk of cash, and because nobody wants to accept that their collective action is to blame, they'll shift the blame to Nintendo. Not all players will, probably not even most, but enough to tarnish reputations. But that's the game, and Nintendo will be fine.

Comment Great example of a key flaw in the stock market (Score 4, Insightful) 192

Too much emotion, not enough reason. Excess enthusiasm and pessimism are the top causes of market instability. People got whipped up into a buying frenzy based on bad/incomplete information, and a third party (Nintendo) suffers for it.

Automated trading only reinforces the problem, since it magnifies emotionally driven market conditions.

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