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Comment Re:Four years without updates? Does Apple hate us? (Score 1) 128

There's nothing preventing Apple from patching more than one version of iOS. The security fixes in iOS 4 could have been added to an iOS 3.1.4 for 1st gen iPhone users. But no, they released version 4 and gave the finger to anyone with the unmitigated gall to still own a two year old cellphone.

Comment Re:Washing & reusing Ziploc baggies (Score 1) 128

Every few months there's a story here about some dastardly thing that can be done with a "specially crafted SMS message", so security patches are always necessary, no matter how limited the feature set.

My first smartphone of any sort was a company issued iPhone 4. I remember that the first version of iOS I couldn't install was chock full of important security patches. I had a 1st Gen iPad, same situation. Apple only updates the latest version of iOS, and everyone else can go fuck themselves. [profanity added to imply honesty and sincerity]

Comment Re:Sounds familiar (Score 1) 109

It'll be something. That $12b in savings might also cost them the ability to manipulate transactions in order to generate billions in fees.

Not that they bear the burden of that $12b. We get to do that for them (where do you think those ATM fees came from?), plus a little extra, because banks treat us like shit and there's nothing we can do about it. They inflate their costs and pass them directly onto us - so saving money might actually lower profits. If something cost them $12b, they were probably charging us $13b for it.

Comment Re:Washing & reusing Ziploc baggies (Score 1) 128

And completely insecure since 2009. That's not thrift, that's risk. It might also be the worst thing Apple does - leaving users vulnerable to and ever expanding set of threats because they can't be bothered to patch their software. Why? Is it apathy? Is it greed - forcing people to spend $700 for support they're already entitled to rather than spending money to patch the holes? Whatever the reason, it's shitty behavior.

Comment Four years without updates? Does Apple hate us? (Score 2) 128

If Apple says the first iPhone was obsolete in 2013, why did they stop updating it four years before that? Shouldn't the last update have been in 2013 or the phone marked obsolete in 2009? Microsoft kept updating XP after announcing it was obsolete, Apple stopped updating a phone after two years.

What does it mean? Apple left users without security updates to a device that contains the keys to a user's life for four years before informing them they needed to replace it. If you can't afford to replace your phone every other year, Apple is going to give you the finger and leave you vulnerable.

That is some piss-poor behavior.

Comment Re:Not news (Score 1) 502

I've been finding that 10 is much easier to manage and maintain than 7. Plus the login screen doesn't change when joined to AD, which is important for my company. I tried presenting our agents with joined 7 machines and it was a nightmare. They couldn't deal with it. I work for a real estate company, our agents are mostly older women that fear computers. 10 has been much easier for them, though I had to hide Edge (won't pass codes to our printers).

Comment AT&T has lousy customer support? (Score 1) 88

No shit!

Now that you know I'm being honest, we're talking about a phone company that doesn't even know it's own phone numbers. I can't tell you how many times their business support people have transferred me to non-existent internal phone lines, leaving me to call back and go through it all again.

Comment Re:This is one type; others have less decline (Score 1) 130

My understanding is that there aren't any true hornets in (or at least native to) North America, only wasps that look like somewhat hornetey. That said, I absolutely despise yellow jackets. They messed me up good when I was a kid (never did shake the phobia), and I hate them and want them all to die horribly.

I usually hit the entrance(s) to the nest with wasp killer (usually dusk, dawn is too early), give it a day or so to work, and then jam a garden hose in the hole and turn on the faucet for a bit. Fuck those things.

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