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Comment Re:The thing that made the Sinclairs popular ... (Score 1) 110


The NMI code was fixed by Amstrad, the +3 and +2A/+2B have the fixed code, this is actually detailed in the manual if you look up the system variable entry for NMIADD.

There are also many other good replacement ROMs for the Spectrum, most notably Open SE Basic which is a free and open source implementation of the Spectrum ROM.

But the main point I should make is that the vega will /already/ have the Spectrum ROM built in, just no way of controlling it. If you have a Vega just download a copy of the Dizzy Dice fruit machine game and choose the sinclair research option from the main menu, that should drop you into Basic.

I'm interested more in how hackable it will be, if it's using an ARM SoC and an emulator it'll probably be possible to get it to play other games, such as C64, SMS and NES games (particularly if it's running Linux which it almost certainly will be)

Comment Oh good lord. (Score 4, Informative) 225

There's always the possibility of a theory being falsified but in this case the answer is almost certainly no.

The big bang is not going to be invalidated, so say COBE, WMAP and PLANCK.

Also, it's actually less than 5% baryonic matter it seems, 4.4%


Be aware that dark matter is just matter we can't directly detect with our current technology (or just haven't /yet/), it's not something magical.

Comment Re:and linux aswell (Score 1) 267

Actually we're talking about all operating systems, patronizing arse.

Microsoft just killed every single Skype related application that used Skypekit.

The mac clients, the linux clients and my Windows Trillian client.

This is nothing to do with the difficulty of supporting old hardware/architectures and everything to do with Microsoft pushing people towards their shite ad infested client.

The clients that worked yesterday would work today if MS had not actively broken them, it's that simple.

Comment Re: name and location tweeted... (Score 1) 928

Here's a picture of a feminist:


It doesn't mean what you think it means.

(Women are nowhere near equal globally yet or even in western nations in a lot of ways, pay for the same work as a man, safety walking alone at night to name two, if you think that battle has been won you're deluded, there's still a lot to do.)

Comment Re:Why Non-commercial? (Score 5, Informative) 65


Have a Pandora myself, excellent little machine.

It would have likely been out a lot sooner but there was a financial crash in 2009 (you may have heard something about it) which caused a fair number of delays/problems. Also Paypal decided to mess OpenPandora about to a massive extent, even refunding everyone and blocking purchases at one point!
As if that wasn't enough, the first PCB manufacturer proved to be completely incompetent, shipping faulty boards, at one time bent boards and failing to replace them, give the money back or in fact do anything to put right their screwup, it was when ED moved production to Germany things started running much more smoothly.

It was never supposed to be only a gaming platform, it is a full linux system which fits in your pocket (it can also run other operating systems from SD card, RISC OS for one)

The UK operation suffered from being operated by a liar and a thief, this was unforeseeable. (incidentally, the same person (Craig) has run off with all the icontrolpad 2 Kickstarter money as well it seems after using other peoples money to buy himself 3d printers and so on.)

Yes, the spec isn't as impressive as it was when announced but it's still a useful system.

Incidentally, the Pandora's successor (The Dragonbox Pyra) is in development now and has a far better spec. Also a Craig free system (Yay!), you can read some information about that at http://www.pyra-handheld.com/ if you're interested.

Submission + - OpenPandora design files released

janvlug writes: Today, the OpenPandora case and hardware design files have been released for non-commercial use. The OpenPandora is a hand held Linux computer with gaming controls, but essentially it is an all-purpose computer. The OpenPandorra offers the greatest possible degree of software freedom to a vibrant community of users and developers.

Comment Re:Why are you teaching yourself to code? (Score 1) 172

You're an arrogant fool and would be downvoted if I'd not already posted on this article.

I taught myself programming on Z80 and 6502 machines many years ago and I could lose and find a lot professional programmers these days. University graduates in particular seem to have no idea how the systems work, god knows why, you'd think they'd teach the basics but apparently not everywhere!

Do you wear a suit to work? You sound like you do.

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