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Journal Journal: Doing it again...

Once again I'm training to run a Marathon and raising money to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in their fight against blood cancers. If anyone has followed tomhudson's advice and sold their house at the peak or otherwise has some cash and the need for a tax deduction, you can donate here:

For more information about what I'm doing and why, see here:

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Journal Journal: What would you record? 1

I've thought about the increasing amount of data I'm amassing over time about my life: CC receipts, GPS way-points, photos, etc. If you could wear or have a device implanted, and you could "magically" completely control who had access to the data, what data would you choose to record about yourself and your surroundings?

A basic list to start:
GPS location (would additionally need inertial for underground/water/inside)
Body Temperature and other physical/medical stats
Calories consumed/expended
Other humans/animals nearby
Clothing worn
Images of surroundings

Eventually, most/all of this would be possible to record. What would you _want_ recorded? What would you most be afraid of others having access to?

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