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Comment Re:False premise (Score 1) 458

Well, it hasn't happened yet. That said, why would you cancel your cable Internet for this? Yes, cellular Internet will be useful for your Chromebook when you're away from home, but in the same way it is today - a useful supplementary service that fills in the gaps, not as your primary system.

As for how you'd connect to a server at home, there are two options: VPN, or IPv6. The latter tends to get forgotten, but I connect to machines at home directly via IPv6 from my (T-Mobile) cellular connection without any problems. This sounds horrifying in terms of security, but if you imagine the development server being as locked down as a Chromebook or iDevice, without the back doors associated with too many modern IoT devices, it should be fine.

I'm more bothered about having to develop using a web interface, especially in an era in which leaving Firefox open for a day with 20 or so tabs open seems to result in it eating 4+Gb of memory, not the connectivity part. The connectivity part is actually the nice part.

Comment Re: False premise (Score 1) 458

Let me field that answer. They'll use it, just like organizations kept using WinXP pre-SP3, until the new Director of IT came along and said "Are you fucking kidding me?! What incompetent idiot let you stay unpatched and critically open to everything that has come along in the last fucking decade?! Oh, the same one who thought it's a great idea to never upgrade hardware, despite your staff barely surviving on machines that crash daily, or catch fire like those two did last week."

Comment Re:False premise (Score 1) 458


I bought a consumer NAS a year or so ago, which is a collection of servers (software, from Samba to various video streaming DLNA type things) running over GNU/Linux, connected to a big hard drive. It's still a little bit of a nerds thing, but I can totally see people wanting to use things like this to ensure they have control over their own content.

And after I got a Chromebook, I started to wonder how far off we are having similar devices that host IDEs (don't laugh, there are quite a few web based IDEs out there, Eclipse has two such projects, though in my view they're not ready for prime time.) You could, in theory, use your Chromebook as-is in the future, with a third party, locked down, server that has an IDE on it, to develop Android apps. Hell (and I mean hell), if Google gets involved, that might become the recommended development environment.

Comment Re: This will never happen, even if I want it to. (Score 2) 266

Obama has only said he can't. He's never said why. Those claiming he said he can't because of legal reasons related to admissions of guilt or trials are lying (or unwittingly repeating lies) - he's never made any such assertion.

In all honesty, the reason he "can't" probably has to do with setting a precedent. Hopefully the same principle doesn't apply to commuting a sentence, and Obama can commute Manning's before he leaves office.

Comment Re:Will this be unique to India? (Score 1) 280

The U.S's continuing failure to provide affordable healthcare to a growing portion of it's population will turn our cities into breeding grounds for all manner of new and exciting infectious bacteria.

If "affordable" healthcare includes distributing antibiotics like tic-tacs to people whenever they whine about an infection, maybe we are avoiding the creation of new and exciting infectious bacteria by continuing to fail to provide access to anti-biotics...

Just food for thought...

OF course there are other aspects of failure to provide care to the population that causes serious health problems and increased mortality rates and we shouldn't throw out the baby with the bath water, but anti-biotic overuse is a serious problem that won't get fixed simply by providing more people access to the same flawed medicine that we seem to be practicing today.

Comment Re:No Gut no Glory (Score 1) 66

A particular aspect that concerns me about them getting failure rates down into the lower tenths of a percent is their use of unlined COPVs.

The thing is... Even by the rather loose standards of the launch industry, that's not extreme reliability. It's only a modest improvement over the Other Guys. (And not worth very much unless they can also correct their ongoing inability to maintain schedule.)

And the 'lower tenths' are nowhere near airplane like reliability - which is down in the lower millionth of a percent.

And on top of that - they don't use unlined COPV's. There's not even such a thing as an unlined COPV NAICT.

Comment Re:Not only jobs, but also housing prices (Score 1) 522

In the Portland Oregon area, housing prices rose 20% last year. The poor and disabled in Beaverton and Hillsboro are getting squeezed out of the housing market.
I have seen a HCL employee work 5 months on a L2 visa, then goes back to India for a month, come back to work for an other 5 months on a L2 visa.

L2 is for the spouse/child of an L1 visa holder. You can probably assume the L1 visa holder is some hot-shot on an ex-pat gig for a foreign national company.

FWIW, the L2 is part of the country-based L1 reciprocity "perk" to allow a two-income ex-pat family to live in the US (in exchange for that country allowing US ex-pats to work in their country and allowing their spouse to work).

Comment Re:Just can the entire guest worker series. (Score 1) 522

Also, give holders more flexibility in changing jobs without losing the visa, make the system a path to citizenship, and prevent new visas from being created if previous holders are unemployed. Essentially prevent jobs from using the visa to control workers while suppressing wages or constantly churning through new candidates.

Technically, H1b is already a dual-intent visa (you can apply** for a green card/permanent resident status while in the country on an H1b). Also a recent change in the law allows H1b visa holder to change jobs (a feature of the AC21 act). It apparently takes about 4-8 weeks if the new employer follows all the rules (employee must be continuously employed, e.g., can't lapse into H4 status) and once the H1b transfer is approved, it's up to the employee if he/she actually wants to go to the new company. In any case, the H1b transfer petitions happens outside the H1b lottery, so the employee doesn't need to re-entry the lottery to get the H1b with the new company (but the previous employer would needs to apply for a new H1b to replace the worker that left and that would have to go through the lottery).

That's how the situation is today. I get the feeling mostly /.-ers don't really understand the *current* H1b situation and keep recycling old memes about H1b.

The big loopholes are the lottery, the fact that offering a $60K salary is enough to avoid doing a labor certification for the open position, and allowing a company to use a single anonymous labor certification to apply to multiple future candidates. These loopholes allows the H1b slots to be easily dominated by 2 Indian contracting companies.

Eliminating these H1b program loopholes seems like it would probably be enough to make most reasonable, well-informed, non-xenophobic people happy. Unfortunately that means it probably won't make everyone happy.

** the per-country caps on employment based green cards is generally what is preventing many H1b's their path to citizenship because there is no per-country based limit on H1b, this impedance mismatch causes a bottleneck only for over-represented H1b countries like India and China...

Comment Re:Close (Score 4, Informative) 127

Lots of people ask about this. If we did pure speech-to-text and text-to-speech, it would take about half the bandwidth but everybody would have the same synthesized voice. Once you start trying to add parameters to the synthesized voice such as pitch, speed, and tonality, those take as much bandwidth as we are using for the entire codec, because they are essentially the same parameters.

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