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Comment Re:I have to wonder (Score 1) 354

1) HRC would have done that too
2) I'll give you that one when it happens.
3) HRC would have done that too
4) This has mostly been a disaster.
5) Trump's promised to repeal and replace with "something terrific". I'll believe that when I see it.
6) If you believe he's going to increase tax on corporations you're high on something.
7) Ok he signed a document one time.

The only accomplishment you can point to is Neil Gorsuch which he got in exchange for a big headache for the GOP down the line.

Comment Re:Star Wars (Score 1) 1219

Star Wars easily. If you saw it back in when it was released, it was a life changing event!

I was 5 when I saw Star Wars in the theater with my parents. I started crying when Han fired the first shot. My mother turned to me with a stern look and demanded that I stop crying because she said I was embarrassing her. I couldn't. She pulled down my pants in front of the entire theater and beat me with my father's belt. Life changing? You could say that. To this day I have not kissed a girl and I haven't seen a movie in a theater since.

Submission + - Trump to Nation: You Can't Handle the White House Visitor Logs Truth (nytimes.com)

theodp writes: In the name of national security, the White House announced Friday that it would cut off public access to visitor logs revealing who is entering the White House complex and which officials they are meeting, which the NY Times explains effectively bars the public from knowing which activists, lobbyists, political donors and others are gaining access to the president and his aides on a daily basis. Hey, it's none of our goldarned business if Google and Microsoft are meeting behind closed White House doors to lobby for a rewrite of the nation's school funding laws that unleashes billions of dollars if it helps advance tech's National Talent Strategy, right?

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