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Comment Re:Stop the presses! Someone in IT fucked up! (Score 1) 126

I'll give you one example of how "marketing" doesn't equal "services". Your linked page, regarding Prenatal care, can you show me where they announce they actually provide prenatal services? The page is nothing more than a wikipedia type page on Prenatal care. I could put the same page up on a personal blog, in its entirety, and would that mean I am actually providing prenatal care? NOPE.

Thanks for trying, but you're believing the hype and not the reality.

Comment Re:Stop the presses! Someone in IT fucked up! (Score 2) 126

1) Yeah, which is why I did it. Inflamatory subject using rational thought. Imagine that.

2) If you ran a Hamburger Restaurant and said that you're not a "Hamburger" place because only 33% of your business was "Hamburgers", would you be telling the truth, or telling a lie?

You sell Hamburger, fries, and a soda, and count that as 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 you'd technically be correct. But everyone in the world would understand that you're in the "hamburger" business. Right?

3) So, yeah, Abortion procedure itself is only 12%. Technically correct using the metric as applied by PP, which is VERY similar to how I explained above. How about you ask the question differently. How many people visiting PP are there to get an abortion vs "other" services they offer. BTW, those "other" services are fairly limited to .... being an abortion provider.

They claim to be "women's health" but they do not offer Prenatal anything ... except abortion. They don't offer Mammograms like they continue to claim (as in NONE). They don't do .... a whole lot of things related to "women's health". (Fact Check article is technically correct: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics)

BUT I have an idea, I've suggested a number of times. Planned Parenthood can keep all the funding it gets now, if they stop providing abortion or referrals for abortion. Lets see how much of their Business is Abortion. I'll bet it is like a Hamburger shop not being able to actually sell burgers. Just fries, cokes .... And yes, this would settle the case, once and for all. Their primary business is abortion. They can't exist without it.

Comment Re:its in public (Score 1) 120

There is an expectation that you are not being monitored by the police state, up until this point. Technology is invasive the moment it becomes pervasive. I have no ability to OPT out of state surveillance, and the state has no expectation that they can monitor me without a court order. I would consider this a violation of 4th Amendment "Unreasonable" search ....

Comment Re:Stop the presses! Someone in IT fucked up! (Score 3, Interesting) 126

All News is fake depending on who is reporting and who is the reader/viewer.

Kind of like "Planned Parenthood doesn't use public funding for abortion services". Technically "accurate", but really not even close to being accurate.

A woman comes in for an abortion, but gets six other "tests" and diagnostics done. Pregancy test, Pap smear .... etc. All those other "tests" are paid for by government money, none of which are part of the actual "abortion" procedure. Since that Planned Parenthood clinic provides mostly abortion related services, they are "government funded" and would fold if they didn't get any other funding. They subsidize the Abortion with federal monies, using loopholes.

Technically it is "true" that PP doesn't use federal dollars for "abortion". Realistically it is fully subsidized procedure using loopholes. Both sides are considered "alternative facts" by the other side. And the reason we can't have civil discourse about anything any more.

And watch this get modded "Troll" since I used the inflammatory "Planned Parenthood / Abortion" example by people who can't actually debate the actual topic.

Comment Re:Doing more with less.. (Score 1) 126

There are several issues with most systems that require certificates to work correctly.

1) Certificates Expire, on a regular basis, have a plan to update them (Auto renew)
2) Notifications should be sent to a "group" email address, not an individual.
3) We have these things called "Calendars" use them
4) Documentation is key, even if 1-3 fail you should have a searchable document that has they dates listed for key events.

The problem is, nobody ever documents shit like this, because actual documentation process takes more time than actually doing the Cert updates.Except when you measure the failure to renew it in time.

Comment Re:Linus is a dumb ditch digger (Score 1) 359

I will answer it this way. What file system are you using? How many other file systems have you used in the past 20 years on Linux? That is one small bit of the Operating System known as Linux, which has nothing to do with what Unix was doing 35 years ago.

Because Unix/Linux has been highly modularized, the innovation you fail to see is happening in all sorts of places. Usually followed by 99% perspiration in getting implementation working. And it appears and small increments in a huge ecosystem.

Heck, I would even suggest to you that Linus Choosing GPL was "innovation" (even the GPL was innovative)

Comment Re:Dams, too (Score 1) 243

I wouldn't be surprised if a different environmental group was opposing spillway repairs because some subspecies of Meadowfoam lived nearby. Or some tree infestation beetle. Or fairy shrimp.

You think I am joking? All three of those have been used to obstruct repairs and infrastructure projects in Butte County. They will literally classify same thing as a "endangered subspecies". I wouldn't be surprised if some local Environmental Group was protesting anything. They do that a lot around here.

Comment Re:Dams, too (Score 3, Insightful) 243

I partially blame the Environmental groups involved, because of previous hyperbole used in previous reports. That being said (and being a nearby resident), I can assure you that most of the issue was due to the FAILED Primary Spillway not being maintained. The topover caused by the failed spillway was fully preventable, had the DWR and ACE and the rest done their job the last 7 years.

But, instead, we have more infrastructure projects proceeding even though we can't maintain what we got. After all, we need a High Speed Rail Train between Fresno and Bakersfield ASAP!!!!

Comment Re: Uber? (Score 1) 641

1) a young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority.
synonyms: youngster, little one, boy, girl; More
2) a son or daughter of any age.
3) an immature or irresponsible person. "she's such a child!"

#1 is the primary definition, and #3 is a reflection of #1. Technically everyone is a "child" according to Definition 2, and therefore that term is meaningless.

Fake News because the framing of it was intentionally misleading "alternative facts"

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