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Comment Re:Can we just put her in now? (Score 1) 59

No president can save "us". But collectivism thinks the "us" we elect, can save the "us" we are. Because we (us) end up shirking any responsibilty we (us) have to save ourselves. And then, we wonder why 8 years of Clinton, 8 Years of Bush, 8 years of Obama and we're not "saved" yet (and quite possibly worse off than ever).

So, Boo me all you want, but my views are on my profile, and you can review them all you want. Hillary is just another in a long line of people promising things she cannot deliver. I have no doubt that Trump is doing the same. The ONLY person speaking of what they ACTUALLY can deliver, is Gary Johnson. But everyone is too busy arguing over who is worse, Hillary or Donald. And if that is the real debate, then we are doomed.

It is a tie, they are both the worst.

Comment Re:Can we just put her in now? (Score 1) 59

No worries there mate. I am one of those people who aren't voting for either of them. Call my vote wasted, and that is fine, I couldn't vote for McCain, Obama, or that Mormon guy. I couldn't vote for GWB, Kerry, or Gore. And so on back to about Reagan (when I was young and stupid) whom I voted for. But that was the last of the two party candidates I actually voted for.

People misunderstand my attacks on Hillary as being "Pro Trump", which only exposes their illogical binary logic, "If you not for me, you're against me" (A. Skywalker/Darth Vader). I was recently accused of "hate" towards Hillary, and I said that I didn't hate her, I had contempt for her. Hate is a different connotation than contempt, but some people can't figure out how words have different meanings. I have similar contempt for Trump, and I don't hate him either.

I reserve the word "hate" for people that I have a visceral dislike for, and they actually have to have done something pretty awful to me or my family or friends. Wanna know someone I "hate" (he's probably dead now, may he burn in hell) it is ...Brad Bishop ( I would quite literally kill that motherfucker if I ever see him. I would literally beat the crap of of that guy, and gut him, feed his own entrails to him, and say "Eat Shit and die asshole" ... THAT is hate.

Comment Re:Very sad (Score 1) 88

If Blackberry bought something like Discord (or Slack), and integrated it with their corporate support software/systems (BBM for example), it could dominate one area of Smartphones, especially if they figure out how to secure the IM platform with good encryption end to end.

The problem is, that everyone is looking to get into the IM field now, from Google (Allo) to Facebook (Slack/FB for work). Google only has a slight lead, and only because it is huge. FB is such a "no touch" to many corporations that that is going to be a tough sell.

I am not sure how Blackberry could pull this off, but the one thing just about everyone loved was BBM, the problem was keeping it tied to the BB platform relegated it to "I'll give up BBM for better Smartphone (iPhone/Android) with a better ecosystem."

Blackberry thought it was invincible, and it is that hubris that caused it to make a series of really stupid moves over a long period of time. It survived only because it was a behemoth when the first mosquito bit it. It is dying now that it has been all but sucked dry.

Comment Re:Make a decent addon keyboard. (Score 1) 88

I will not miss the tiny buttons on a Blackberry Keyboard. Once I learned to Swype, it was like a dream come true.

And if I can learn to Swype, anyone can. I have a big time small motor control problem with my hands, so typing on screen is only slightly worse than typing on little keyboards. Swype is much easier than trying finger type.

Comment Re:Our financial foundation is strong (Score 1) 88

The above is purely my opinion. I am not a financial analyst.

You are absolutely correct. While they are burning money now, they have enough assets to last though this bit of a rough patch. And, if they sell off any patents they don't actually need (Hardware) to someone, they can add to their liquidity.

The fact is, there are plenty of /. "experts" who don't know shit about running a large enterprise business, but think they do. Mom N Pop doesn't scale, and far too many IT people live in that world (and make a good living at it)

Comment Re:Funny ... (Score 2) 63

Slack is okay, but I prefer Discord. Especially for large groups that are broken into smaller teams, with fluid memberships. I can see what any team I belong to at anytime, without being inundated by messages for everything. The Voice / Chat separation is also really nice, as we can Collaborate on chat, and on voice as needed.

Comment Re:This is the same state (Score 0) 312

It (HSR) was never going to work, and even if they built it, would lose money, and require more and more Subsidies. The Train was never going to work, it was a payoff to the Unions for their support of Liberal Democrat election campaigns. It was never going to work, because it was already under funded and over budget even before the first train rolled out of the station.

Reality is a bitch to people wearing rose tinted glasses.

The reality is, HyperLoop is much more attractive .. at least in concept.

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