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Comment Re:What governmen brought to the table (Score 4, Insightful) 13

SLS has always been a make-work program to preserve legacy jobs at Space Shuttle contractors. If NASA (or anyone else) has set out to design the best possible heavy-lifter with today's technology, they wouldn't use strap-on SRBs, and probably wouldn't bother with H2/LOX in the first stage either. (Just look at the two private companies that are developing heavies -- SpaceX and Blue Origin.)

I have a running bet with some friends on how many times the SLS will fly (if ever). My money's on two flights before it gets the axe.

Comment Re:Unstoppable? (Score 1) 463

It is highly speculative, yes, but it's not my assumption, it comes from this talk by a Stanford lecturer, Tony Seba. He readily admits the trend of the past 20 years might not continue until 2030, but but he makes a pretty good case for a massive disruption of our energy and transportation systems in that time frame. It's a very thought-provoking talk; I highly recommend it, if you have the time.

Comment Re:Ah yes, Facebook (Score 2) 88

Yeah. One thing I was wondering - does this mean that they'll become an online arm of the 'RESIST' movement, or does it mean that they'll stand up to actual international thuggish regimes, like North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pali Authority, et al?

We could get the best of both worlds and have it be all of the above.

Comment Re:Pay your fucking taxes instead (Score 1) 162

Yeah, because the $4 Trillion federal budget and $37.6 Billion state budget just aren't high enough. If only we paid more taxes and increased government spending, there would be no more homelessness. How much does government need before they can solve all of our problems for us? Can you put a number on it?

Fuck big government.

Comment Re:The obsession with degrees hold good people bac (Score 1) 184

If degrees are so meaningless, why did you bother getting a "Bsc in Math and Post-grad in Computer Sci" later on?

I think that, whatever your answer, it proves that there is a good reason for them.

His answer to that question can be found in the title of his post: the obsession with degrees in the society. My career path was similar, where I started working with no degree and then received a BS/MS after about 10 years in. I learned nearly nothing in the BS, and barely anything for my MS (my thesis research project was a good experience), but those degrees had a big impact on my career. Not because of what I learned but because they check off boxes for HR and for hiring managers who like their software managers / architects to have MS degrees. I have found in the financial industry, which pays quite well, they find those things important.

But I did not go to a great school for my BS, and the MS program was at a school currently ranked #73 nationally, so it's very likely a degree from a more prestigious university would be useful even to those who learn well independently.

Comment Re:Unlikely (Score 1) 223

Definitely not Homo Sapien. They only arrived in E Asia 40k years ago. Unless they managed to cross the Atlantic!

But it seems too long ago to be homo Erectus, as they disappeared from Asia long before this time.
What makes them so sure the bones were broken by Homo? Any signs of fire being used? No, or they'd be able to date the coals.
    Maybe some prehistoric monkeys had a taste for marrow.

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