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Comment Re:I hate euphemisms.... (Score 1) 133

> gig work is a very good living to anyone worth "economic value"
No. There are plenty of "worthy" gig workers that aren't making a "very good living".

Even for the laughable "worthy" metric in your head.

Who are you even quoting. I never used the word "worthy" in my post.

But you seem to be mixing together someone's inherent worth as a human being with their economic value to society. They are often very different, which is why a universal basic income is such an attractive way to close the gap.

Comment Re:I hate euphemisms.... (Score 1) 133

A life-changing car accident. A cancer diagnosis. A pregnancy. The problems I describe are often in the realm of accidents, which no human can accurately predict when that may happen to them or how often, and have jack shit to do with workers being overvalued. This is also why so many of us value those critical insurance benefits, along with the stability of full-time employment; to not only prepare for when life happens, but also create a career that will hopefully fund the concept of retirement.

You can get insurance policies which aren't paid for by your employer. If you are self employed they are also tax deductible, just like they would be for a traditional employer. There are certainly gaps in our current insurance industry, especially for self-employed disability insurance, but a growing independent contractor / gig economy is likely to create a larger market for this kind of product.

Submission + - Unstoppable JavaScript Attack Helps Ad Fraud, Tech Support Scams, 0-Day Attacks (

An anonymous reader writes: New research published today shows how a malicious website owner could show a constant stream of popups, even after the user has left his site, or even worse, execute any kind of persistent JavaScript code while the user is on other domains.

In an interview, the researcher who found these flaws explains that this flaw is an attacker's dream, as it could be used for: ad fraud (by continuing to load ads even when the user is navigating other sites), zero-day attacks (by downloading exploit code even after the user has left the page), tech support scams (by showing errors and popups on legitimate and reputable sites), and malvertising (by redirecting users later on, from other sites, even if they leave the malicious site too quickly).

This severe flaw in the browser security model affects only Internet Explorer 11, which unfortunately is the second most used browser version, after Chrome 55, with a market share of over 10%. Even worse for IE11 users, there's no fix available for this issue because the researcher has decided to stop reporting bugs to Microsoft after they've ignored many of his previous reports.

For IE11 users, a demo page is available here.

Comment Re:I hate euphemisms.... (Score 2) 133

The "gig" economy is a bullshit attempt to glamorize and hide the real issue, which is a population outpacing the availability stable employment that provides necessary benefits. And as the parent pointed it, this bullshit is a slippery slope we don't want.

Society needs to start coping with the reality you describe instead of pretending we can continue to force employers to pay people more than the economic value they can provide. I for one welcome the gig economy, along with a universal basic income, so we can allow employment opportunities to exist whenever there is a willing employer and employee.

Comment Re:I hate euphemisms.... (Score 1) 133

Given the impacts I've pointed out, I won't have to say a damn word to those who seem to "like" this.

Life will eventually slap them in the fucking face, as wisdom and experience have taught many.

I know plenty of people with wisdom and experience who make a very good living as independent contractors. They have plenty of opportunities to find full time positions but vastly prefer their current arrangement.

The problems you mention seem to only be the case when current workers are being paid more than the economic value they provide.

Comment Re:Hijacked! (Score 1) 296

1. A very powerful and long lasting power source. Think naval reactors or other self contained, compact reactors.

The naval analogy has already broken down. Naval reactors provide cruising power, but a spaceship only needs large amounts of energy for starting and stopping (initial and final delta-V) . For 99% of the time they are ballistic, so why carry a big heavy motor? A small reactor onboard for electricity will do, and large power sources placed at either end of your journey for the delta-V.

Ion engines make more sense for slower, unmanned exploration vehicles.

Comment Lumen Database (Score 4, Interesting) 102

Google is so Alta Vista now.

Lumen Database is now the king of piracy search engines.
Just enter the movie/song title into the search box and see all the DMCA complaints, which list all the URLs for that movie.
Let the MPAA and RIAA do all the hard indexing work for you. Thanks guys!

example: here are 300 ways to get The Force Awakens. Good job team.

Comment Re:He's on the run for illegal arrest. (Score 1) 184

Do you likewise claim defectors from the old Soviet Russia were criminals on the run???

No, because that is a completely different situation in nearly every conceivable way.

He's not even facing an accusation yet

Because he is, by his own choice, delaying the legal process so that it can not proceed to that point.

He's still only wanted for questioning.

Which is required before charges can be filed, by Swedish law.

Comment Re:Government run program (Score 2) 274

"We know that the Russians still do nuclear tests"

LOL How exactly do you "KNOW" that? Is this the latest conspiracy theory from nutty left-leaning websites intent on pushing the "evil Russians" narrative?

The Russians did their last tests in the late 1980s. The USA and USSR signed the "Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty" circa 1990. There has been no nuclear testing by either country since then, even underground. A nuclear explosion isn't something you can do secretly. There is a seismographic monitoring network that can pick up the signature from 1000s of km away and narrow down the location to within about 50 km.

Maybe you're confusing Russia with North Korea?

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