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Comment Re:Fighting the last war. (Score 1) 237

smart TV with its suite of 4K apps

I don't think anybody likes smart TVs with apps. They're always soooo slooooow it's insufferable.

The little devices like Fire TV sticks and Chromecasts are much better.

That said, people with a little bit of tech savvy are going more and more to PC solutions these days... I had a computer hooked up to my TV 15 years ago, but now my brother in law has one, several of my friends have them, and my mom wants one. These are all people who tried the special purpose devices and found them too slow... they're fine for special apps like Netflix, but are utter garbage for stuff like basic web browsing/Facebook.

Comment Re:Punish the serf class. (Score 1) 238

There are no checks and balances on the will of the people in any democratic system. Representatives who don't do the will of the people can be recalled. Constitutions can be amended. Uncooperative officials can be fired.

There's absolutely no way to stop it, unless the minority is willing to use force against the majority, in which case it's not a democracy anymore.

Comment Re: Good for them (Score 1) 1592

Umm http://www.marketwatch.com/sto...

Now maybe you're talking about publicly owned debt, but there was definitely a lot (too much) of debt relief.

even though Greece imposed austerity on the level that has not been seen in a peacetime in Europe

That's hilarious. I guess it depends on your definition of austerity. Hint: things like "you have to eliminate that 13th and 14th month paycheck thing" are not austerity.

Comment Re:End of Great Britain? (Score 1) 1592

From what I recall, part of the warning from the EU to Scotland was that they don't want to encourage independence movements since several member countries are facing their own movements.

Not sure how those countries would feel about immediately welcoming with open arms a newly independent country.

Comment Re:And nothing for rest of America. (Score 1) 59

Water, electricity, roads? Come on man I don't want to live in a 3rd world country where that stuff stops existing or functioning properly when you get out of the major cities.

Installing fiber lines has gotten a lot cheaper in the last decade and will continue to do so as more companies are doing last-mile fiber installs. It's already cheap enough that I think it should be done on an as-efficiently-doable basis... like if a road is being torn up, or power lines are being replaced, or whatever, there should be conduit and fiber going in as well. Even in rural areas.

Comment Re:And nothing for rest of America. (Score 1) 59

You could.. except in places where towns build their own networks there is generally a push by telecoms/cable to ban it or make it more difficult to do. It happened here in NC after one town built their own fiber network for residential use.

Not to mention, if the taxpayers pay for it and then lease it to a company that charges them their full regular price (honestly can't imagine otherwise), they're getting double billed.

Comment Re:absurd lawsuit and abandoning principles (Score 1) 156

In this case, as noted in the summary, Twitter et al already have moderators but they're selectively applied.

In the Walmart analogy it would be like if they were allowing Black Lives Matters to have protests but kicking out All Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter or whatever.

Then it becomes a case of discrimination.

Comment Re:"Statistical impossibility" (Score 1) 156

The companies are already doing it, that was in the summary. Google Twitter's "trust and safety council" for instance.

The result of this lawsuit would ideally be that these companies start providing more open platforms again. Twitter provides tools to let users block other users.. that should be enough. Why do they have a team that goes around censoring certain viewpoints at all? And once they start doing that, it is fair to ask why they're going after people who are mean to feminists (for instance) rather than terrorist recruiters.

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