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Comment Re:ATT is NOT a charity (Score 1) 163

Eh I've read other websites about this issue. It sounds like mostly bullshit to me. From what I recall, the biggest source of "theft" or whatever that people accuse AT&T of is that they were depreciating their copper network and getting a tax break for that. It's a really common theme... people have no clue about how taxes work, and then fly into a rage when they find out some company is "using loopholes" or "not paying taxes."

The other big complaint I've heard is that companies like Verizon and AT&T let their copper networks degrade on purpose for some reason (I forget exactly what the conspiracy theory is). The funny thing is, looking back on it they were right. If they had spent umpteen billions of dollars in the 90s fixing up copper, that would be a waste since we're kind of moving to fiber. It actually worked out pretty well.

And if AT&T somehow took a tax writeoff when they installed fiber into my neighborhood because they abandoned their copper plant and wrote it down to $0, hey that's fine with me.

Comment Re: But $90k per year is poor in California (Score 3, Interesting) 163

GPON is well established technology. Costs are not likely to drop very much.

Don't be ridiculous! Costs are dropping and will continue to drop as the technology is deployed more to residential customers. The cost of fiber optic cable itself is going down. The cost of fiber network equipment is going down. The labor costs of installing are going down. I mean for example, when AT&T installed fiber in my neighborhood they sent a guy out to fuse the cables. Last time I talked to a tech doing an install, he told me they stopped doing that and use pre-terminated cables. It's cheaper. It's faster. Putting the cable in the ground is also getting cheaper, easier, and less labor intensive.

Comment Re:ATT is NOT a charity (Score 1) 163

I suspect if you read the fine print you'd find that they have lived up to their obligations. Even if there was a goal established for reaching x% of households with y mbps speed, failing to reach that goal doesn't necessarily mean they violated the agreement. I'm curious if you have any concrete details with links to the relevant legislation (or regulation, or executive order, or whatever) that specifies the terms of the agreement including consequences.

Comment Re: Brilliant ad campaign! (Score 1) 606

I don't believe you. Your mental notes don't work that well unless, ironically, you're the one with a cognitive disorder.

What you probably do (and what I do as well, since google home doesn't even support the feature I'm talking about) is that when you're at the store you run over a list of things that you commonly need to buy. I really don't believe for a second that you say to yourself "Next time I'm at the store I'll buy dishwashing liquid" and then it actually happens without a long introspection at the store first "what was it that I needed... um... milk? Toilet paper? Paper towels?" first. Brains don't work like machines.

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