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Comment Re:Yet another unneeded feature! (Score 2) 75

The article sure seems to describe what simply is a cropping-capable screen capture tool tied to a cloud-based, social web back-end.

Yeah the description and animation of how to use it from the article look really stupid. I hope that's not how this feature it will actually end up. But that doesn't mean the good version of this feature shouldn't be added.

Why add the PageShot feature to the browser when the OS already allows the user to easily capture what's on the screen and has an image editor?

Because the browser is aware of the "canvas" contents of the rendered web page, and the OS only knows the "viewport" contents. This means that if the website contents are larger than the browser window, you only get a partial screenshot. Sure you scroll around to different areas of the page, take screen shots, and stitch them together using a photo editor, but that's time consuming and not really feasible if the web page isn't static.

While I am not a big fan of the extension model mostly because people attempt to make the browser do too much, the browser's core functionality should be supplemented this way to keep the application's file space and resource footprint as small as possible. It also keeps the browser's dev team focused on the core functionality. Let third parties cater to niches.

I agree with the goal of keeping the footprint small. My point is that the ability to simply dump the canvas contents to an image file doesn't really add to the foot print. In fact downloading an extension to do this is probably a much bigger footprint than if they just added it to the core browser. It's such a simple feature, like "save page as html" it could be "save page as image".

Comment Re:Yet another unneeded feature! (Score 2) 75

Yeah it is a web browser, and one of the oldest job of a web browser is to turn image files and markup into a visual representation. And if you want to somehow capture this visual representation as an image, the best way to do it is through the browser, since the broswer is the authority on how the pages are being rendered.

Previously you had to download an add-on to do this, which is a bit of a pain, and something the browser should support natively, if for no other reason than it is trivially easy for the browser to simply provide the data it already has.

No the browser shouldn't do everything. It should only do things that are browser related. This is browser related.

Comment Re:Markets Work, Bitches (Score 1) 95

No, but that doesn't make redistributing wealth necessarily a bad thing. Redistribution can be used to create perverse incentives, but it can also be used to cancel out perverse incentives. The primary mechanism for mitigating negative externalities is taxation (i.e. wealth redistribution). But this wealth redistribution is correcting the market so that the true cost of things is paid by those receiving the benefit, rather than unfairly passing those costs onto others.

Comment They're not? (Score 1) 399

A staggering 94% of Republicans, 92% of Democrats, and 85% of independents on Facebook say they have never been swayed by a political post, according to Rantic, a firm that sells social media followers.

I am shocked that the number of people claiming to have their mind changed is so high (~10%). These margins of people who polled that they can be swayed is larger than any margin of victory in a presidential election in recent history.

And that's just the people that admit that they are being swayed.

Comment Shocking! (Score 3, Insightful) 95

Who could have ever imagined that this could happen. Remember when we shut down Pirate Bay and completely stopped all copyright infringement? Oh wait, we just spawned hundreds more torrent sites, and even though kickass torrents was just taken down, pirate bay is actually back up again... What a giant waste of money.

Comment Re: Write in Bernie Sanders (Score 1) 993

From wikipedia

According to reports in the Washington Post, Wasserman Schultz strongly resisted suggestions she resign, requiring a phone call from President Barack Obama to finally force her resignation. Following a speech at the convention before the Florida delegation where Wasserman Schultz was "booed off stage" the DNC announced she would not gavel open the convention. She was subsequently appointed honorary chair of the Clinton campaign's "50 state program."

It's not like she was sent to gulag, but it sure seems like a pretty steep and embarrassing demotion. Also, Bernie is actively campaigning for Debbie's primary opponent, which if successful, will cause her to lose her other job, leaving her only her bullshit honorary Hillary scraps job.

I'm not saying Bernie's coming out on top. He lost too. I'm just saying I don't think any of this was part of the DNC's plan. I think their shit is pretty fucked up now too.

Comment Re:Why not just raise the income tax? (Score 1) 271

And how is that working out?

It depends what you are really asking.

If you are asking "How is electing benevolent and competent leaders working out?" I would say "very poorly".

If you are asking "How are the benevolent and competent leaders we elected working out?" I would say "I don't know, because we keep voting for and electing partisan ideologues that agree with our uneducated positions on issues instead".

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