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Comment Re:I expect to be *entertained* not productive (Score 1) 233

Google is one of the companies that's big into developing self-driving cars, and where does Google get most of its money? Advertising. Google is specifically pushing self-driving cars because a huge block of people's time is used driving where they would rather you surf the web and click on their ads.

Comment Re:Old school censoring.... (Score 1) 139

Actually, I was wondering: what kind of risk do you have from your license plate being visible in an online photo? Obviously I see them blurred out all over the place, and even blurred out the plates on my pictures when I sold my last car, but I'm not really sure why it's so important. What can someone do with my license plate number?

Comment Re:"Conspiracy theory" (Score 1) 251

You are usually so logical, but on this subject something seems to have happened to you. I'm genuinely disappointed. A building isn't a solid piece of metal. You can't push hard enough at the top and expect the whole thing to topple over like a felled tree. They are extremely strong in one direction (top-bottom), and relatively weak sideways. So no, it won't topple as it simply isn't strong enough.

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