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Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1) 300

You are making massive, sweeping generalisations of millions of opinions and concluding they are all identical. That would explain why you crafted such an adept strawman. Let me help you:

Climate change: Science! You can challenge the data all you want, but if you can't use the scientific method to do so, don't be upset if you are rightfully ignored! This is how science works.

Nuclear power: It's expensive as all hell, many people don't want them around, and they can't be placed in areas of high tectonic activity. Dealing with waste in an efficient manner requires massive expenditure, either on approving designs for breeder reactors (which takes a long, long time), or on creating a waste storage site in a location people are happy with. Some greens/left-wingers/liberals/people-you-seem-to-hate are scared of it, but not everyone.

It might help for you to understand the world you live in as opposed to simply guessing how you assume your phantom opponents think and behave, and getting it woefully wrong for all to see.

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1) 300

"They"? No, "they" didn't. Global warming and climate change are two distinct things. The increase in average global temperature is called "global warming", and the changes to the climate this causes are called "climate change". I can see how you are having problems, seeing as both terms explain precisely what they mean.

Comment Re:At *slow* speed (Score 1) 160

It does pose a threat, however. If their planes are flying just above stall speed in order to concentrate their dispersion on a given area, any sort of bird strike or drone strike will be catastrophic, as the plane will have precisely no way of countering it. This is the reason why - these are not jets at cruising altitude and speed whisking people off to Barbados, but large planes flying lowly and slowly, brimming with water.

Naaah the experts are idiots and some anonymous muppet on Slashdot has all the facts!

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