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Comment Re: Logic Says It Should Be Legal (Score 1) 383

You keep posting these anecdotes as if they have any bearing on the subject what-so-ever, which they clearly don't. In Germany if your dentist screws you over for whatever reason, you can talk to your insurance company or talk to the state. The dentist will get shafted, and you'll get your treatment for free. Now my anecdote has cancelled yours out, you don't have to keep trying to ram it in to the discussion whenever you feel your argument is losing its teeth, and instead you can focus on constructing a real argument based on demonstrable fact.


Google Tests A Software That Judges Hollywood's Portrayal of Women 296

Slashdot reader theodp writes: Aside from it being hosted in a town without a movie theater, the 2016 Bentonville Film Festival was also unusual in that it required all entrants to submit "film scripts and downloadable versions of the film" for judgment by "the team at Google and USC", apparently part of a larger Google-funded research project with USC Engineering "to develop a computer science tool that could quickly and efficiently assess how women are represented in films"...

Fest reports noted that representatives of Google and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy appeared in a "Reel vs. Real Diversity" panel presentation at the fest, where the importance of diversity and science to President Obama were discussed, and the lack of qualified people to fill 500,000 U.S. tech jobs was blamed in part on how STEM careers have been presented in film and television... In a 2015 report on a Google-sponsored USC Viterbi School of Engineering MacGyver-themed event to promote women in engineering, USC reported that President Obama was kept briefed on efforts to challenge media's stereotypical portrayals of women. As for its own track record, Google recently updated its Diversity page, boasting that "21% of new hires in 2015 were women in tech, compared to 19% of our current population"....

Comment Re:Giant ice cubes (Score 1) 412

Solar panels do work on cloudy days, just not as well. Also you can say CO2 is good for plants, as that is correct, but to use that fact to try to show how global warming is not bad just shows you don't understand this at all. The amount of CO2 which benefits plants depends on the species. The most important plant species for humans are our crops. These have been engineered over the course of human existence to yield the optimum nutritional value for our current CO2 levels - adding more CO2 will increase crop yield by weight, but decrease the crop's nutritional value. The extra CO2 also brings with it increased temperatures, bringing different pests to the crops, and slowly moving arable farmland towards the poles (and it crosses borders like they weren't there), where infrastructure, experience, and communities might not exist to make use of it. This is just scratching the surface of the complicated relationship between plants and CO2, something you are either entirely unaware of or dishonest enough to ignore.

Comment Re:Not a good idea (Score 1) 111

It is more about spotting people of interest acting in very interesting ways. Yes, they know who the terror suspects are (hence them being terror suspects), but they need to be able to build up cases to charge these people. Collection of evidence is a large step in this direction. Don't be so quick to dismiss evidence and substitute your own explanation - it only serves to show us how little you value truth in your arguments.

Comment ...and displacement of workers (Score 1) 282

All of these technologies are pretty exciting, but there are a lot of disruptive things in there, particularly as it relates to displacing workers' jobs. The first item on the list is going to cause a huge shift as truck, taxis and bus drivers all start losing jobs en masse. None of them are likely to be happy about having to retrain for new, more difficult work (any more than buggy whip manufacturers were) and most will likely just be added to the millions of people disenfranchised with the new economy. This is a dangerous situation. What good is a grand new economy if there's nothing in it that I can see myself getting paid to do?

For a while I was wondering if we'd see a resurgence of co-operatives, where a community gets together and builds their own little economy, with a small farm and some skilled trades people. You'd at least be able to live a reasonably happy life. Unfortunately I can't see that happening. How would that community pay the ever-increasing land use fees such as tax, etc.? That land becomes more and more valuable to the people who have money, and they can just force the have-nots off the land.

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