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Comment Re:Seems this topic is stuck in the roundabout. (Score 4, Insightful) 251

Your car is filled with airbags and seatbelts and crumple zones and all sorts designed to protect you during a crash. Pedestrians have none of that (at least for the time being). The CAR should protect you (using those safety features), the AI should do what drivers are supposed to do - cause the least amount of carnage on the road.

Comment Re:Under the GOP systems and blacklist is needed (Score 1) 84

Or look at the countries with better healthcare outcomes than the US, for much less money. I'll wait for you to complain about how large the US is, and I'll point out that healthcare scales very well - more people to serve = more taxpayers = money to pay for their care. Then I guess I'll wait for some nebulous argument about "diverse cultures" and how the countries which pay less for comparable or better care don't have such "problems" or some other nonsense, and point out that that argument has no bearing on anything what-so-ever, it is just a convenient excuse used by people to forgive broken systems without having to admit failings of anyone.

You are flogging a dead horse. No, wait, you are the dead horse.

Comment Re:Why is Obama more like to pardon? (Score 1) 363

He didn't run away to Russia. He was in transit when the US revoked his passport. The media outlets who ran with Snowden's releases did scrub them. Your arguments are based on someone's perception of the facts, not the facts themselves. It's rather sad to see you condemning someone based on nonsense.

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