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Comment Re:Shame it doesn't mention the engineers name (Score 1) 127

Your point only makes sense if you assume nothing has changed in the last ~50 years. Instead of asking questions which have already been answered, why don't you read the many reports describing precisely why some people believe women are being put off working in this sector? Your post has all the hallmarks of a sincere post, but the very fact you are posting it destroys the veneer of your objectivity. Plus you are talking about a single recording engineer. Just one. Amazing.

Comment Re:"Conspiracy theory" (Score 1) 251

You are usually so logical, but on this subject something seems to have happened to you. I'm genuinely disappointed. A building isn't a solid piece of metal. You can't push hard enough at the top and expect the whole thing to topple over like a felled tree. They are extremely strong in one direction (top-bottom), and relatively weak sideways. So no, it won't topple as it simply isn't strong enough.

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