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Comment Re:Sounds about right (Score 1) 83

Great Britain is a geographic term, the United Kingdom is a political term. Britain is synonymous with the latter, which doesn't help matters. So it doesn't matter what country or countries exist on the large island, it's name is Great Britain. Northern Ireland being in the UK or not can not affect the name of the large island :)

Comment Re:Breadth & Accuracy 120 years ago (Score 2) 436

I don't know if you realised, but you just told everyone how little you know about scientific research, at the same time as trying to use your knowledge of scientific research to make a point. It's rather entertaining for everyone else, but I imagine for you it's somewhat embarrassing. Let me help you for future times you insist on chiming in:

1) Yes, and? Oncologists research cancer, climatologists research the climate. Or should they swap every once in a while to keep you happy? Or is it this particular study? I have news for you - this study is duplicated many times the world over at the end of each year/start of the next. Of course climatologists are going to perform it.

2) Nope. Continued funding relies on society surviving. Extraordinary-payout-massive-awesomeness-funding would come from showing how climate change is not happening, as that will get you a Nobel prize, $1m, tenure wherever you want it, and funding for the rest of your days. Science LOVES upheavals, as that's where fantastic amounts of learning is found

3) Again, not at all. See 2)

4) Not even close. See 2)

The idea of science and scientists you are arguing against is indeed horrific, but as it only exists in your mind and the minds of people similarly disposed to you, you shouldn't worry about it perverting scientific research.

Comment Re:Cannot compute... (Score 1) 156

You don't seem to know your history. There was successful trade in the UK for hundreds of years, and countless wars. Now there is even better trade with the EU, Britain has a loud voice on the global stage (due to its position in the Anglosphere and the EU), and lots of negotiating power due to that. If it leaves the EU it will be a bit player on the side, with precious little to negotiate with (as other countries don't see much value in appeals to history and the greatness of an empire which ceased to be). Again, you are arguing emotion, not fact.

Comment Re:Cannot compute... (Score 1) 156

So perceptions of something they don't understand, whipped up in a frothy mess by the tabloids eager to sell confirmation bias to their readership. I don't know how you can mention arrogance and unlikeability with a straight face when Britain has Farage, May, Johnson et al. knocking about. If people are going to vote as if this is some sort of popularity contest, then that's another great demonstration of why referendums are for fools and despots. The assumption that Westminster is competent enough to negotiate a brexit, but not competent enough to leave the EU on its own, is baffling - leavers can't have it both ways. Demanding to leave so we can forge trade deals, even when the bodies in charge of making these trade deals say we should stay in the EU. It's a disgraceful display of hubris and nationalism.

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