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Comment Re:That list... (Score 1) 81

Incorrect. Terrorism is a combination of an act and a motive. You can blow a building up and it isn't terrorism, if you just wanted to blow up the building and kill those inside. If, however, your motive was to use the threat of further violence to somehow coerce the surviving population, then it's terrorism.

I wish you'd understand this stuff. You get so carried away with what you are certain of, only to show everyone you don't really understand it correctly.

Comment Re: Hm...Leftist Bullshit (Score 1) 168

That link says quite clearly that English common law system (which formed the basis of US laws upon independence) evolved out of the old Anglo-Saxon laws, which had evolved from the German tradition, which was influenced (but not based on) Roman law. So yes, while most of the world's legal systems are based on Roman law, the one you picked was only very tenuously so, and well over a thousand years ago.

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