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Comment Re:"Conspiracy theory" (Score 1) 251

You are usually so logical, but on this subject something seems to have happened to you. I'm genuinely disappointed. A building isn't a solid piece of metal. You can't push hard enough at the top and expect the whole thing to topple over like a felled tree. They are extremely strong in one direction (top-bottom), and relatively weak sideways. So no, it won't topple as it simply isn't strong enough.

Comment Re:Meanwhile the EU is saying... (Score 1) 315

But that's not what will happen. That's the problem. They were told if they voted to leave the EU that Britain would be "sovereign". It turns out that Britain will still be beholden to EU laws (unless it wants to do no trade with the EU), and will still have to abide by the ECHR. So yes - voting to leave the EU because one thinks it will restore "sovereignty" when it does nothing of the sort (but hurts the economy and raises the price of goods) does indeed make one a moron.

Comment Re:Meanwhile the EU is saying... (Score 2) 315

OK, let me help you.

True, the UK can get its own trade agreement with the EU, but if it is going to be even slightly comparable to the one it has now (full, unhindered market access), it will have to cede control of its borders to the EU when it comes to EU nationals immigrating (as this will definitely be a condition of a favourable deal - see other non-EU countries in Europe who trade under agreement with the EU). Non-EU immigration has always been under the control of the UK, and Brexit changes nothing in this regard. Trade deals take years to sort out, and in the mean-time the uncertainty will affect the British economy noticeably.

Multiculturalism is what made London great, what saved it after WWII, and what's driven it forward since then. Britain without multiculturalism is boring as fuck.

Open borders are not a disaster, except in the media. All statistics show they have a massive net benefit to all countries involved.

Comment Re:Meanwhile the EU is saying... (Score 1) 315

The people were not happy with the EU as represented in the mainstream media, where it was often used as a scapegoat for anything and everything in order to increase sales, leading to a demonstrably-skewed understanding of the EU, on which no one should be basing policy. And I doubt very much that people within the EU have a problem with the EU's economy, if they actually knew what it was.

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