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Comment Re:Fair point (Score 1) 434

Ah, good. You do know there's also no evidence of any "actual attacks" by Bill Clinton, right?

No, I know exactly the opposite.

Lewinsky was consensual, by her own testimony.

Lewinsky wasn't claiming there was an attack upon her, nor is anyone else. Sexual harassment is a non-consensual situation, even if the victim claims she agreed to every second of the activity. Coercion doesn't have to be at the point of a knife. The fact that everyone agrees the acts took place is evidence, which you are denying exists.

Now we're finally getting down to business. Either we believe women or we don't.

Not in the criminal justice system. There it takes evidence. People keep claiming that Trump has committed rape and is a pedophile, without so much as a single day in court. It takes more than a she-said to convict someone.

The hypocrisy is not that anyone is excusing actual attacks for one side but not the other. The hypocrisy is that we were told that the women who came forward regarding Bill Clinton's alleged attacks were "bimbo eruptions" and "that's what you get when you drag a $100 bill through a trailer park". (And in the same kind of respect for women we got that it was "putting lipstick on a pig" regarding Sarah Palin.) When it is Trump being accused, the same people are saying "we must listen to every woman".

If you want to take sexual assault off the table for both candidates,

Who said anything about doing that? I think it needs to be proven before it becomes accepted as a fact. And I'm sorry, but one person telling 6 or 600 people that "Trump did this bad thing to me" doesn't make it any more true, and it doesn't mean that there are 6 or 600 people who can corroborate that bad thing. I can tell 6000 people today that you held me up at gunpoint last night; exactly zero of them can corroborate your action or lack thereof. People who think People Magazine is a source of legal advice and knowledge are naive at best.

Comment Re:Fair point (Score 1) 434

You miss something. Stoynoff told them Trump attacked her, at the time Trump attacked her.

No, I didn't miss anything. It was't at the time he attacked her, it was after, and all it was was her telling them. They have no independent knowledge of the incident and can therefore not corroborate it. All they can corroborate is that she told them something happened, which isn't a fact that is in question. We know what she is saying. What we don't have any evidence of is the actual attack.

Comment Re:Nintendo OFFICIALLY has left the "console" mark (Score 1) 163

Without knowing how much the Switch costs, let me assure you that it will be less than a "real" tablet.

How can you do that when it will likely cost at least as much as a typical tablet, because it will have faster graphics hardware? But at the same time, it will be poorly supported, because Tegra.

Comment Re:Contracts (Score 1) 179

You don't have to sign such an contract but Tesla doesn't have to sell you a car without such a contract.

I predict Tesla will be told in court that they can't enforce such a clause when they sell someone a car, even though there is an ongoing service component, specifically because they are competing and that would be anticompetitive.

Submission + - Google interview process big turn off for experienced engineers (

mysterious_mark writes: There's an article in the Business Insider discussing how the interview process at Google is really just geared for recent CS grads, and makes no sense for experienced engineers. Apparently the only criteria to work at Google is one's ability to do white board code problems, actual engineering experience counts for nothing. This may explain why the average engineer at Google is under 30, the problem is partly due to age discrimination, and also because older and more experienced engineers simply don't want to deal with the interview process.

Comment Re:Hoping (Score 1) 163

There's ultimately no way for a portable to match the full consoles in power, right? So this is pretty clearly a departure from the Xbone / PS4 market, which they were only arguably sorta in to begin with.

There has been speculation for some time that Nintendo would get out of the home console business. To me this looks like a backdoor way of doing that, while still saving face by including a home TV dock.

Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 163

Really digging the design for it, based on what the trailer shows. What's interesting, however, seems to be the fact that all of the computing is done in the tablet portion, which is itself relatively small, even by tablet standards, suggesting that it'll have some serious constraints in terms of the horsepower they can cram in there.

To me, this looks like Nindendo's backdoor way of getting out of the home console business altogether. This is basically a handheld that you can also attach to your TV. It looks more like a rival to the PS Vita than the PS4.

Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 163

curious how it will work in reality.

My guess would be it will basically function as a PS Vita that also plugs into your TV--only with much shittier online capabilities and much less 3rd party games. The detachable controllers just look like a gimmick to me.

Of course, this is Nintendo, so they will sell like crazy at first. Then a year or two later, they'll all be gathering dust in closets as people realize that the games suck, online play sucks, Xbox and PS are still way more powerful, and the novelty has worn off. A new Mario game can only carry you so far, after all.

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