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Comment Re:== vs =, | vs ||, variable/pointer dereference (Score 1) 84

What about the tests?

This is crypto-currency, the hot new thing tests are for old fogeys who still use dollars. Get with the times, young programmers are Agile, they don't plan and test their work, they release early and often. They release the Minimum Viable Product (minimum piece of shit they can get away with for a moment), it's illegal now to even think about corner cases and make code robust.

I don't know about ZCash, but Bitcoin has an extensive regression test suite and test mode. And test-first development is a principle of agile, so I'm not sure why you concluded agile programmers don't test.

Comment Re:Let's be clear on what we mean by election hack (Score 1) 250

"Oh, get serious. The whole "superdelegate" apparatus exists only to thwart the will of the voters."

It's how parties work. They try to ensure that popular passions dont overwhelm the party based on emotions. Kind of like how republics work. They reflect the will of the people "smoothed out" over time -- just not when they are pissed off over something that recently occurred and likely to make poor choices until anger fades and they can make choices based more on ideals thought than feelings and reactions.

Comment Re: I thought not all US carriers use LTE (Score 1) 105

I _think_ T-Mobile is planning to drop 2G GSM

It's AT&T that's shutting down EDGE (aka "2G") service in the near future (it may have already happened, as the link says "by the end of 2016"). T-Mobile, OTOH, has committed to keeping its EDGE service going through at least 2020, ostensibly to support gadgets with cellular-data connections that aren't easily updated to newer standards.

Comment Re:I was happy with my Samsung Gear S2 (Score 1) 4

Thanks for your suggestion. I'll add it to my list of possible devices.

When I've bought watches in the past, I had a tendency to wear mine 24/7. I'm expecting that this would not be possible with any Smart Watch. If I'm lucky, I'll find something that is perhaps "Water Resistant", so I'm not wasting a device if I jump in the shower and forget to take it off until the water hits.

As for the GPS and SIM card slot... I'm not sure I'd want that on my wrist, to be honest. If I needed that, I'd expect to pair it to my phone. :)

Comment Re:Maybe train the American kid first (Score 4, Insightful) 660

"A Trump America is an isolationist America- afraid of the world."

Because everything is black and white, right? Maybe making it a little harder to get through the door isn't "isolationism", but the word sure is cool to use, right? Filled with all the evil, nasty and ignorance implications you could possibly throw at a wall to see if any of it sticks. Protectionism, yes. Isolationism? No.

Clearly the fairly unfiltered commercial traffic since the 1990s has damaged the average American. It certainly sounds like Perot's "sucking sound" prophecy was spot on... Maybe THAT isn't the answer either. Maybe... just MAYBE be a bit more "protectionist" rather than letting all the water flow downhill.

Note: I didn't vote for Trump -- I think he's a psychopath with poor impulse control and he scares me. That doesn't mean at least some of the stuff coming out of his mouth isn't worth considering.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Smart Watch suggestions? 4

My watch has bought the proverbial farm. Usually this means that the strap has broken in a way that makes it difficult (if not impossible) to repair. In this case, the strap was part of the body and it tore straight through.

Do not feel bad for my watch, as it has served me well for several years. Considering how things are made these days, I see this as a Good Thing. It is not unusual for me to replace my watch every three to five years.

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