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Comment Checksum and recheck (Score 1) 58

This is a solved problem. For performance, scan all system files with an MD5 checksum and flag all suspects (but don't do anything yet). Scan multiple files at once multithreaded for extra performance. Now, go back and rescanned all suspect files with SHA-1 or SHA-256 to validate any potential false-positives that may have been flagged from the previous MD5.

Comment Re:Fortran (Score 1) 624

I'm not quite old enough to have used FORTRAN.

What does age have to do with anything? I took a computational linear algebra course in the late '90s that used FORTRAN nearly exclusively.

That said, I started out, like most kids in the '80s, with BASIC and assembly language (6809 and 6502, in my case). I started college early enough that the introductory computer-science courses were still in Pascal, but pretty much every course that needed to do real work used anything but Pascal...lots of C, with a systems-programming course splitting time between 8086 assembly and VAX assembly and a database course that introduced us to SQL (of course).

The computational linear algebra course mentioned above was a math course specifically for computer-science majors; other engineering students took a different linear-algebra course.

Comment Sour the milk (Score 2, Interesting) 216

Fuck you Microsoft. Fuck you for allowing OEM copies of Office to be purchased with a machine, but require it to be activated against an email address!!

Pro Tip: create an email distribution group of say and make IT staff members of it.

Fuck you for now allowing us to mix Office365 apps with OEM!

And Fuck you for making this such a miserable experience to deploy across the network as needed.

Oh, and FUCK YOU...just because for good measure!!!

Comment Re:I am going to stand up for Apple for once (Score 1) 223

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. In that order.

I get where Apple is coming from. If the entire point is to prevent the reselling of used parts for profit, thus creating fraud among a market where truly validated refurbished parts exist, then the solution is to just mark them. Mark them with a logo (embossed, laser etched, etc) so that the end consumer knows willingly that the case is not new and not refurbished, rather reused as-is in current condition. I promise, there would be a market for those parts in 3rd world nations. Hell, might even acceptable in 1st world too. But we all know why Apple doesn't want to do this. It would flood and saturate the market adding to competition of bringing new products to market.

Comment Re:Free still means freedom to some of us (Score 1) 237

I worded my original post very carefully so that I wasn't saying what the word "free" does or does not mean, or should mean, or what other people should think, or anything like that. I'm not sure people are looking at my actual wording - I think they are reading something extra into what I said that isn't there.

Comment Re:Free still means freedom to some of us (Score 1) 237

I found this headline confusing, because when I started out here on Slashdot many of us used "free" to mean "available under a license that preserves your freedom to view source code, modify, and redistribute for any purpose" rather than merely "gratis."

Well, no. Free still means both gratis and libre. When the word appears at the beginning of a sentence like that, it's difficult to tell which meaning is intended, because the opportunity to capitalize it for emphasis vanishes. You don't get to define the word for the world, and it would be stupid if we were to use the word so differently from everyone else. That would isolate us and make us even less relatable.

"Free Software" means what you want free to mean, but only among nerds. "Free" can mean a lot of things. One of them is libre, and you will find very few takers for changing that, because it would be dumb.

Well, I didn't argue that the word has only one correct definition, and I certainly agree that many of us including myself aren't very relatable, and those of us who use/used "free" to mean "libre" are certainly less so.

Everything I said is a statement of fact: some, but not all of us, back in the day used to use "free software" to mean something specific, and I got confused when I saw this headline because I briefly thought that's what it meant. Times sure have changed here if I'm the only one that's true for, and that gives me a bit of nostalgia for Slashdot back in the day, warts and unrelatable nerds and all.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 3, Insightful) 262

"Do you mean that dialogue and not violence is a better way to solve problems? Most intelligent people know this."

Actually, dialogue is the ideal way to solve problems. However, you need to have two parties willing to talk and compromise. When one or both parties are unwilling to compromise violence is likely inevitable. Most intelligent people understand this.

Comment Re:Reminds me of the Pico Brewer (Score 2) 354

I kind of liked home brewing. But home bottle sterilizing was a fucking bore.

That's why I started kegging after a couple or three years. Sanitizing the bottles wasn't too bad (a trip through the dishwasher would suffice, either with heated drying or (if available) the sanitizing option enabled), but it's much easier and faster to fill one keg than 50+ bottles. You can also dry-hop in a keg.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 4, Informative) 354

why would someone buy a $400 machine that requires you to buy prepackaged produce to be squeezed out of it...?

Consider this quote from TFA: "Tech blogs have dubbed it a 'Keurig for juice.'" Then consider how Keurig machines and the coffee pods they use have sold over the past few years. Nobody ever went broke overestimating people's laziness.

Comment Re: Competition is a beautiful thing (Score 1) 93

Actually, yes, it is about cycles and how efficient you are with them. In the case of Project Scorpio, it's really damn efficient; to the point of the GPU having Direct12 baked into the silicon more than a normal programmable GPU would. In many ways, having it closer to ASIC makes it move custom in many regards to how SGI workstations were in some levels, but now with modern technology.

"Roll call instructions on the CPU that would typically require thousands of instructions are now reduced to just 11" -Leadbetter

"not only can Project Scorpio hit native 4K 60FPS in original Xbox One games, but it can do so with GPU power to spare. Furthermore the stress test apparently only used 66% of the early kit's 5GB of memory, and the final Project Scorpio hardware will have 12GB of unified GDDR5 memory with a 326GB/sec bandwidth.

VR, easily capable. I mean, really really fucking got that shit down with cycles-to-spare capable!!!

Comment Free still means freedom to some of us (Score 0, Troll) 237

I found this headline confusing, because when I started out here on Slashdot many of us used "free" to mean "available under a license that preserves your freedom to view source code, modify, and redistribute for any purpose" rather than merely "gratis."

There doesn't seem to be a license or source code available, so I'm thinking the article just means available with no charge.

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