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Submission + - Is feeding a feeder rat to a hawk illegal?

platopus23 writes: I just had the police at my door because I dangled a white small feeder rat out my 3rd floor apartment window to see if a hawk would eat it. Some concerned citizen (my malcontent downstairs neighbors) shot a video and gave it to the police. The police first asked me why I was hanging a rat outside the window (they thought I was hanging it but I explained that it was impossible to hang a rat, because they have strong necks and could squirm out of a noose, and that I was supporting it under its arms). After we were straight, they then asked where the rat was. I explained that I let it go and I was then asked why I let a disease prone rodent loose and didn't destroy it. That threw my mind for a loop — wasn't that what I was trying to do in the first place? If so, leave me alone to finish my civic duty of destroying the rodent.

Anyway, the police will talk to the D.A. tomorrow to see if he wants to issue a warrant for my arrest. I almost look forward to the trial if that is the case; all my friends will come and cry from the humor of the whole situation. What jury is going to have sympathy for a rat over a clean shaven, upstanding cash money citizen with no record like myself? I don't think they have much of a case. I live in Delaware by the way.

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