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Journal Journal: another tool to check MSS size

Have you tried this online tool?
It tests TCP throughput and shows lots of other details in a report. Real deal network guru details of a network connection.

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Journal Journal: what's your web site?

What's your web site? You mentioned it in a post(#21955946) but its not in your slashdot profile. I used to work in basic tech support and I learn alot by reading Slashdot. So now that I have some time between jobs, I meticulously read through the articles. Especially reading or reviewing other's web sites. Thanks in advance.

Note to self: Added Creepy to fans list Jan 12 2008 solely for what was posted in 21955946. For me its the reason why I read Slashdot, I learn something new every time. Addy Endy for post 21951438. Important statement the state of Comp Sci today or the "watering down" of it.

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Journal Journal: The pros and cons of blackboxing

I liked you comment regarding blackboxing. Its like Computer Science but in simple terms. Do you maintain your own web site? I'm a future compsci student and would like to learn more. Thanks.

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