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Submission + - Does anyone make an photo de-duplicator for Linux? Something that reads EXIF? 2

postbigbang writes: Imagine having thousands of images on disparate machines. many are dupes, even among the disparate machines. It's impossible to delete all the dupes manually and create a singular, accurate photo image base? Is there an app out there that can scan a file system, perhaps a target sub-folder system, and suck in the images-- WITHOUT creating duplicates? Perhaps by reading EXIF info or hashes? I have eleven file systems saved, and the task of eliminating dupes seems impossible.

Submission + - WSJ rumors that VMware will buy Novell ( 1

postbigbang writes: Steven J Vaughn-Nichols speculates on the WSJ piece that speculates VMware may be buying Novell's Linux assets (along with other core Novell assets). Will Big Red be Big Dead? Will SUSE be used as a fighting tool against Windows platforms? Will ex-Microsoft throne pretender Paul Maritz use Novell's Directory Services to sling against Microsoft? Discuss.

Submission + - Acer Founder: Apple's iPad and iPhone are Viruses (

postbigbang writes: Stan Shih, founder of Acer, is apparently unhappy with Apple's iPad and iPhone success, and calls these products a virus. Acer, it should be noted, is the #2 maker of PCs in the world. Stan believes that Apple can be "isolated" so that companies will become "immune". Is this the ultimate sour grapes?

Submission + - Jury finds Novell owns Unix Copyrights; SCO Loses! (

postbigbang writes: Novell won its jury decision as defendant in the SCO Slander of Title charge against its ownership of Unix copyrights, and ostensibly, intellectual property. It was a fairly short trial, and it leaves SCO nearing Chapter 7 despite an influx of funds. They have few assets, and if they appeal, it'll be against the results of a laborious discovery process, severe rulings by the trial judge largely against Novell, and will cost them still another fortune they don't have. Cheers and champagne corks for FOSS and especially Linux users-- and the famous and tenacious Pamela Jones, who documented it all.

Submission + - Ray Noorda Dies

postbigbang writes: Ray Noorda, controversial head of numerous investments in the computer industry died at age 82, according to .
Noorda once pressured National Semiconductor to lower the price of Ethernet cards, then took on Bill Gates, buying the keys to Unix and then giving them away, then many software packages to fight Microsoft's Word and Office with WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, and others. When the world went to the IP protocols, Novell's IPX protocol set was arguably more prevalent than IP at the time. And then the Internet train departed, and Novell's strategies weren't ready — and Gates had (if now viewed frighteningly) a plan.

Noorda's investments in many companies, and his training academy for future execs in IT, also showed the supportive Mormon side of Noorda and the companies he spawned. Arguably, he's the father of the LAN more than any other business exec in the industry today. Many captains of industry, including Google's Eric Schmidt, owes their boot camp to Noorda.

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