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Submission + - Walks like a Black Duck: Docker's security teaseware tool unmasked (

Miche67 writes: Docker's new security tool for containers is a step in the right direction, but it's not Docker's. It's Black Duck's.

The short of it is this: there are two SaaS front ends pointing to the same tool—Black Duck’s Hub product, which vets, among other things, Docker containers.

Underneath the teaseware is a tool that checks exactly what is in the container being tested. Black Duck checks your container or those from Docker or Red Hat’s repository. The Docker tool checks just Docker containers.

By providing a view into the containers, Black Duck and Docker allow you to see vulnerabilities that could cause security problems.

Tom Henderson writes:

This is a stealth marketing campaign by Black Duck Software for their Hub SaaS tool subscription. This is also a way for Docker to fend of serious criticism of their biggest (in my opinion) flaw: container software manifest security chain of authorities.


Submission + - Public Email Needs A Police Force (

jfruhlinger writes: "Those of us who had email addresses in the early days of the Internet age remember sending notes to abuse or webmaster email addesses to report malicious email behavior — and actually getting a response back. But today, a huge majority of mail comes from public services like Gmail or Yahoo mail, and getting anyone at those companies to take responsibility for abusive users is nearly impossible. Perhaps surprisingly, Microsoft gets things right for its Hotmail domain — but for everyone else, we need an email police."

Submission + - How A US Debt Default Will Affect IT (

jfruhlinger writes: "As the US Congress plays a game of chicken, American IT needs to start planning for scenarios where the debt ceiling isn't raised. Once the limit has been reached, techies will quickly confront a number of consequences, some immediate (like not getting paid) and some tied to the ripple effects that will roil the economy in case of a default. Sadly, with two economic disasters in the past decade, we've become familiar with economic fallout."

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