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Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 69

Everyone thinks they're immune, even when they use crypto. Then people leave the certs laying around in someone's browser cache, and it's all plain text again.

No one is immune, not me, not you. Rename your dbs to .mp4. Do weird things, low-hanging-fruit things. People stoked up on coffee just swear and move on. Their parsers fail, and their attention span gets wiped.

Don't believe me? Go to CCC and see how many people are wired.

Comment Re:Why "I" shouldn't trust Geek Squad? (Score 3, Insightful) 389

It makes me wonder how much Tumblr porn came from Best Buy uploaders.

Perhaps none.

Maybe they're all great people.

But they vacuum machines for reward money, or at least a few of them have, says the article. Most of them are probably great. But a few of them have sullied the reputation of the Geek Squad, perhaps beyond repair.

The big problem: a lot of good people at Geek Squad get besmirched for the actions of some greedy fellow employees. It would seem that management likely knew about this. What protections do they provide their customers? They should spell it out and enforce it. Data is money, assets, and pretty private stuff.

Comment Re: Rest of words imply group (Score 1) 432

In this case, "likely" is an inexact approach. Either he/she is or is not. I've had engineers that worked for me that were truly not in the current reality, or they might have been trained on Mars, but certainly no school I can think of. They were absolutely sure of themselves to the point of being able to consider another viewpoint; strident; rigid in the extreme.

And I've seen the gaslighters do their evil, as well, beating down good people psychologically until they'd done their narcissist's dead.

But be sure.

Comment Re: No. (Score 4, Insightful) 449

Yeah. This.

There is so much fun around. Yeah, there's also the mundane and the boring stuff, too. People have bills to pay, and sometimes being a meaningless dweeb is how the lights stay on.

But there's never been more real fun. If you don't like code projects for Big Corp, you can get into the mad crazy fun of Arduino, Pi, FPGAs, robotics. SoCs, SDRs, and a myriad other interesting projects.

I've been around since doing 6502s and Z80s in assembler. It's necessary to peel off the layers of cruft and mold that get into one's system when you sit still too long. Coding for secure, optimized code has been increasingly crazy, but if you know your platforms, go for it.

I watch kids doing fascinating things. Truly sophisticated toys that twenty years ago were impossible at any price. My only fear: letting people get controlled by the advertisers and the government, each of whom are power hungry and relentless. Otherwise, if you're bored, break out of your box.

Comment Re:Oh yeah, just what I need. (Score 4, Insightful) 229

And everyone in the room is heard, each noise, appliance, looking for digital filtration, notation, and archiving while the folly of Big Data pours over such stuff, conflates, infers, and makes decisions based upon it, then rats the info to anyone who would pay.

Then there are those that won't pay, just merely barge in with (or without) a warrant or writ of assistance to mangle the data for The State's purpose.

Unicorn my ass. Rat Fink Stool Pigeon.

Comment Re:Firefox...hmmm (Score 2) 154

Firefox 50.1 has taken its trickle of rendering and tab cleanup to be measured in furlongs per fortnight. It has become horrifically slow, not the reverse using common add-ins.

Worse, some pages simply die or are rendered incorrectly if at all.

While I used Firefox loyally, especially for its debug qualities, I might actually be forced to change because it is stunningly slow even on fast hardware. It's like I leaped back to 1998.

Comment Re:Wow, and just think... (Score 5, Insightful) 551

The roster of suck-ups at the meeting is somehwat harrowing. The photos of the expressions on their faces are priceless.

And to those that didn't make it there-- your integrity is intact. No slime, no foul, no tainted deals that will drain your legal dept dry in four years.

Who was missing at the table? People. Labor. The schmucks that do the actual work, like you and I. Larry Ellison? Gates? Zuck? Kravitz? Nope, not there either.

There is the 0.5%, the next 0.5% (some present at the meeting, especially those with outer space plans), and the 99% (us) were, um, kinda missing.

Comment Re:Not unreasonable (Score 0, Troll) 121

Product Manager: We're not making any revenue on this.

MBA: We can sell more ad revenue....

Product Manager: How?

MBA: Force them to re-up whilst showing them an ad. Free ad view whether they like it or not.

Product Manager: Brilliant!

Users: Well, that was nice while it lasted. On to the next free VPN.

Comment Re:How is this not wiretapping? (Score 2) 161

Wiretapping means listening to the wire, or in this case, the signal of the audio conversation. That wasn't done.

Instead, the metadata details were sold, meaning things like what time a call was made, where the tower locations were, the duration, and so forth.

Not wiretapping, but still ratting out customers.

Comment Re:So why hasn't the video creator counterclaimed? (Score 2) 219

I, too, believe it's Fair Use, and he has a right to counterclaim. But this takes money, and the desire for a long fight, going through Discovery, showing damages, and all the other processes of tort law.

It's better to raise this issue and show that Samsung did the totally wrong thing, starting at their bad QA, bad engineering, bad process control for field testing, and an even worse procedure once the problem was found.

Corporations don't like to eat humble pie, eat crow, or whatever metaphor you'd like to use for admitting they screwed up. This is a PR disaster, IMHO.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 287

The propagandist at work, attempts to shed decades of not-invented-here, reminiscent of the Reality Distortion Fields of Steve Jobs, and hopes, no prays that the Gartner audience will swallow it whole.

Such tortious, mind-numbing blather is uncharacteristic of an organization that desires to be judged by its actions, not its lapdog propaganda.

The secret hope: The Stock Price Soars!!!

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