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Comment Re:The shop/home ec. model (Score 1) 141

I took several shop classes and they were great. In High School we had a choice of 2 semesters of shop, two semesters of home ec. or one of shop and one of home Ec.

So I took woods (great for learning about wood and power tool safety), plastics (some of us made bongs, I made ice scrapers and name tags), and basic electronics.
Take the basic electronics and turn it into a hardware/software class and you are done.

Comment Re:Skilled labor? (Score 1) 271

I kid you not, a friend of mine, she burned boiled eggs. I'm serious.

I go to visit the house she, a friend, her brother (also a friend of mine), and another guy were splitting and in the kitchen there is this small pot with indescribably burned, crunchy, black goo stuff in it. She had crammed about 6 eggs into a tiny pot, put in some water, turned the gas on high, and then went to take a shower and do her hair. With predictable results.

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