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Comment I've made some fairly good predictions (Score 1) 222

I used Function Point Analysis weighted for web based applications. But this presupposes there will be no major increase in scope, or increase or decrease in staffing. It also worked well when I had close contact with customers and could understand their needs directly.

In fact as soon as I saw velocity in the Agile, or related, Scientific Software Management practice I immediately "got it". One number to calibrate on to embody a host of factors internal and external and measure complexity.

The problem comes in when you are not allowed to calibrate due to things such as scope creep. People also do not like to hear your answer either. For example I one predicted that it would take four months to complete some features, the naysayers said 3 to 4 weeks. I was looked upon as a "gloomy Gus". The actual time was 3.5 months.

People want it now and try to push for more. The only way to do so is to cut scope and the quickest way to do that is to cut corners on quality.

Comment Re:It has its uses (Score 2) 417

*2) People are realising that inheritance is not the be-all and end-all of modelling code that the OOP world would have you believe*

In the GoF book they flat out state that they prefer aggregation to inheritance. There is a reason you cannot do diamond inheritance in Java. Am I the only one who got the memo?

Comment Re:The irony.... (Score 1) 352

It's the low or middle skill jobs where new workers often develop their skills. I have met a number of senior IT or developers who started out on the help desk. On of whom worked the evening shift while taking course work during the day.

And for those with less ambition and/or capability to learn it gives them a steady paycheck.

Comment Re:So I will earn $20,000 more a year now right... (Score 1) 352

So when I worked with over seas teams it was always the US team members who were working evenings and weekends due to making phn calls across time zones. This annoyed me so I asked my boss. She said that beyond the cultural factors there was no infrastructure like in the US. They had no internet in their apartments, and the company busses took them at 5:15 every evening (it was either that or they commute long distances on dangerous streets). So productivity was hampered.

Heck there is even an article on CIO.com about onshore outsourcing, even without debates over H1Bs and protecting American workers, due to hidden costs associated with offshoring. See: http://www.cio.com/article/318...

There are other such articles on the site as well.

But scroll down below the H1B discussion.

Comment Re:And you don't think they will make up stuff (Score 1) 352

Germany made a mistake? They import almost all of their food and natural resources, have some of the highest labor costs on the planet, a strict environmental regulation regime, and a high tax rate. And yet they have the 3rd largest economy in the world. It is in fact keeping Europe afloat to the extent I often joke the Euro should be renamed "Die Deutsche Mark".

If that is failure then send some of it to the US.

Comment Re:Some privacy is more equal than other (Score 4, Insightful) 470

There is no barrier between government and society. Government is deeply ingrained into society, no know human society does not have some form of government even it is only on the scale as a council of elders or patron of a family. And society is very much a part of and influence on government. They are inseparable.

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