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Comment Re:A step backwards (Score 1) 434

If you want to see what unfettered Capitalism does google up things such as "Child Labor", "economic and financial crises of the 1800's", and "Nigerian death squads".

Capitalism is great if you have capital. For the rest of us it must be regulated and control as part of a mixed market economy (such as the US economy) to get the benefits of our labor.

Comment Why is maximizing output the goal? (Score 1) 434

What exactly does that mean? I would think maximizing quality of life is the goal. Maximizing output may lead to poor quality of life. Sure you have for clothing, shelter, etc. but if the society a person lives is horrible then you've missed the mark. This is not to say Communism may not be the answer but rather that a hard drive to maximum output and "efficiency" might not be the right answer.

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