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Comment Re:How dare they hack NY Times reporters! (Score -1, Troll) 61

So...it's NSA's fault when foreign intelligence services conduct espionage against US political parties, media organizations, etc., and actively try to influence the outcomes of US elections, and manipulate the opinions of US citizens? You realize that no matter who wins in November, possibly millions of Americans will believe the election was stolen or rigged, and possibly by foreign influence?

I know, I know -- in this crowd, the US is the enemy, here, and we don't actually need to have any kind of foreign intelligence capability; NSA's sole purpose for being is to figure out ways to illegally spy on Americans so it can solidify the power base of shadowy elites. Or something. Whenever I need to be reminded of just how out of touch many people are with history, reality, or both, I read Slashdot comments.

Comment Re: How many people really support her? (Score 1) 510

The "theoretical" aspect you deride was terribly important to potential Democratic party competitors when they were deciding whether or not to run.
Sure, Hillary beat an angry old communist in a two person primary. Woo hoo. Why was it only a two person primary? Because everyone else saw the writing on the wall.

Comment How many people really support her? (Score 4, Insightful) 510

Democrats... what the hell were you thinking when you supported Hillary?

The super delegate system, plus some rigging at the DNC, ensured there was never really a choice. Potential qualified competitors realized that Hillary had all the super delegates bought and paid for, so they didn't even bother. Bernie was dug up as an 'opponent', a sham primary was had- it got a little out of control- and in the end, the pre-determined outcome was obtained.
I think few people really support Hillary. They're just being obedient to the party.

Comment Re:What is it that you say? (Score 1) 442

Taxing one private company for another's direct subsidy is just un-American.

And it has never worked. After WWII, governments had levied predatory taxes on railroads to subsidize highways and airports for decades. The airlines got their landing strips and airports free of charge, and trucking companies didn't have to maintain their roads. Railroads have to use their own revenue to maintain their tracks and pay property taxes, there was no way they could compete against subsidized transportation modes that was funded through their taxes. Amongst other reasons, this was a primary nail in the coffin for northeastern railroads as the taxes and unfair competition drove six major northeast railroads into bankruptcy and the entire rail transportation quadrant was in danger of closing down, threatening an entire mode of transportation. It took federal government intervention via Conrail in 1976 to dislodge predatory taxes and loosen the iron grip of asphyxiating regulation and labor restrictions/obligations, but the irreversible damage with miles of track routes wiped out was done.

Comment Re:We're All Dying (Score 2) 508

I represent someone in that demographic from a small engineering school. Among my admittedly non-mainstream group of friends I'd guess at least half know what KDE is. I'm not sure how many actually use it vs. GNOME, but it's common for them to have a Linux or Mac laptop. Laptops have become work devices -- they're what you take to project and study groups. *nix works great for that, and easy to get everyone using the same software (within a college student's budget, no less). I'm sure other places are different, but one anecdote deserves another.

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