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Comment Re:This is meaningless..... (Score 1) 356

Truth is stranger than fiction so why not?

I'm of a number of minds about the situation anyway:
Assange isn't above the law and should have at a minimum been interrogated by the swedish judge and possibly been behind bars
Assange's claim for a noble reason for jumping bail is bogus - the U.S. can extradite him easier from the U.K. than from Sweden.
Wikileaks is nothing more than the mouth of Putin's dirt excavations and as such is just as dirty as those whose dirty laundry he exposes.

Assange's self-assumed impunity to prosecution is overblown:
- He's never been on U.S. soil & isn't a U.S. citizen - not needed to for prosecution of knowingly spreading classified materials
- They'll never catch me! - Only if Moreno, who has replaced Correa decides he's worth the hassle.
- I'll make a stink! - Any stink Assange makes is tiny compared to Trump's self-made scandals.
- Putin will protect me! - Everyone now sees that Wikileaks "independence" is fake. Putin will easily find another mouthpiece that isn't as transparent as Wikileaks has become.

Comment Re:Recycle! (Score 2) 129

Where do you propose to find the Delta V to safely recover all these sats, hmmm?

They're not a couple escaped helium ballons from for birthday trapped on your ceiling waiting to be grabbed, they're flying about faster than bullets in differing and often completely opposing orbits and there is no Neo from the Matrix around to wave his hand and make them all magically stop for you.

Comment Re:Restrict orbits (Score 2) 129

The sat networks being mooted recently do exactly that using the lower cost to orbit/higher launch cadence that reusables are making possible.

Instead of sats being so expensive to launch that you perform as few launches as possible and place very expensive high capability sats in mid-level orbits that take centuries to degrade, low-cost reusable launchers perform more launches with less expensive sats that reenter after a few years anyway.

Disadvantages: More sats & more launches are needed.

Advantages: Better RTT for the users of these networks as the sats are so much closer. Collisions and junk become non issues as it'll all burn up before it can build up.

That won't stop people like the professor at the UoS missing one of the major advantages of low orbit constellations: No need to manoeuvre EOL sats into safer orbits

TFA: “Right now, under all the taxpayer-funded space flight we are doing today is only able to achieve 60% of success rate for that [End of life] manoeuvre. How can they be better under commercial pressure and with cheaper satellites?”

Taxpayer funded ==> "good" with "commercial pressure" ==> "Bad" apparently. That it is private enterprises that are making reusable launchers possible fundamentally changing how Sats are built flies in orbit far far above the professor's notice.

Comment Re:/. won't either (Score 1) 447

Never said you were a zombie, just that you appear to think that you're surrounded by them, something that's reinforced when you show that you don't know how multi-billion dollar industries like advertising work. That may be due to your mistaken belief that you're more intelligent than those around you.

Good luck with the zombies

Comment Re:/. won't either (Score 1) 447

Aaannd we're back to where you came in. The public (including me but not apparently you) trusted Benetton to not attempt to sell it's goods using shocking images. When they did so, pfft, no more trust with Benetton and shortly thereafter, pfft, no more Benetton. That Benetton hasn't disappeared completely may be related to those rare consumers such as yourself that would gladly buy cookies with graphical images of dismembered bodies on the package.

Good luck with the zombies

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