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Comment Re: So don't use apps (Score 1) 118

So you're one of those blame the victim guys. I'm mostly an iPhone guy but have had pro Androids since Blackberry died. I'm not a potential Tesla owner as they have 2 wheels too many & I don't see my company buying Tesla's before I retire in a decade or two for my company car.

That Android has a security problem is no revelation to me as it is one of the reasons I chose iPhones yet even with all that said, Tesla isn't to blame here.

If you want to push Google to improve Android's Security, stop blaming the victims & start voting with your wallet by abandoning Android. Oh but that would inconvenience you by making your personal choices mean something so you'll continue to blame others and continue funnelling money to Google so they have no reason too change.

Comment Re: So don't use apps (Score 1) 118

If you don't want people putting words into your mouth you're going to have to start explaining how you a coherent position.

So now you're claiming that Tesla should prevent people from installing insecure applications on their Android smartphones? The Tesla app isn't insecure, The token it uses to communicate with cars can just be stolen by other bad intentioned apps, something that could happen just as well on iOS.

Tesla should pull it's Android app just because some people can't stop themselves from installing even free game they see because each and every one could potentially steal the token from their android app? And for you the fault lies with Tesla and not with Google nor with the insecure practices of the owners?!?

Comment Re:Probably under seal (Score 1) 70

No. You only get diplomatic immunity after the host country accepts your credentials and the number of diplomats is strictly limited by each country having an equal number. Unless the host country accepts Snowden's "russian" credentials and russia pulls out a diplomat Snowden doesn't to wave a magic passport and get immunity.

Comment Re:BS Slashvertisement for password manager (Score 1) 228

I've been working in computer security from way back when Checkpoint was a startup.

Use of a password manager does not solve ALL computer security problems, but it does help to solve two major problems we have today:
Poor passwords
Password reuse

Coming up with different secure passwords for every site & then remembering them all and which goes where is beyond the reach of everyone without eidetic memory, thus the Dashlane advertisement is indeed useful. If Dashlane advertising their own manager irritates you, just go with another password manager.

Comment Re:Am I reading this right? (Score 1) 176

Ah yup, you're right as far as it being for the antenna issue. Thanks for the correction.

Never saw much of a problem with the iPhone's antenna when holding it 'naked', personally. It took having really clammy hands and a grip like you were the creature from the black lagoon to lose enough signal for it to matter. Applying a bit of clear nail polish to an inch of the frame or any case were enough to never see it.

Funny enough for a company that never admits it has flaws, the back on my iPhone 4 got a little un clipped after a fall onto a wooden floor.
It wasn't flush with the frame anymore as you could get a fingernail between the back and the frame. The problem was that this gap was enough to ruin all pictures taken with a flash as it reflected internally on the camera sensor.

I assume taking it apart and reseating the back would have been enough to fix the problem but when I took it in to Apple they took one look at it, asked if I had a backup and then swapped it for a new phone. As the Genius Bar tech moved my free bumper over to the new phone he said "As it's a new phone you can use the free bumper app to get another free one".

Oh, yeah, Apple never admits they have flaws all right...

Comment Re:Wet paper bag (Score 1) 2837

Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner everyone! One of the Hillary true believers that still cannot believe that she is in any way at fault for the disaster that is unfurling upon us. Give it up bub, that even Trump was able to beat Hillary proves just how incredible your beliefs are.

Comment Re:Wet paper bag (Score 1) 2837

Somebody else did it too is no excuse, especially when she could have owed up to using a private server and delivered everything she could to the FBI. No, Clinton had to try and fail to bury it erasing as much data as they could. She also stated that no secret emails ever transited the server which then exploded in her face when that was proven false.

Nixon wasn't booted out for Watergate. He was booted out for attempting to cover up Watergate.

Go ahead, investigate Powell, Rice & whoever else you want. They may lose their Top secret rating over it but only Clinton attempted and failed to cover it up.

Comment Re:Wet paper bag (Score 5, Insightful) 2837

Thanks so much for giving us the most unpopular Democratic nominee in living memory. What should have been a landslide win has become a complete fucking nightmare. Good job.

Here I'm with you 100% except that you need to widen the net.

Dear Media: Thank you so much for turning a relatively banal email screwup that had zero actual consequence into the biggest campaign scandal in decades and turning an otherwise likeable candidate into a pariah.

Eh, WHAT? Hillary Clinton likable? My personal theme this year was that Trump was the only power on earth strong enough to make me vote for Hillary. 8 years ago part of what got Obama elected was that he wasn't Hillary. The Hillary supporters have always thought that she's just misunderstood, everybody will come around eventually. The email server was her faullt. Covering it up and pretending that no secret Emails were sent/recieved on the server was also her fault. Hillary has been viscerally disliked for who she is for decades by many and her attempting to skate by pretending that the rules for everyone else don't apply to her now mean that we're all going to have to suffer through 4 years of Trump.

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