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Comment Re:Assange lacks integrity. (Score 1) 560

The persecution of Zimbabwean opposition members that had been talking to the US and the diplomatic damage done to relations between the U.S. and people/governments whose confidential remarks were only given on the condition that they remain secret are both concrete examples of damage caused by Manning's indiscriminate data collection/exposure.

That you now refer to them as "handwaving" when I have been talking about them since the beginning of the thread just shows that you refuse to acknowledge proof that saps your beliefs.

Comment Re:Yeah, not a surprise (Score 1) 560

When the U.K received the extradition request from Sweden, Assange was placed in detention like anyone else would be. In order to be released from detention while his appeals of the Swedish extradition in U.K courts were considered, Assange gave multiple oaths given to UK justice system promising to respect their authority, oaths he broke when he fled to the Ecuadorian Embassy.

I'm curious that you are able to completely ignore these well known facts. Is it that you judge that the ends (Assange free do do whatever he wants) justify the means (breaking his oaths)? Is it just Assange, or do you apply this reasoning for yourself? Does the end of getting your rocks off justify to you the act of not respecting a woman's word when she says no too?

Comment Re:Assange lacks integrity. (Score 1) 560

Yeah and Bill Clinton "Never had sex with that women" and Bill Gates claimed "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is"

When people are in controversies and there are multiple interpretations of their statements, it is foolish to attempt to attempt to use the clearly false interpretation.

We know that Manning's indiscriminate collection and divulgation has caused damages, Domestic damages, no. International damages, yes. Attempting to advance your agenda by attempting to use quotations when you know that your interpretation does not hold up logically merely shows you have abandoned logic to espouse the agenda. Trump won the presidency doing so. Do you really want to stoop that low?

Comment Re:Assange lacks integrity. (Score 1) 560

Selective quotations by those that published your references?

Pray ask Gates/... directly how they reconcile the fact that the indiscriminate nature of Mannings collection and release of information were indisputably harmful and the the claimed absence of damage from them.

Comment Re:Assange lacks integrity. (Score 1) 560

Gates/the generals were commenting on the domestic damage of Manning's leaks. The Diplomatic damage done to the US and and the persecution of people like Zimbabwean opposition that were identified and then targeted due to the indiscriminate nature of Manning's collection and then release of information are undeniable. Manning is no angel and his actions had severe consequences for more than just "war criminals".

Comment Re: liar (Score 1) 560

Lol, the Assange apologist Anonymous Coward thinks that embassies get to label any car "Diplomatic" without any recourse from the host country.

Here's a real world lesson for you coward: Diplomatic vehicles are not an automatic right but a convention negotiated with the host country (generally in exchange for the same courtesy for the hosting nations embassy in the embassies country. When one country revokes the courtesy, say because the other country is harboring a fugitive from justice the only recourse the embassies country has is to revoke the use of diplomatic vehicles on their turf.

The UK has already notified the rest of the world that no diplomatic vehicles will be accepted leaving the Ecuadorian embassy containing an unsearched volume sufficient to hide a lying oath-breaking slimeball weasel.

Comment Re:So where's that smug Linux dude? (Score 3, Informative) 164

"usually not installed by default in Linux distros" Really?

The Vanilla Ubuntu 16.04.1 desktop image I have at hand shows that it they are installed by default:

ubuntu@ubuntu16:~$ dpkg --get-selections | grep gstreamer | grep bad
gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad:amd64 install
gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad-faad:amd64 install
gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad-videoparsers:amd64 install
libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-0:amd64 install

Comment Re: So don't use apps (Score 1) 118

So you're one of those blame the victim guys. I'm mostly an iPhone guy but have had pro Androids since Blackberry died. I'm not a potential Tesla owner as they have 2 wheels too many & I don't see my company buying Tesla's before I retire in a decade or two for my company car.

That Android has a security problem is no revelation to me as it is one of the reasons I chose iPhones yet even with all that said, Tesla isn't to blame here.

If you want to push Google to improve Android's Security, stop blaming the victims & start voting with your wallet by abandoning Android. Oh but that would inconvenience you by making your personal choices mean something so you'll continue to blame others and continue funnelling money to Google so they have no reason too change.

Comment Re: So don't use apps (Score 1) 118

If you don't want people putting words into your mouth you're going to have to start explaining how you a coherent position.

So now you're claiming that Tesla should prevent people from installing insecure applications on their Android smartphones? The Tesla app isn't insecure, The token it uses to communicate with cars can just be stolen by other bad intentioned apps, something that could happen just as well on iOS.

Tesla should pull it's Android app just because some people can't stop themselves from installing even free game they see because each and every one could potentially steal the token from their android app? And for you the fault lies with Tesla and not with Google nor with the insecure practices of the owners?!?

Comment Re:Probably under seal (Score 1) 73

No. You only get diplomatic immunity after the host country accepts your credentials and the number of diplomats is strictly limited by each country having an equal number. Unless the host country accepts Snowden's "russian" credentials and russia pulls out a diplomat Snowden doesn't to wave a magic passport and get immunity.

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