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Comment Can I see? (Score 4, Interesting) 127

I'd like to see what they say about me. I bash both parties all the time. My comments on every subject are usually sarcastic. Do they have a working sarcasm detector? Or is it all about the things you follow? George Takei is a gay rights activist. So would a conservative who likes ice cream (ben and jerrys) and George Takei be labeled liberal?

Or is someone who is far-left who attacks Hillary going to be labeled conservative for being anti-Democrat?

I've seen those types of labels applied. They never work. I got rejected from a minimum wage job in college because the chain store had a standard questionaire. If you answered that you don't use drugs, but think they should be legal, you were considered a lying drug user. The makers of the test couldn't conceive of someone who thinks drugs should be legal and regulated, and wouldn't use them if they were. Though, this was 20+ years ago, so the modern legalization swing wasn't popular yet.

I can only think that the labels are wrong much of the time, and the effectiveness of them is over-stated to increase Facebook's ad income.

Comment Solution: Buy legislators. All of them. (Score 5, Interesting) 169

Captain Obvious Competition.


These companies already have your money, so updating a device that's already been sold is a needless expense. There's also a good argument to be made that updating a device hurts future sales. If your phone isn't updated, it will start to feel old, so you're more likely to buy a new phone sooner.

Yes. I have a high-end preamp-processor, updatable over the net. Plenty of bugs. Did they ever fix them, much less add new features? No. Did they release a new model? Yes. I have a high-end camera. Updatable over the net. Plenty of bugs. Did they ever fix them, much less add new features? No. Did they release a new model? Yes. I have a high-end radio transceiver. Updatable over the net. Plenty of bugs. Did they ever fix them, much less add new features? No. Did they release a new model? Yes. And so on.

The whole "we can update your device" bit is a scam (and often, so is the "we can update your software" bit.) The only way a corporation is likely to actually update hardware responsibly is if legislation forces them to. And good luck trying to get THAT in place when corporations outright buy the decisions of the legislatures.

Comment Re:What event? (Score 1) 482

The worst confidential info "scandal" was when she gave the order to send talking points for the day...

So, you either don't actually know what SAP material is (in which case you're being willfully ignorant on this topic and should stop expressing opinions until you read up on it), or you DO know, and you're just being another liar in the service of a liar.

Submission + - Free Speech Under Attack as Facebook Plays Judge, Jury, Executioner (

NathanBachman writes: Freedom of speech is under attack, and the perpetrator is none other the king of social media, Facebook. In recent times, the company, now a popular face of online censorship, has been shamelessly blocking accounts, removing pages, and deleting posts that either failed to strike a chord with the moderation team, or were brutally honest to the extent of becoming intolerable for the people in position of power. Will Facebook get away with playing god and silencing millions of pro-Kashmir, pro-Kurdishs, and pro-freedom of speech voices around the globe?

Comment Re:Subsidizing Businesses.... (Score 1) 441

A closed industry with a monopoly-like result is (rightly or wrongly) called a monopoly. Have you not noticed the use of "monopoly" to refer to oligopolies in general use? I'm not saying it's right, just that it's the wording commonly used.

The real problem with these medalion services is that demand grows with population and sprawl, but I've never seen medallions with a reasonable growth built into the system. The government should auction off 10% (if population growth is 10%) new medallions every year. That would allow reasonable growth of the industry, new entrants, and fix many of the complaints of the medallion system. But all the medallion holders would be against that. I remember one place that indicated they were going to bulk-create new medallions to catch up for the 20 years from when the numbers were fixed, and the taxi companies sued the government for "illegal taking" because the change would lower the value of their medallions. So the governments are afraid of the medallion holders now. Because of the bad laws around medallions.

Comment Re:Uh, what? (Score 5, Funny) 151

There are many times when translating a word, then translating it back, won't result in the same word returned, but it would still be the "correct" middle translation. "in each and all places" sounds close enough to "everwhere" I can't see how that's an incorrect translation, even if a bit awkward. Though "universal" sounds a bit more like a "to everyone in all places", but universal would be a stupid name for a media company.

Comment Re:How hard is it to find emails? (Score 1) 482

Yeah, because the FBI knows nothing about gathering information, amirite?

The FBI can only gather what's given to them, or what can be forensically recovered. If she blew away 30,000 emails, and they've got under 20,000 of them to look at, there's some they couldn't get. It's not really very complicated.

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