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Submission + - IPv6 Cutover January 1, 2011

IO ERROR writes: An internet-draft published this month calls for an IPv6 transition plan which would require all Internet-facing servers to have IPv6 connectivity on or before January 1, 2011. 'Engineer and author John Curran proposes that migration to IPv6 happen in three stages. The first stage, which would happen between now and the end of 2008, would be a preparatory stage in which organizations would start to run IPv6 servers, though these servers would not be considered by outside parties as production servers. The second stage, which would take place in 2009 and 2010, would require organizations to offer IPv6 for Internet-facing servers, which could be used as production servers by outside parties. Finally, in the third stage, starting in 2011, IPv6 must be in use by public-facing servers.' Then IPv4 can go away.

Submission + - Microsoft seeks patent that lets your TV watch you (tvsquad.com) 1

C3ntaur writes: Your favorite evil empire might be coming to a living room near you. TV Squad has an interesting little story about the latest idea from our friends in Redmond, WA.

Most television programs are supported by advertisers. But advertisers these days aren't sure how much money it's worth spending on your eyeballs. After all, you might have a PVR that you use to fast forward past commercials. Microsoft thinks they may have the answer.

The company has applied for a patent that would use cameras, biometric sensors, and other tools to determine if you're sitting in front of the TV. Or if your wife, or kid, or other identifiable person is.


Submission + - Unhacking a G-Mail account?

TokyoShoe writes: "I have recently had my G-Mail account hacked, most probably for no reasons beyond my own stupidity. That being said, I am trying to find ways to get this account back from out of the Hacker's hands. They have changed the password for the account, and G-Mail will not bring up my security questions to force a password reset until after 5 days of inactivity. This means as long as the Hacker keeps using my account, I can never get it back! I have filled out Security Submission forms for Gmail Tech Support, documenting my account's details and a request to help me reclaim it. The G-Mail discussion forums are repleat with stories of folks with hacked G-Mail accounts and how they have been waiting months to no avail, never getting even an answer from the Gmail Support Team. Are there any other methods of getting my account back, or better yet getting in touch with Gmail Tech Support?"

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