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Submission + - Hey Anyone working on this?? Anyone?

pentalive writes: "Somebody Please do this.

Just to help — I retain NO rights to this idea It belongs to whomever implements it first (if it can even be done...) I am more of a system administrator, not the Sith Coder I would need to be to do this.

Someone make a hypervisor that can boot my system and give me a menu of available virtual machines to run. Upon choosing a virtual machine, run that machine but also wait and see if I press a key combination to indicated I want to either A) Start another virtual machine or B) Close a running virtual machine. (I prefer Alt-Sys Request)

The hypervisor should be able to run a virtual machine setup by one of the "Big Players" like Virtual PC, BOCHs, VMware. In fact you should be able to create new virtual PCs while running a guest OS.

I know I could just run windows 2k or something then run Virtual PC on top of that — but I want to save resources for my running virtual PCs not have them hogged up by the host OS.

Anyone working on this? Anyone want to work on this?"
Operating Systems

Submission + - Self Booting Games?

pentalive writes: Most games available now require you to leave the CD in the CD-ROM drive, Most machines available today can boot from CD-ROM? Why doesn't anyone market games that boot directly from their CD-ROM (using something like Ubuntu behind the scenes as the OS). I don't play FPS or MMORG (I play roller coaster tycoon mainly), you who do, do you play Diablo and also edit "that report" in word at the same time? Doom and Excel? Put the CD in and reboot the machine to play the game, Who cares what OS it runs when it's "working". What do you think? good idea?

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