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Comment Re:To what purpose? (Score 1) 130

I'm kind of struggling for what this is good for besides giving switch vendors a reason to push needless IDF upgrades and technology vendors yet another upcharge option.

It's actually cost-saving since you can use the same cabling.

1 gig Ethernet is already overkill for just about every desktop purpose

Yes, but that's not what it's for. It's for feeding these fancy new wireless access points, without having to do wiring. Customers will already have to purchase APs, they're not going to balk at buying a switch to feed them. It's not really interesting to the home user unless they've got multiple users doing remote storage, or if it turns out to be close to the price of 1GbE... or at least, notably cheaper than 10GbE. Then most of the few niche home users who need more than 1GbE will probably use it.

Comment Re:Beautiful (Score 1) 130

I expect it will be the RARE company that will actually need 5Gbps per workstation. Most can probably get by on 100Mbps.

The faster the network is, the more you use it. That leads to more files stored on the network and actually getting backed up. Yeah, you can back up files from workstations, but how inconvenient... and often, how fragile.

Comment Re:old laser jet 4s? (Score 1) 197

You don't have to go that far into the past. You can get a HPLJ2300. $3 or so on eBay gets you a stick-on PCB which will bypass the toner DRM. Just transfer it to your next toner cart with some nice thin double-sided foam tape. It's a drastically better printer than a HPLJ4.

However, neither of these printers will print color, which is probably a requirement for his mom. She should just go to Kinko's.

Comment Re:Just don't buy HP (Score 1) 197

I'm coming at you from an HP laptop I bought this year and have been happy with. But I bought a printer this year and after hearing that they are acting like such bastards about it I am very glad I didn't buy HP.

I am still using a HPLJ2300DN with a jetdirect card in, and I love it. But I had an HP laptop with the G71 Quadro FX1500 which had a known wire bonding problem. It took over 24 hours of phone time to get the machine replaced. Fuck HP sideways. I won't buy anything new of theirs. I hear there's another printer made about the same time as the 2300 which is a little bigger and fancier and also good, but this fucker is multi-protocol and prints 17 PPM at 600 dpi which is really enough for anyone... who's just printing documentation.

Comment Re:Probes AND Humans (Score 1) 111

A geologist on the surface of Mars would be far more scientifically productive than 100 probes.

This is repeated often, but is there any evidence to support this? And if you could put 100 probes on Mars for the price of a single geologist, what then?

It seems like an easily testable hypothesis. We can test it right here on earth! Just build some probes which are limited to Mars-like performance, drop them in one of our more Mars-like environments, and monitor them remotely through a comm delay to make communications Mars-like. We can reasonably deploy several geologists around the site for comparison.

Comment Re:Biased article! (Score 1) 163

You do realise that in most cases this would require them to kill themselves. Most warmists talk a good fight, but if you asked them to give up their cars, air travel or air conditioning, they'd refuse.

That describes many of them, sure. But we don't actually have to give up any of those things, just improve them all. Well, maybe cars. Cars are just stupid. Also, you don't get to complain when people do the things they need to do to be a member of our dysfunctional society as long as they're at least asking for change, and perhaps voting for it as well. Our society is built around the car. I want that to change, but I'm still going to drive places I can't reasonably get to any other way.

Comment Re:Kinda makes sense actually (Score 1) 226

No, what GM needs to do is license their technology from the Volt to other automakers. The biggest problem with the Volt is that it's made by GM, the same company that made defective ignition switches for years and intentionally hid this and murdered people so they wouldn't have to pay for a recall.

While that is a particularly blatant example, the truth is that all automakers kill people all the time by making cost decisions. All cars could be safer, without exception. They would have to make other compromises which would in turn compromise retail value, so they don't do that. You only have to decide how much killin' is acceptable, much like how all government which does anything for the people is socialist, and you only get to argue over how much socialism is acceptable.

Comment Re:Don't agree with the conclusion .... (Score 1) 226

And then, recycling... which provides access to high-value raw materials much less expensively than mining.

Yes, but only a small amount. What is needed now is batteries with recyclable electrolyte chemistry. That stuff is just thrown away (presumably incinerated?) We recycle the electrolyte from wet cell lead-acid batteries, but that's easy.

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