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Submission + - Armadillo Aerospace wins Lunar Lander Challenge 1

peacefinder writes: "John Carmack's team at Armadillo Aerospace won the level one prize in the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge on Friday. Saturday, they go for level two. As if that's not enough excitement for one weekend, Armadillo also announced a joint venture to develop a suborbital tourism vehicle. I don't suppose they'll call it the Rocket Jumper, though."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Sam Adams vs Sam Adams 2

peacefinder writes: "Sam Adams recently announced he's running for Mayor of Portland, Oregon. A few of his fans registered a couple of websites on his behalf. The brewer of Samuel Adams beer noticed these new domains, and sent the registrants a Cease-and-Desist Letter claiming trademark infringement. Local bloggers are calling for a boycott of the beer, while another claims that — if there exists real confusion — Boston Brewing may be violating Oregon election law by continuing to sell its beer here. Can the Portland Beer Party be far behind?"
Christmas Cheer

Submission + - Love and charity for an old friend

peacefinder writes: "I read something this morning that has made my day. One of the local Portland weekly newspapers, the Portland Mercury, is holding a charity auction. And this year the beneficiary is the organization that taught me how to be a mediator and (indirectly) gave me my slashdot name.

May I please introduce Resolutions Northwest:
You may not have heard of RNW and their successes, because all their cases are kept strictly confidential. But I can share with you their success rate: Over 90 percent of RNW's mediations have been successful in solving the conflicts in question. Plus, 97 percent of clients would recommend the services. Here's another stat that should pique the interest of most taxpayers (even those who don't believe in conflict resolution): Mediation has been shown to be 10 TIMES less expensive and four times better in reducing future crime than the court system.

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