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Comment Re: In the interest of infringing further: (Score 1) 142

Really? I've heard the last few Trek outings were absolute shit. I've been too busy to see many movies, but after Paramount's shenanigans began I couldn't see making time to give them any of my money. The fans made Trek - if they want to shit on the fans, then the fans can u make Trek. Except that most of them are p'tak.

Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 1) 1501

The Time Wall, duh. Time travellers are no longer able to prevent the threats in the 2017-2021 range, because we're walled off from them. We're finally on our own (as we've long asked to be), but having trouble preventing all the threats ourselves.

As someone with a libertarian bent, I think we need to tear down the Time Wall. It's not just that it will allow the time travellers to helps us again, but also a matter of civil rights. You and I should be allowed to freely travel out from our current time.

Comment Re:Now known as... (Score 2, Insightful) 162

The CBS All Access show features the franchise's Enterprise, now known as the U.S.S. Discovery

How can you call yourself the "Hollywood reporter" and get something so trivial wrong?

Better check, the reportage itself might be accurate. I don't care enough to check, but it may well be that they are "breaking lore", so to speak, and making major storyline changes regarding early ST 'history' regarding early ST-universe starships bearing the "Enterprise" moniker. Because they can. And because they're great. Just ask them. Just look at the DC/Marvel franchise adherence to established lore and storylines, etc.

Or, equally as likely these days I suppose, is that both sides are wrong, none of it happened, and it was Russian hackers planting fake news. Because hackers! And Russia! Hacking! Russia! Fake news!


Comment Re:saving money (Score 1) 109

Is that US-only or is that the story they are telling?

I look at Spain and Italy and Greece and while they didn't have the best economy to start with, it was the bailouts that did them in.

I also wonder, where did these billions come from? The stock exchange is a zero-sum game. So who paid these billions to the taxpayer?

Comment If nothing happens it becomes negative feedback (Score 1) 162

Trump says X, traders jump on positions that would benefit from X to try and get out in front. However other than the speculative betting there isn't much movement. Then X doesn't happen, so there is no long term movement. The traders disengage from their positions trying to take as little loss as possible.

This happens over and over and more will learn that acting just loses you money. It's why markets don't do fuck-all in response to Alex Jones. It isn't like his message isn't out there for the world to see, and actually more widely watched than I can fathom, but they don't believe anything will happen based on it so trying to get a first mover advantage can't happen.

You only gain an advantage by getting in first if the move happens. If it doesn't, at best maybe you can get out without a loss but usually you are going to take a hit to some degree. Thus you act only on those things that are likely to generate a move.

Traditionally, things the president said would qualify. However Trump is anything but traditional. He shoots his mouth off all the time, regularly contradicts himself, and changes his mind often.

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