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Journal Journal: Patron-polling jukebox

So I had this idea while eating at a burger joint yesterday, but it seems like something that should exist already. If it does, I expect that the discussion will devolve into a Zune flamewar. If not, I hope to harness the sheer nerdpower of /. to make it happen.

When you go into a restaurant or other place of business, wouldn't it be nice if they were playing music that most of the people there enjoyed? It would make sense to have a music probe. I imagine it should check all the portable music players, cell phones, laptops in use, etc. and a) tally up what types of music were the most common, b) what genres and songs are liked the most, and c) see if there are any songs that are absolutely hated by any current patron in the facility. Perhaps it could be run in conjunction with one of those web music services that is good at predicting what people will like based on what they already like and dislike. This might also be useful for DJs at small events.

Obviously some people will cry foul, saying that it's an invasion of privacy. So there would need to be a way for those people to turn off the sharing option. There is also a problem with part c) above. Most people will delete a song from their portable player if they hate it. The biggest technical problem would be getting all the device manufacturers to agree to support a polling protocol.

The Courts

Journal Journal: hotlinking and copyright infringement

Has anybody noticed this, but most of the people bitching about hotlinking are copyright infringing. I saw a minimally amusing switcheroo, but then I started thinking about it. I see everybody getting uptight about drawing a line between copyright infringement and theft, but nobody bats an eye at calling hotlinking "bandwith theft." What gives? Especially with this Doc guy. Half the images on his site are blatant copyright infringements. Yet he has the nerve to bitch about people "stealing" his bandwidth. Grow up and use .htaccess if you're really that worried about it. Fuck that guy.

My favorite is in the feedback section there's this omnedon guy who says he "lifted" a photo from a website (hello copyright violation), and then he turns around and sent a C&D to somebody for hotlinking one of his images (not copyright violation).

I'm tired of people trying to use copyright to bitch about hotlinking. who's copying anything? the person viewing the website, and the original server that has the linked image. guess what? both people have the right to copy.


wrong? maybe. stupid? oh yeah. copyvio? doubt it. theft? not even close. if you don't want people viewing your shit with your bandwidth, don't let them. end of story. now quit your panzy-ass whining so i can get off this soapbox already.

User Journal

Journal Journal: MySpace

So my little brother introduced me to MySpace. It is a little scary. The only thing I had heard about it was that it was designed to be difficult to parse by adults. I guess that makes me an adult. The strangest things are there. My 16 year old cousin talks about dating some 21 year old. Random people that I haven't seen in a decade ask me how I'm doing. It's a bit like crack. But it's not as anonymous as /. so I don't feel as open and freewheeling as I do here. hmmm... odd. It's more connected, but I feel less open. What does that say about me? about our culture?

User Journal

Journal Journal: taking a break

Not that anybody really cares, but I'll be taking a break from /. for a while. I'm going to be doing a bit of work for the musipedia project. I encourage all you music lovers to do the same. (contribute to mp, that is)


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