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Comment Re:a man walks up to the baggage counter... (Score 1) 72

Fly Frontier some time. You show up 2 hours early (because that's as early as the check-in counter opens up), wait in line for over an hour and a half, due to complete incompetence or malicious intent. They pretend to check in the last ten people or so, but they've already called ahead to the gate to tell them to start loading the people on standby. The plane leaves 18 minutes early, but it's your fault for missing the flight. Then you have to pay $50 per person to go through the same thing the next day. Definitely possible to check in and miss a flight. Somehow our luggage still made it to Phoenix before we did.

Comment Re:Easy Scan?!? (Score 1) 106

Interesting, you really are about as likely to get shot and killed by a cop as you are to win the lottery (meaning all 6 numbers). In Texas the odds are one in 26 million, I assume the odds are similar elsewhere. So if you play once a week, that puts your odds somewhere around 1:500,000 over the course of the year. Police shoot and kill about 600 people each year (although statistics are VERY hard to come by). That means you have about 1:500,000 chance of getting shot and killed by a cop in a year.

Comment Re:Feeding the trolls (Score 1) 965

I listened to that speech. He never said "Mexicans are rapists." What he said was no less ridiculous, though. He said Mexico is sending over rapists and murderers, as if there's some concerted effort by the Mexican government to send the worst elements of their society over here. There are Mexican rapists and murderers, but there's no evidence that they are being sent over the border on purpose. That's what's funny, rather than attacking the stupid thing Trump actually says and means, several people attack him for a few snippits here and there that are more shocking, but easy to disprove.

This happens all the time. Like the whole Obama "you didn't build that" thing. He was saying that you should pay your fair share as a company, because you didn't build the infrastructure that helps you be successful (like roads and bridges). But the media would rather latch onto four words, because it's easier to get people's attention. The difference is with Trump, the more of the context you listen to, the crazier he seems. When he goes and tries to clarify what he meant ("I was being sarcastic, but not that sarcastic") it gets even more troubling/confusing/horrifying. Maybe not as immediately shocking but terrible all the same.

But listening to the Billy Bush tape, while excruciating, he actually brings up an interesting point that we should be talking about as a society. When a women doesn't push back say "no" when a famous person sticks his tongue down her throat, is that consent? I would argue that it is not, but clearly there is a large section of the populace who disagrees with me. I would like to have that conversation. Instead, all the press wants to do is talk about the word pussy being used, which is outright stupid. It allows Trump to deflect the accusation by saying people use that word all the time.

Similarly, if Mr. Trump has any evidence to back up his claim that Mexico is sending rapists across the border intentionally, I would like to see it. This would be a very troubling development, and something that I would expect the federal government to address immediately. Instead he gets to say "well somebody's doing the raping," since the press chose to focus on the wrong part of the horrible things that he says.

Comment Re:Feeding the trolls (Score 1) 965

Believe it or not, there are "smart" supporters of Trump. Or at least people who support him because it is in their immediate best interest, from a financial standpoint. Automobile manufacturers, and others who compete against imports would benefit, at least for a little while. There are also some tax policies on which the two differ. I should support him, because when Hillary wins, she will decrease the threshold for the inheritance (death) tax from $5MM to $1MM. This will cost me something on the order of $1.2MM within the next 10 years or so (hopefully longer, but you never know). Nevertheless, I am not voting for him. No amount of money is worth having the country that I love run by somebody who thinks it's OK to talk about women, Mexicans, POWs, political opponents, etc. with such disregard. I want my children to grow up in a world that still has some patina of courtesy.

Comment Re: So says every SJW attacking Peter Thiel (Score 1, Troll) 427

Yes, really. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I can tell you that you don't always have the presence of mind to complain right away. You may fear retribution or violence. You may be in a no-win situation with somebody with more power/authority than you. Besides, it can be quite shocking when somebody does something horrifying out of the blue. If Trump brags about grabbing people's genitals, and that they let him do it, does not mean that they wanted him to do it or allowed it. I'm not a "only yes means yes" type of guy, but I know that "not yes" sometimes means "no." To pretend otherwise is to tacitly approve of blaming the victim (which by the way is a tradition that dates back to the Old Testament).

Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 1) 326

Of course they will also goof off at times, take personal days, or sneak out early to run a personal errand... You get points for showing up early and leaving late

Interesting. When I need to run an errand, I tell my boss, "hey, I gotta leave at 3 to get my ferret neutered." And he says, "OK." As long as I have all my work done, nobody gives a shit. On the other hand... I left pretty late one day, but I had forgotten to do something I said I would do. Do you think my boss cared that I was working late? Nope. He cared that I didn't get that report to Jenkins in time for his meeting in the morning. (Actually I texted Jenkins around 7:30 that night, and he said it was cool, but whatever, bossman wanted results). If neither of us are busy he might drop by my office to see if I have seen $latest_viral_video$. He might even invite one of my hourly guys to come watch, too. At the end of the day, team-building really does matter. I have a loyal team.

Comment Re:success (Score 1) 326

One of the solutions is to encourage numeracy. Americans in particular seem to have a hard time understanding ratios, probabilities, even stuff as simple as orders of magnitude. You have politicians in a tizzy about a $400,000 budget item, while Exxon takes a $2 billion tax break [citation needed]. Explaining things like statistics, and how useless a p-value is will get you nothing but blank stares.

I talk to my kids about numbers all the time. When my wife tells them how dangerous it is to play outside by themselves, I show them the NHTSA and FBI stats saying that they are far more likely to die in a car crash than get kidnapped. But they're not scared of getting in the car. Why not? I tell them they are more likely to be harmed by sitting on their butts playing on their iPad than by going out and getting some exercise. Of course, then one of them goes and falls on a rock and gets a concussion. Fukken kids.

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