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Comment Re:xkcd (Score 4, Insightful) 180

I guess it surprises someone that "software development" includes a whole lot of people all over the country.

It actually surprises me that a full 10 percent of software jobs are actually in Silicon Valley. Every major city I've ever lived in across the US has been teeming with job openings in the tech sector. Just seems kind of weird that the headline of the article is going on about 90 percent of software developers working outside the valley. Is this news to anyone?

Comment Re:It's the design not the part (Score 1) 365

So he wasn't driving was he?

No, he wasn't driving when the car rolled into him and killed him.

You sir win arguing idiot of the internet award...

This coming from the guy who by his own writing, implicitly admits to adopting the bad habits of people wherever he happens to visit. In a story about a guy who mistakenly thought he had his car in park and excepting a design flaw that removed tactile response from the gear shift, he would have. And you have the gall to call someone else an idiot.

Comment Re:It's the design not the part (Score 1) 365

driving an American car

Wow. He wasn't driving. The car rolled onto him while he was outside of it.

Are you one of those stupid shits who moves somewhere and then stays completely oblivious to the local customs and way of doing things?

Really? Like whether people engage their parking brakes or not? Do you do a survey before you go or just check the Wikipedia article to make sure? Or maybe you just make shit up that sounds good in your own head. Based on your response here, I'd guess the latter.

Comment Re:Super majority (Score 2) 634

I don't usually agree with you but I'm going to throw my hat into the ring on this one. I've seen a lot of shit all over the web about how the young in Britain are getting their future "stolen" by the older generation by this vote. Two things stick in my mind. First of all, what kind of ageist/classist shit is it to pretend that people that by mere virtue of having been around a little longer somehow should have less voice in their future. The idea repulses me. And the second, maybe those old geezers having been around the block a few times actually know a few things the young naive whippersnappers don't. Anybody every thought about that?

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