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Comment Re:Trump hasn't won yet (Score 1) 445

You are making a lot of wrong presumptions here.

It may surprise you to learn, but some of us were concerned about the electoral college BEFORE this election. Some of us were also concerned about an issue that flies under your radar. Don't be ashamed though, lots of people ignore it. It is mind-blowing.

I'm not sure how to respond to this other than to assume you are very young and that you think your generation is the first to ever discover the issues with the Electoral College. Thanks for the delightfully unintentional irony of reminding me how ignorantly condescending people on the internet can be though.

your attempts to befog the issue with your own hand-waving dismissals are not insightful, they are willful stubbornness to perpetuate a lasting problem.

You are begging the question. How is the electoral college a problem? Because the popular vote doesn't elect the candidate? That's how it's designed. We don't need 4 metropolitan areas deciding the election for 300-plus million people.

Now personally, I would have preferred it be by a few million more, but if this little nudge is enough to open the door, I'll ride it.

They said the same thing in 2000. We'll see how it goes this time. My prediction is that the electoral college will remain exactly as it is long after we're both gone.

Comment Re:Trump hasn't won yet (Score 1) 445

Well, at least this time it is pretty clear who the idiots responsible for the coming catastrophe are. It is you and people like you. Of course you will try to weasel your way out being responsible afterwards, as people like you usually do. "How could we have known" and "He promised things will get better", and the like.

I'm not even going to dignify this rant with a response. Hopefully the cognitive dissonance won't be terminal as you're enjoyinjg the prosperity of the next eight years.

Comment Re:Trump hasn't won yet (Score 1) 445

The US population has disgraced itself in the eyes of the world.

The world is made up of many different people, billions of them, with many different viewpoints. To try to distill that down to some tangible entity and say we are disgraced in its eyes is a colossal fallacy.

That also means the "American Century" is finally over as well. Good.

I hope the so-called American Century is over too. We have some of our own problems to take care of and I believe Trump is the man for the job.

Comment Re:Trump hasn't won yet (Score 1) 445

The rules were set and Clinton happened to be on the side of being screwed by them.

Concluding Clinton was somehow screwed because the popular vote was in her favor is a non-sequitur in the current system. Winning the electoral college is how you get elected. If popular vote carried the day, the candidates would have campaigned much differently and Republicans in California/Democrats in Utah would have actually bothered to go to the poll. If people don't like the current system then change it but it isn't insightful at all to draw the wrong conclusions after the fact.

Comment Re:Eat a dick (Score -1, Troll) 445

Julian Assange can eat a dick.

He is, Putin's

Translation: Waaaaa waaaa, the election didn't go our way so let's have a cry-in and pretend we don't have only ourselves to blame, waaaa waaaa.
Just go riot^H^H^H^H protest like the rest of your peers[1]

[1]Because I'm addressing a libtard idiot, I have to disclaimer this. DO NOT ACTUALLY RIOT

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