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Comment Re:Too smart for his own good (Score 1) 299

I came to a company needing to run Linux kernel at arbitrary address. They chose remapping the kernel area by page tables (=memory mapping) and through a year they were fixing tons of exceptions across the kernel code as for device drivers one must use physical memory addresses and not virtual.

So I came, implemented Linux kernel relocatability instead and I was done with a perfectly/better working solution in 2 days.

Comment Misused access rights (Score 1, Interesting) 50

All the apps require all the rights. If I do not give them the permissions they won't run. So I have no choice, I have no security then and I cannot store any valuable data on the phone.

Why the apps are lying they need global files access to only store their own data? I have found in some Android SDK doc they can store their own data even without global files access.

Other apps could provide functionality without that specific feature but they refuse to run at all unless they get all the permissions they ask for.

Even opening local files could be done safely by an Android-provided dialog box, without giving uncontrolled permissions to the whole disk.

Comment Re:Cold weather? (Score 3, Informative) 198

No, you need to warm the battery first only to charge it. This is why Tesla disables recuperation during initial drive with cold battery. When it is cold it only has reduced capacity + current but that does not matter as during winter you do not need super-sport accelerations; and after 30 mins of driving it gets a normal temperature from invertor+engine heat so that you can utilize its full capacity.

Comment Re:Duo or Allo? And where is text chat? (Score 1) 150

Hangouts is still XMPP. I use it daily against Pidgin XMPP. Allo and all other proprietary IMs use UDP-based communication. XMPP uses TCP. I have been using XMPP-TCP for years fine but then I used it once abroad on a 3G/LTE network with all its temporary drops and Hangouts/XMPP became unusable, it even got stuck for whole night. Maybe Google has some bug in Hangouts as even TCP with keepalives should timeout in at most several minutes - although that would still be unusable in practice - this is why UDP is used by the commercially successful IM protocols.

Comment Re:90%? (Score 1) 61

The supercharger cables get warm but they charge at 150 kW. Tesla has been experimenting with some supercharger liquid cooling according to googling. But 90% is not just about the cable, probably most of those 10% is lost during the chemical charging of the battery itself. And Tesla battery HVAC runs on full power when the car is being supercharged.

I do not advocate the wireless charging itself, that is a non-sense IMO.

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