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Comment Are the Google campus streets a private propery? (Score 1) 80

Several years ago I was at some meeting in one of the Google buildings. During some lunch time (on a weekend) I was walking through the streets in Google campus looking around and at other (closed) buildings, just curious. And some Google security guard stopped me I must return back to that my meeting building. May the guard do that? Are the streets there really a Google private propery? There was no gate to enter the Google campus and I was looking like a normal geek.

Comment like Android maps (Score 2) 361

Similar to Android maps. When any application wants to display a map it only displays Google Maps. Despite I have several other better (=offline) maps installed. And no, I have downloaded the areas into Google Maps offline maps and it still does not display anything offline. Plus other maps (like or MapsWithMe) render the maps better anyway.

Comment Re:QWERTY regression (Score 3, Interesting) 197

Bluetooth keyboard is only OK as long as it is TOHKBD style - that is integrated with the phone as a single piece of hardware with no extra battery charging. And then the bluetooth part is only an implementation detail, probably a useless one as if they can connect the power wires they could connect even the signals. Keyboard shortcuts are always faster than any mouse/swipe/whatever crap. And no voice typing really makes sense on a busy street. Besides that I cannot imagine to voice type a bash command with all its backquotes. Typing on integrated QWERTY worked great for me on Nokia 9000i, Nokia 9110 and Nokia 900, I have no idea why it can no longer work. I need to get the job done, I do not need a star-trek-looking useless gadget.

Comment QWERTY regression (Score 4, Insightful) 197

There already were smartphones with QWERTY (incl. arrows, numeric row etc. - suitable for programming/VIM, not just for SMSes). There is no longer any single one QWERTY manufactured. There is probably still a long way ahead before we can see a usable phone when they still cannot get the QWERTY there.

Comment Re:Poor set of supported languages (Score 1) 31

"I have immediately deleted Microsoft Translate as it knows only several languages. I think I am glad (?) the translation will not be acceptable." - I am used any translations to Czech are poor but it is better than looking up all the words in a dictionary by hand. You are right I prefer translating other languages rather to English than to my native Czech as the double-translation makes more harm than good.

Comment Poor set of supported languages (Score 2) 31

I immediately deleted Microsoft Translate as it knows only several languages. It knows none of the languages I am interested in (incl. my native Czech language). It really cannot compare with Google Translate. I do not understand it much, Microsoft has tons of money to pay more people for writing the vocabularies / whatever.

Comment video without motion compression (Score 1) 59

All the HQ-graphics video increase their resolution but if one stops the video each frame is ugly because of the lossy inter-frame motion compression. They do not show anything spectacular crippling it in the final delivery stage. Although I do not know what format to choose myself, MJPEG is too big, maybe some MP4/VP9 can tune the motion compression impact.

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