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Comment Re:That was not fake news again (Score 1) 101

Fake news are hoax news made especially to lie to people.

That's all well and good, but there's a spectrum between hoaxes, spin, and unbiased (as is reasonably possible) factual reporting. What the mainstream media is trying to do is conflate "fake news" with alternative, right-wing news sites that put their own spin on the news, but it isn't "fake".

As should be obvious by now, the mainstream news has a left-wing bias and apply their own spin to stories, sometimes more blatantly than others. And there are plenty of blatantly left-wing sites to correspond with right-wing sites, but they haven't been scrutinized while sites like Breitbart have.

Comment Re:Science Deniers (Score 1) 286

It's also known that humans are driving climate change faster than any natural cycle.

If you believe the proxy science. I don't trust it since Climategate.

On the one hand, trees are supposed to be very important for reconstructing past climate. On the other hand, when the most recent tree data from the past several decades didn't match thermometer data, they just truncated the tree data, hypothesized that only modern trees weren't behaving, and concluding based on thermometer readings versus truncated proxy readings that the current rise is unprecedented.

I will also point out that most of the rise from global warming is also a hypothetical one based on feedback from cloud formation, and the science is still very much unsettled on that. If anything, the climate models have been running way too hot compared to the actual warming that has taken place.

And finally, there's the economic problem, because cheap energy has brought more people out of poverty, while renewable energy is just not nearly as cheap or efficient on the large scales needed to do away with fossil fuels, and the world has no appetite for nuclear.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 362

The thing about Christianity is that it has the shitty, barbaric God first (The Old Testament), followed by the loving God second (The New Testament). That's why you had to go to the Old Testament to get the barbaric bits. In the New Testament, Jesus says to be virtuous, to love one another, and to not resist evil. He's a hippie (without the free love).

With Islam, it's reversed. There's a peaceful, no compulsion in religion period, followed a war-mongering, tyrannical period under which Islam spreads. Contradictions in instruction are resolved by giving the latter period priority.

"Dr. Bill Warner - Why Are People Afraid"

"Islam has bloody borders."

"Nevertheless, there is a problem that goes back to the very beginnings of Muslim history: From the time that the first Muslims established themselves as the rulers of Medina, Islam was a political and increasingly a legal system as well as a faith. In Medina Muhammad continued to be a prophet, but he also became the head of a state and a military leader. With the exception of Southeast Asia (where Islam was spread by traders from the the subcontinent), what we now know as the Muslim world was established by conquest. It is no accident that in traditional Muslim thought the world is divided into two spheres--the realm of Islam (dar ul-Islam) and the realm of war (dar ul-harb). Put simply, it is assumed that the border between Islamic rule and the rest of the world marks a state of war, even if periods of armistice are possible. One should be cognizant of the important fact that there are Muslim thinkers today who are reformulating the nature of Islamic law (sharia) and of Islamic war (jihad) in a much more liberal manner. But one must also recognize that there is a weighty tradition to the contrary and that a large number of Muslims, possibly the majority, does not favor these reformulations."

Comment Re:I hope so. (Score 1, Informative) 84

I know, right? Expecting people to pay back the loans they agreed to... And even threatening to *gasp* take back big-ticket items like houses and cars used as collateral for the mortgages? Might as well just give out bank-branded kneecapping sticks, amirite?

Banks certainly have their flaws, and make no mistake, we have some outright bad-actors like Wells Fargo. But as a whole, I have zero sympathy for people whining that their creditors actually dare to expect repayment. If you can't afford something, don't buy it.

Comment Re:The censorship treadmill is moving (Score 1) 226

Fair enough, but there appear to be blatantly fabricated "evidence" from the pizzagaters (photos taken from random websites, etc. [snopes.com]).

Look how they try to muddy the waters. Here's an archive version of the summary Snopes is "debunking". It has links to other archives, including one of a photo with a very young girl with her arms taped to a table, taken from "jimmycomet"'s instagram, a.k.a. James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong.

Just a harmless joke? Maybe, in isolation, but there's lots of creepy shit surrounding this to make you think otherwise.

The real stuff can be found in archive.is. One thing learned in GamerGate early on was to archive everything before stuff got deleted or set to private, and the denial and smog machine got cranked up.

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