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Comment Re:Snowden also did something illegal (Score 1) 233

That does not mean that Foval's group actively incited violence

Umm, yes it does. They took deliberation action to elicit a violent response. Do you have a problem with basic definitions?

A sizable portion of Trump-supporters are still mean-spirited violent assholes.

And yet the worst of the violence was directed at Trump supporters in places like San Jose, their have been countless death threats publicly posted on Twitter against Trump, people posting pictures of themselves stealing Trump signs, etc. But you don't get wall-to-wall coverage about that, do you?

Comment No they won't. (Score 5, Insightful) 270

These things are usually dreamed up by anti-gun proponents who wish to push this technology into law so they can bury gun owners with regulations and thus restrict access to firearms.

That's what the safe handgun list in California was for, as well as the "microstamping" law.

If you can make it so difficult to acquire, legally, that the average person doesn't want to be involved due to the regulatory burden, congratulations, you have just restricted and/or removed the right to access that item.

Comment Re:Diversion (Score 1) 152

Future headline:

Russian leader Vladimir Putin was killed in a freak accident today while crossing the street next to the Kremlin. A fully autonomous prototype Tesla sedan had veered out of control and was speeding through central Moscow side streets at freeway speeds, and it tragically ran over Putin and several of his bodyguards. A defiant Elon Musk issued the following statement: "Our vehicle had nothing to do with this incident. We've analyzed the black box data, and this car was miles away at the airport at the time of the accident."

Comment Re: Wait...what? (Score 1) 171

Alright, I've read more of the actual article and the CTO does not seem to understand emotional intelligence. The AI makes statements indicating its own emotional intelligence. That awareness can help people understand how various segments of the population, such as voters or potential hirers might view the way they express emotions. That is what is actually happening here.

Comment Re:Resonating with Americans (Score 5, Insightful) 171

If you want "change", you need to know what kind of change. Some changes would be good, some would be worse than the status quo.

The problem with Trump is that he's fighting the last war. Much of the public is afraid because their lively-hoods are in peril. Trump says it's because of immigrants and government corruption. That's no longer the case; it's actually because technology and automation will be putting most jobs on the entire planet in jeopardy within the next few decades.

Trump's proposed solutions would not solve anything, and they're aiming at issues that this country has already successfully dealt with since the 18th century: We've always been a nation with "unsavory" immigration and corrupt politicians, and somehow we've muddled through and even thrived. The actual root cause of the current public angst is an elephant in the room that NO politicians are talking about, even ones from the fringe parites.

So while the status quo isn't ideal, it's better than Trump's disruptive ham-handed proposals which would solve nothing. (And it doesn't help that he's an unhinged megalomaniac on top of it all.)

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