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Comment Re: Bradley Manning needs a HOSTS file (Score 1) 352

Yes there is. It's not a right-left test, but there's a near-perfect match between gender and specific neurological features. In a higher than expected number by chance, people who think they are mentally female are female in structural and functional studies. Likewise, people who believe themselves male have a male brain.

I try not to get too annoyed at dogmatic statements, but unless I specifically defer, I have a comprehensive archive of published literature from high-standing sources. Don't rip on me unless you know either my interpretation is wrong (it happens) or you plan on publishing a peer-reviewed rebuttal on each particular of relevance.

The first of those has happened a few times. Let's see if you can bring it up into double digits. Feel free, but remember that you're dealing solely with article facts and my interpretation. Where I used other sources, pick any peer-reviewed paper that covers the same basic aspect of brain development concerned (i.e. neuron type is indicated by chemical transmitter, it is not hardwired into the genome. Doesn't matter if it is the one I used or not. Falsify it. Better yet, falsify it and get the scientist or magazine to retract it for further work.

Ok, you should now be at the point where you accept the data sets I used. That just leaves two options. If the seat of the mind is in the brain, then a female brain must have a female mind, regardless of Y chromosomes, appendages and birty certificate.

The only other option is to falsify that, to argue that the mind is independent of brain. If you choose this, please choose to announce it at a medical school outside the brain surgery department after a very taxing practical, shortly before exams. Contrary views are nothing to worry about.

Finally,You can just let the basis be, the chain of reasoning be, but then you have to accept the conclusion.

Let me know your preference.

Comment Re:At this rate... (Score 1) 189

Well, since the winter in this area is milder this year and regardless of the state of winters past summers have run about the same, we'll be less warmer than this winter come summer in comparison to the winters and summers of years past. Or to put it a clearer way, the difference in temperature between this winter and this summer will be less than in ones gone by.

Comment Re:Verizon is going to get in trouble (Score 2) 135

Do you have your clothes dryer vent professionally cleaned every six months?

Did you know that, in the US alone, 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year and cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss?

By comparison, only 96 credible reports of Note 7 fires exist, causing 13 burns and damaging property 47 times, making the known-defective Note 7 roughly 30 times safer than a non-defective clothes dryer.

Are you willing to accept the responsibility in case your clothes dryer results in injuries and death to others? Just to avoid a MINOR inconvenience?

Comment Re:Independent thought (Score 1) 495

I am an independent thinker. I am open about piracy(books, mostly) and am also open that I will make anyone who comes after me regret it. Since I go after books and not so much the latest blockbusters, that may be part of why they ignore me, but i have friends that are equally open about pirating blockbusters that seem to be left well enough alone. The best way it seems to be left alone for being an independent thinker is to be open on how it is a part of your values and not just something you have no clue what you are doing like the RIAA multimillion dollar supposed decision against who was it again, turns up some interesting results, but not the suit I am thinking of. But I suppose no longer sharing after you got yours may help, too.

Comment Companies and government were the original AI. (Score 1) 156

Yeah, IÂnoticed that was a flaw with Thomas Hobbes' reasoning in Leviathan as well, where he rationalizes that governments were artificial beings with greater power to do what humans alone could not; all the while ironically not realizing this included the civil war he thought it would prevent.

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