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Comment Re:You Mispelled "Bradley Manning" (Score 1) 379

It's also not up to us to figure out how to determine if someone is non-functional, because it's not our problem - it's yours.

But you're the one who claimed it wasn't an issue in the first place because of those non-functioning parts. First you dodged the question, then you moved the goalposts. You're a hypocrite.

Also, the bathroom nonsense started a decade ago, in Missoulla, pushed by the local fundie churches.

I don't see a cite here, and regardless of what happened in Missoula, what does that have to do with North Carolina? This is misdirection on your part to avoid the fact that a city passed a pro-trans bathroom law, which prompted a reaction from the state.

You made a clear statement, with no exceptions, and the when I pointed out it wasn't true, you tried to walk it back. Won't work.

It works in context. Sorry, no sale.

Also, I sure didn't have sex with the guys I rented out my spare bedroom to.

So you can't say you would have "passed" in that regard. And if you haven't had genital surgery, you know you wouldn't have passed in that regard.

Do you still call black people niggers?

That's a pretty dumb analogy. I don't believe men can become women, but what does that have to do with what you call black people? A more appropriate analogy would be considering if Rachel Dolezal is black because she made herself look black and "identifies" as black. I consider her white. Do you accept her as black? Do you think the black community should accept her as black?

That $20 million is to accommodate bigots.

As I said, businesses have to deal with irate customers, and it's costing them money, despite your claim that it was good business and economic sense.

Comment Re:I can see the use of this (Score 3, Insightful) 80

Then you don't really understand what makes blockchains useful as compared to any other kind of system.

For the cases you pointed out, e.g. when changes need to be made to things already in the blockchain, those should be done as new blocks that revert or modify previous blocks. That preserves both the history and trust of the block chain.

Comment Re:Curly braces = good. Indents = bad. (Score 1) 165

I don't know about everyone else, but I find it *immensely* helpful to write debugging statements without indentation. This makes it so that they stand out from the normal statements among which the debugging statements are inserted. This is the reason I won't even consider using Python.

Just stick "# XXX" comments around your debug code. Many editors automatically highlight XXX so prominently that it's just as easy to spot as unindented code.

Now, all you Python-indentation-style lovers, consider how you would code this kind of Go initializer:
        arr := [][]int{{1,2,3},{4,5,6}}
(This declares the variable 'arr' as a slice of slices of ints and initializes the variable.)

You mean, like:
arr = [[1,2,3][4,5,6]]
What's the problem?

Comment Re:You Mispelled "Bradley Manning" (Score 1) 379

First I will note that you completely skipped (for a second time) the question I put to you in response to your assertion: "You made an assertion about non-functionion male genitals. I'm asking how only those transsexuals with non-functioning male genitals will be allowed to use the women's bathroom."

You call me chicken shit (for not fully quoting you, though when pressed you give nothing that would have invalidated my reply), but here you are dodging a question based on your assertion.

I also did not see you admit that the North Carolina anti-trans state law was in response to a pro-trans city law, despite your earlier implication that it was conservatives against gay marriage going after a new target that started all this bathroom nonsense.

You originally said "It never happens."

That's twice now you fabricated a quote that I did not say. I gave a single case, "When men dress up as women in Hollywood movies, it's for a gag." I admitted there were other cases I missed, namely the "progressive" cause du jour of transsexuals.

It doesn't invalidate the context of the argument, which started with you talking about male actors in Shakespeare being accepted as women (turns out the law forbid women from acting at the time). The overwhelmingly vast majority of women's roles in Hollywood are taken by actual women. In fact, the only cases that you gave me were roles where the "women" were transsexual as specified by the role.

you'd get your ass sued

That's what passing trans laws has done, opening up new lawsuit threats. This happens every time the government creates a new "equality" law.

As for the "upset customers", first off, transsexuals and their allies (which are a significant portion of the consumer public) also have the right to be upset by not letting transsexuals pee in the safest place for them.

Everybody has a "right" to be pissed off or not.

They have all discovered that supporting the rights of transsexuals is just good business. It makes economic sense.

No, they all jumped in to the current climate of political correctness and the "progressive" cause du jour. Whether it makes economic sense or not is debatable, as they're really just afraid of the mainstream press targeting them and doing virtue signaling of their own to get positive press.

In response to all this drama, started by "progressives", Target is spending $20 million to install a single-use bathroom for any sex in all its stores.

so again, what are you really afraid of?

How many times do I have to answer this? I'm not afraid of anything, and I have very little interest in the bathroom drama, but you insist on dragging me into this argument, and I feel obliged to correct some of your bullshit and play devil's advocate.

It doesn't cost anything to use the new name and gender, so why do you have a stick up your ass on this issue?

Because I refuse to go along with the herd and participate in other people's delusions. We've already covered this.

And if you think you can tell, you're wrong. Twice last year I rented out my spare bedroom to men for 4 months each.

Congratulations. But there are plenty of cases where I could tell. And I'm guessing you didn't have sex with any of your roommates without them knowing.

Comment Re: Those figures should not be trade secrets (Score 1) 49

Somehow I don't like the idea that people can keep the details of what they are offering me for the purpose of putting it into my body a secret. Not that the tools for managing that information is all that great... and they really ought to be a whole lot better than they are currently. The company that provides my health care is just now getting all their people on one system and there are no guarantees regarding exchanges of information between health care companies.

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