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Comment Re:AS missiles are risky (Score 1) 432

New missiles like the norwegian Naval Strike Missile, the only 5th gen missile in use, has an onboard database with all known ship profiles to make sure that only valid targets are hit. They also communicate and coordinate attacks automatically.

Basically all your arguments against anti-ship missiles are out-of-date by a couple decades at least.

Comment Re:Uneducated voters, yay! (Score 1) 412

If you think his weakness is in his sentence structure then obviously you're not even half aware of what he's doing when he speaks to convince.

The link you posted, the transcript in that, has a pretty good cut-off and re-phrasing/restart of sentences such that people stay focused, interested, and convinced.

Comment As someone with a Kindle in the land of the risi.. (Score 1) 82

Seriously, as long as I got access to WiFi the storage is not a real issue.

What degrades my experience is rather the slow page turn and/or lack of caching of pages in both directions. In addition a lot of times you want to zoom in, to see the page of the manga as intended... sometimes it's a full two-page thing, sometimes it's traditional one-page right-to-left-to-down, and sometimes it's a 4-koma top-right-to-bottom-right, etc.

Basically the real issue is that the Kindle doesn't let you choose a way of viewing a certain book/manga.

Comment Re:I can see the use of this (Score 3, Insightful) 87

Then you don't really understand what makes blockchains useful as compared to any other kind of system.

For the cases you pointed out, e.g. when changes need to be made to things already in the blockchain, those should be done as new blocks that revert or modify previous blocks. That preserves both the history and trust of the block chain.

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