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Comment Re:Considering our office in Newcastle... (Score 0) 529

Marrying your first cousin in legal in the UK. Always has been.

It's not a matter of legality. It's a matter of what culture is actually doing it, and the strain on the healthcare system as a result. From the video:

"Here in Bradford, where the [name of Pakistani family] live, 75% of Pakistanis marry their first cousins. Anywhere between 4 and 10% of the children in these families will be born with genetic abnormalities. And these illnesses are often fatal. One third of children with diseases caused by recessive genes will die before they turn five.


Over in Birmingham, home to one of the largest Pakistani communities in Britain, 50% marry their first cousins. The children born into these families are ten times more likely to be born with recessive genetic disorders, and one in ten of those will die in infancy or suffer a chronic disability.


A major report published in 2008 shows that one third of all children suffering from rare genetic diseases are British Pakistani, yet they only make up 1.5% of the total population.


Cousin marriages have been a long-established cultural tradition amongst many British Pakistani families. But it's not just within this community. In the past, the British royal family married their first cousins, too. Today, though, it is mostly Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and some Middle Eastern and East African families that continue the custom."

Europe taking immigrants from outside Europe? Not really a Brexit issue, not directly. We will still have the same problem.

It's a legal requirement of the EU to allow free movement within the EU. Merkel threw open the flood gates to refugees. The only hope for the UK to restore sanity to migration is to enact their own policy outside the EU.

And swarms flooding in? The population is barely around predictions of the same made in the 1970's. We're not "swarmed" anywhere. At all. But observer bias, and all that.

What's happening is population replacement. The natives have low birth rates, the immigrants high ones. Entire white communities have been displaced by immigrants and have become minorities. And it's only going to get worse with the new flood of immigrants.

But what really shows me I'm wasting my time is that you've linked to an anti-Muslim article as an example of why Britain should get out of the EU on the basis that "immigrants are Muslim" and "Muslims are trouble" (paraphrasing, but that's basically your gist right?)

Of course it's my gist. But rather than address the problem, you just pretend it's not there while touting only the benefits of immigration. By the way, I gave two links, one was to a video describing the British Pakistani problem of first cousin marriages. The second was to a respected polling organization that showed what Muslims think in different countries -- you know, the ones where massive migration into Europe is coming from.

Comment Re:Control the borders (Score 1) 529

I don't really see this as a good argument for opening Western borders and ruining countries via mass immigration. Regardless of what you perceive as moral, you're just going to wreck Western countries. Go over there and "fix" their countries if that appeals to you. Of course you would never do that, as it's easier to have unicorn and rainbow ideals that don't involve you personally ever doing anything beyond typing on your keyboard.

Comment Re:Considering our office in Newcastle... (Score -1, Troll) 529

Technically every story about the future is made-up.

So let's hear some alternate stories. Like maybe the UK saves itself from the migration swarm flooding into Europe of unskilled, uneducated, military-age men who don't share European values and will be a drain on the welfare system. Maybe they'll stop bringing in people who think marrying your first cousin is a good idea. Maybe they'll do that and still let in the smart people. Maybe.

Comment Re:Control the borders (Score 1) 529

Gotta look out for "your own" .. but is that even moral?

Self-preservation is moral.

Does God value the human life of a person in one country over another?

Who? Some imaginary being invented my ancient myth-makers? Well, if you believe the myth-makers, he does ("chosen people"), damn these people, genocide those people, etc.

You can allow the deaths of thousands to save a few of your own? How is that moral?

Self-preservation is moral.

Its true a lot of third worlders don't understand these concepts, and you are afraid they will bring it to your country. But how does isolating these countries help?

It helps by not making their problems our problems.

How will they learn these ideas if not through interaction?

Then go over their and "educate" them. Go on now, do your moral duty. You can do that without volunteering to wreck your own country.

Comment Re:From what I can tell (Score 1) 529

Just because they're scared of brown people.

Let's translate that: They don't want a flood of uneducated, unskilled, "rapefugees" swarming into their country. Maybe if Europe had kept control of its borders free movement wouldn't have been a problem. But no, Merkel decided to open the flood gates.

Comment Re:Remember Joe Cox. Sponsored by Google. (Score 1) 245

Remember poor Joe Cox before you vote tomorrow. Don't give away our children's future to the narrow minded, hateful, economically unproductive brexit supporters. Don't let hatred win over growth!

For posterity's sake: Google has changed their UK homepage to include a link, "In remembrance of Jo Cox MP", at the bottom. The link is to a GoFundMe page to raise money to "establish a foundation to continue advancing the causes closest to Jo's heart and to help give her a lasting legacy".

Of course one of those causes is "refugee support", an issue tied to the upcoming Brexit vote. Google UK put this on their homepage one day before the vote.

Comment Re:Typical KDE (Score 1) 118

I love reading old bug reports like this, they are so hilarious (in a sad way). I'm just surprised it wasn't automatically closed when Gnome went to version 2 and then to version 3. Isn't that usually the way open source projects work to reduce the bug count? Just close all the old bugs!

Comment Re: Radicalized through Islam (Score 1) 404

have continued on their same existing path of supporting power-grabbing dictators

It's a bullshit argument to make when NATO toppled Gaddafi, or when we tried to install a democracy in Afghanistan, or supported removing Assad by working with "moderate" Muslims, or when we toppled Saddam and tried to install a democracy in Iraq.

But rather than acknowledge any of that, you danced around the issue, talking about shit from the 80s and 90s, and then danced around the issue some more. Such obvious bullshit means you aren't arguing sincerely, and this is my last reply.

Can you acknowledge that what I am saying is that the Western powers are propping up tyrants, or are you just going to cut it out again? Did you think I haven't been noticing that you've been avoiding the subject?

Yes, they have in the past, and continue to do so in places like Saudi Arabia. But it's not the point. I never said they have not done that, only that they have relatively recently tried what you suggested and failed miserably. But you didn't want to discuss that and instead focus on your already decided narrative.

Comment Re: Radicalized through Islam (Score 1) 404

And your point being? This is about who they support, not who they destroy.

My point being you were in complete denial and refused to acknowledge that we tried to do as you suggested. Rather than acknowledge that failure, you kept dancing around it. Wishful thinking doesn't make for a good argument.

Comment Re: Radicalized through Islam (Score 1) 404

Maybe you ought to look into something. Here's a hint: Of course, your government would swear they were working for Democracy and Freedom everywhere, even as they handed money to hardline dictatorships like in Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, and even Libya.

Here's a hint: Gaddafi was deposed because of NATO military power. Libya turned to shit and the "moderate" Muslims turned against us. There's no point in talking to you if you can't acknowledge the most basic of points.

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