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Comment Re: So Oracle discriminated (Score 1) 161

We have to vote for a person, not specific positions. While I generally agree with him on visa workers, there are many other things I don't. And he says really obnoxious things.

Also, it's not about "those leftists". Conservatives and GOP have been happy to give businesses what they want to make a profit, including exploitable and cheap visa workers, and in many cases "illegals".

Lefties have been somewhat more likely to complain about visa worker issues than righties over the years in my observation. Overall, Trump is a generally centrist, by the way.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Osborne Effect (Score 1) 38

For those not up on computer history, Osborne was a computer maker that announced a great new model coming in a year... so sales started tanking while people waited... which meant there was no model in a year (or maybe there was, my memory is fuzzy on that detail).

Microsoft had a pattern of doing this throughout the 90's, and it generally worked out well for them. As soon as other PC operating systems (and OS/2 in particular) started chipping away at the badly aging Windows 3.1x line, Microsoft started promising the moon with Windows 95/PC DOS 7 -- more than two years before it shipped. They didn't deliver on most of their promises, and the end result was worse than the competition, but by that point it didn't matter -- people believed the hype and decided to skip the competition out of fear that the competition was going to be eclipsed in a years time. They did the same with Windows NT. Remember "Cairo"? Microsoft started talking about it in 1991, and continued through 1996 before dropping the release completely. WinFS probably takes the cake -- a complete redesign of how a PC OS stores information, it was first promised in 1991, and was continually touted until 2006, usually in around whenever a competing OS was being released.

Over-promising way in advance and under-delivering was MS's modus operandi through much of the 1990's and early 2000's. A lot of people fell for it, and a lot of people continue to fall for it (I follow some PlayStation forums now and then, and have seen more than one person claim they're waiting until Scorpio ships because it's going to blow everything that ever came before it out of the water...sound familiar?).


Comment Re:EVEN TILLERSON says it's real. (Score 3, Insightful) 167

A rain belt shift that sees the Midwest and the Plains become more and more drought prone is going to have a pretty major effect on a country of over 300 million people. This isn't just about having to build dikes in Florida or abandoning portions of its coastline, there are certain features of modern civilization that are built upon ready access to arable lands.

CO2 levels 80 million years ago are irrelevant to a feature of the planet that has only existed for the last 10,000 years; namely human civilization.

Comment Re:Start the clock (Score 1) 167

4 billion years ago the Earth had a reducing atmosphere that would be toxic to almost all multicellular and even a good portion of the unicellular life we see today. I cannot imagine why you think 4 billion years of climate history is relevant when humans, or anything that we would call human, has only existed for about 4 million years, and human civilization is no more than 10,000 years old.

Or do you have a point? I get the feeling that people like you think you've falsified a theory you don't like if you can just come up with any objection, even if the objection is so stunningly stupid that even you have to just shake your head at the stupidity of the statement.

Comment Re:Bashing Windows 10 (Score 1) 493

I just think the hoopla over telemetry is unwarranted. It's hype over something that isn't much of anything. People only care about this issue because techweenies keep bringing it up as some sort of evil overlord ordeal when it's really nothing so sinister, nor glamorous, it's just stupid statistics that no one should honestly give a flying f about.

good thing you don't work in medical research then, sunshine. or anything that's supposed to be secure.

Comment Re:Merit over Intersectionalist Bingo Quotas (Score 3, Interesting) 161

claptrap. You don't hire to fill quotas ... You hire the best candidate to do a job.

I've been in the work-world long enough to know that social factors play a large role in actual hiring decisions/preferences. Humans are social animals and tribal by nature/habit.

We like to THINK we are objective, but in practice we are not. We unconsciously prefer people who think like and have a background similar to ourselves. We don't want mental-world-view-mismatches that take us out of our comfort zone.

Once I inadvertently got the results of my own job interview due to a mix-up. The hiring manager stated, "Tablizer [alias] is technically competent and experienced, but has no personality. He is a stick-in-the-mud. We want somebody more interesting." [paraphrased]

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