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Comment Re:Peter Thiel didn't bankrupt Gawker (Score 1) 32

Bankruptcy was an absurd punishment over a celebrity sex tape.

This was never about a sex tape. It was about Thiel being pissed about an expose of homophobia within silicon valley in which he was outed. The original article Gawker published about him was actually, ironically enough, relatively good journalism, about a matter of legitimate public interest, only partially spoiled by Gawker's carelessness.

You may want billionaires to dictate who can and who can't write the news. Me? I'd rather not live in a thielocracy.

Comment Re:As did all the others. (Score 1) 65

A design like Airlander 10 is fundamentally a lot more resistant to the common problems that plague blimps during landing, such as susceptability to winds. It has less inherent lift, a smaller cross section, and more ability to anchor itself down with its fans. However, something clearly did not function correctly here. A blimp should never nose down like that. Either lift or thrust was for some reason configured wrong.

Comment Re:Just a fad (Score 1) 70

I'd have to disagree.

I'd LOVE to be trollin' around slashdot etc. instead of actually driving during my commute.

And my lazy son won't get a driver's license, making me drive. I'm thinking of telling him to Uber, but the idea of riding with a creepy stranger kind of bothers me. I'd rather it be creepy robot.

There are people too young, too old, or too ill to drive, and many that just don't want to. I'd say that's at least 1/4 the population (excluding younger than say 12). Big potential market.

Comment Re:More BS (Score 1) 70

No, my point is if the Uber Cab Company wanted to get people to their front door all they had to do in the first place was use GPS. Not the generic coordinates but the actual GPS coordinates. They have to be correct.

But instead of stating the obvious this self-important dreg tried to make himself sound like he knew what he was talking about when he explicitly states he was "talking to the CEO of a ride sharing company*" which is code for, "This is nothing but a surreptitious ad for a cab company".

* Sharing a ride does not involve calling a company to have someone come pick you up to go to a destination of your choice and you paying that person for the ride.

Comment Re:More BS (Score 2) 70

No, the article is about human drivers of a cab company who can't get him to his front door. He then launches into a worthless rant about how self-driving cars need better maps.

If a human driver, using the same map and their set of eyes, can't get the guy to his front door, what makes him think a car programmed by humans will be any better, especially by humans who have never seen the place you're going to?

Comment More BS (Score 0) 70

Just because the Uber Cab Company can't get you to your front door doesn't mean maps are bad. It means the cab company has incompetent drivers.

Maybe if the Uber Cab Company paid their drivers better people would get better cab service.

Technology is not the solution to human incompetence. Better humans are.

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