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Comment Re:Nor replaced but protected (Score 1) 81

The robots are not here to take our jobs, but instead to protect us.
I mean, who wants do do those menial jobs of transporting and feeding older people ? Especially in the ones in multi-story buildings.

You might be able to solve that by making a robot that can wash an old person's ass for them. But you might also solve it by making a robot that eats old people. Robots aren't moral, they're machines.

Comment Re:YouTube in an EVIL nutshell (Score 1) 137

Or maybe it's just too hard for me to imagine why anyone would pay to advertise anything on YouTube.

Advertisers' goal is typically to connect with stupid people who will buy shit they don't need. And what a coincidence: people too dumb to block ads on Youtube are spectacularly stupid, thus ideal for typically sophomoric marketing tactics designed to make people feel bad enough about themselves to buy some garbage.

Comment Re:Battlestar Galactica Quote (Score 1) 137

Someone on here once pointed out a relevant quote from Commander William Adama:

When you quote fictional characters (especially from television) as if they said something relevant, you out yourself both as having cheeto dust on your sweatpants and as not actually reading books. Here's a better quote which you can use to make yourself appear erudite, which I found with google which shows just how easy this shit is:

Beneath a free government there is nothing but the intelligence of the people to keep the people's peace. Order must be preserved, not by a military police or regiments of horse-guards, but by the spontaneous concert of a well-informed population, resolved that the rights which have been rescued from despotism shall not be subverted by anarchy.

-Edward Everett

Comment Re:Hit Job on Google? (Score 1) 137

Just over a month ago, the WSJ did a hitjob on Pewdiepie, one of Youtube's most-subscribed personalities, causing his ad funding and Youtube Red channel to get cancelled.

Just over a month ago, PewDiePie did something stupid that could easily convince a moron that he is an anti-semite. Because it was so stupid, and he made no attempt to actually be clever and was instead only incendiary as per usual, he lost his ad funding and youtube red channel, and will have to find his own soapbox. If he had anything worth saying, he would have been able to find someone else to pick him up, but he doesn't so he didn't. That's the whole story.

Comment Re: good luck with that! (Score 1) 81

It has been standard practice to swap modules and then send those modules elsewhere to be troubleshot for as long as I can recall. It's nothing new.

Nobody said it was new. It is, however, becoming more common. There are still a lot of parts not wrapped up in modules which you have to replace to make repairs. That's going to change as robots do more of these jobs.

Comment Re:deploy this, and you arent a state anymore. (Score 2) 77

And it has been proven time and again, through statistics and police testing, that police are far less likely to shoot a black man than a white man, all else held equal.

It has been proven time and again that all else is not held equal. The police are for example more commonly deployed to harass people in black neighborhoods. They're more likely to encounter a black man.

Additionally the rate of police shootings have been plummeting over the last decades.

How would you know when the statistics are deliberate lies?

Comment Re:good luck with that! (Score 1) 81

I can understand replacing simple tasks, but complicated ones?

The complicated tasks are going away. It is already the practice to replace whole modules when a component fails. That's the kind of job that a robot can handle. Onboard diagnostics tell you which major component is having a problem, the component is yanked and sent home for repairs and a new one is slapped in. Sooner or later we'll give homes easily serviceable plumbing under raised flooring so that the robots can get to it. The list goes on, a world designed to have robots in it will look different from this by necessity.

Comment Re:Let's see if I have this right (Score 1) 372

Ideally, the moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans would get together and come up with something

The ACA is already based on moderate ideas. It's mostly based on a Heritage Foundation paper, a right-wing think-tank. The far left wanted single payer (similar to what other industrialized countries have).

It just needs some tuning due to mistakes and GOP budget bullet holes. Let's hope moderates can do that much.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 1) 372

With a income of at least 100M that we know of, and possible billions elsewhere, I believe we can clearly say he knows what he is doing.

I possibly have billions elsewhere. I don't, but I possibly could. That means fuck-all. However, we know for sure that Trump is in a shitload of debt — No really, an entire shitload.

So no, no it is not clear that Trump knows what he is doing, and it cannot seem that way unless you willfully ignore the concept of debt.

Comment Re:Parity? Really? (Score 1) 372

If Trump and the GOP couldn't unravel the 3500 page health care law, how are they going to pull off reforming the tax code, which ran like twenty-three volumes (without addendums) back in the 1990s?

Presumably you just throw it away and start over with something simpler. Hopefully you have some numbers which tell you how much tax revenue will be collected if you do that; at least the math should be simpler if you simplify the crap out of the tax code.

That's not counting the judicial precedents which are now law. Hell, there's like several hundred pages of law that just governs the taxation issues related to owning racehorses

There's no reasonable way to fix that stuff except case by case, because you can't throw out all the laws as easily as you can throw out the tax code.

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