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Comment Re:This is retarded conservatism to help 'coal' (Score 1) 463

they've figured out how to frack for 20-30 dollars per barrel

Lol they did no such thing. They relied on proven reserves and easier to extract oil. Nothing more. There's been no major change in fracking practices the past few years, nothing revolutionary.

What actually did change is that a country that has been storing a metric fuckton of oil has had international trade sanctions lifted. That didn't help. Oil price plummeting and OPEC responding like an Alaskan governor "drill baby drill" hasn't helped either.

Comment Re:Can't it be self funding? (Score 1) 269

Inevitably, this means that the manufacturers will find some way, in some cases, to scam the results.

The great thing about a program is that it forces manufacturers to release *some* data. The data is trivial enough to check in operations and scamming the system opens them up to fraud cases.

As apposed to not having any program where they can just shovel whatever they want in your direction.

Comment Re:It's pretty simple (Score 1) 269

Here is your valuable program certifying a gasoline powered alarm clock [] as compliant.

And was the product created and sold? Certifications based on the honour system open a company up to traditional legal cases involving fraud. Just having the program is a benefit. Third parties are capable of checking it, and given it's not directly safety related there's no reason for a certification body to get involved.

Comment Re:And these breakers are connected to the network (Score 1) 38

Sure if you ignore technical requirements and start sinking a shitload of money into the system that will lead to public outrage as Americans cease to enjoy their ludicrously low electricity prices you can do ANYTHING.

PSTN, modems, SMS, you don't seem to realise just how much data is required by SCADA systems and how quickly they need to respond.
UHF? I take it you've never actually looked at coverage at these frequencies. HF maybe, but then you're into a new world of problems.
As for cables, they did lay them, but it's worth remembering that the grid wasn't built yesterday. Much of the communications which was laid was done so with simple copper carrying nothing more than dumb trip signals. These days they lay fibre. However laying enough to actually create your own network of all critical substations... we'll how deep is your wallet? After all we can build anything *you* are willing to pay for.

Comment Re:Who did they talk to? (Score 1) 525

I have never met someone below the age of 30 that thought they had a chance of retiring at all.

I take it you have a sample size of one. Even within a margin of error you should at least have met someone who thinks they have a chance of retiring. I'm going to call bullshit on your anecdote.

Comment Re:The view fails to account getting &*#@ed (Score 1) 525

That being said- save hard, don't pamper yourself with eating out and starbucks and you can still retire years earlier.

Or, buy a nice car, go explore the world, and enjoy life while you still have knees.
I hate the idea of a nasty life for a good retirement, right when you're unable to enjoy it.

Mind you I also work in a country where I get holidays so I'm able to do that. Americans seem obsessed with working themselves to death before they even reach retirement age.

Comment Re:Opposite (Score 1) 525

I'm a gen X'er and I *know* I won't have a pension.

You do now. The thing about analysing a generation that by definition is still young and comparing them to a generation that by definition is older you're comparing Apples to compost.

Most X'ers had equally over inflated hopes of early retirement and enjoying their golden years back when they were the millenial's age.

Comment Re:And these breakers are connected to the network (Score 1) 38

Yes. These days many utilities also run fibre. They also did run control lines but in the past they were for basic copper allowing remote substation intertrips before centralised control became a thing (e.g. OMG my breaker didn't open, please upstream stop feeding me power signal).

The problem with the cost comes in retrofitting the grid now, rather than when it was first built. Helicopter time isn't cheap.

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