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Comment Re:Not mine, you won't... (Score 1) 215

"The only people who expect to outlive their car are those with terminal illnesses."

Well, I own a 2001 car with basically that same engine design (only it is the 320 gasoline instead of diesel), and I also expect my car to still get a lot of service years in front of it.

lot of service years

So you're not going to live for a lot of years?

Comment Re:I thought diesel ran cleaner (Score 1) 215

I could read in the press this is due to modern refining capacities : more gasoline (or stuff usable as gasoline) comes out of the processes than used to.

Chicken and egg problem.

Refiners don't determine the market they just follow it and maximise profit along the way. When there's higher margin on petrol then there's more effort into running crudes and units in a way that favour petrol production. If there's a really long term market trend then refineries are likely to invest capital in improving the cut of the greatest margin products. I once worked at a refinery which got this spectacularly wrong. A many hundreds of millions of dollars investment in clean diesel production ultimately caused it to shutdown 10 years later when the market fundamentally shifted from diesel to petrol due to external issues.

Comment Re:How the fuck.... (Score 1) 215

the hauls are really long in oz.

The proliferation of gas at service stations is even higher in Oz than in Europe. I had no problem driving an gas powered Commodore from Perth to Broome, I don't see why trucks would either.
Also the really long haul trucks have much bigger tanks than the traditional ones.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 215

Natural gas? So, you're pro-fracking.

Just because Americans love fracking doesn't mean a large source of the world's natural gas supply comes from it.

Nothing is good about petrol, either.

Sigh. If you're going to deal in absolutes then there's no point talking is there. These things are a sliding scale and there's many reasons diesel specifically is being pushed out of major cities.

, which is what you call it when you crack fats (waste or otherwise) in a distillation column such as we currently use for the distillation of crude petroleum.

Double sigh. You don't crack in a distillation column. Actually sometimes you do, and that becomes a multi-million dollar maintenance event where you have to cut it open and replace the internals of the column, but I digress. Green diesel works well when none crudes make up 2-5% of the total feed. I've seen refiners try this over and over again, pushing higher and higher (fats are food products and have much lower taxes on them). The end result is poisoned catalyst and an expensive lesson learnt. Not to mention that there's just not enough on the market with much of the combustible leftovers already being burnt in furnaces. Your green option is completely unviable not to mention that it has the same problem that you mentioned yourself, it's similar to petroleum diesel, hello NOx and particulate emissions which are primarily the reason for this ban in the first place.

Comment Re:Kind of obvious... (Score 1) 57

I'm a 3D modeller, I've been working with 3D for over 20 years. I've YET to see a useful home-model that isn't just "look - I - printed - a - stock - model - ma!" tech demo.

That is quite a sad statement. It also shows that you don't know any tinkerers, engineers, and instead surround yourself with people who would better be placed with just going out and buying a toy for Christmas.

I'm not a professional 3D modeller, yet the only thing I've used 3D printers for, or seen 3D printers being used for is hobby projects, repair work, some neat hacks of existing equipment, and upgrades. I personally have used it to add an indexer to an old broken coffee grinder which previously worked by jamming a pencil in the side, I've created adaptors to allow various vacuum cleaner parts to connect with each other, I made a small angle router attachment for a Dremel, and use it to build cases for projects.

Your comment is like saying that you've only ever see people use hammers to assemble IKEA furniture, all that means is you don't know enough diverse people.

Comment Re:!Revolution (Score 1) 57

No, he really does.

The first generation of computers? Someone in the business (I think it was IBM, but don't quote me on that) predicted that the world might need FIVE computers!
The first generation of mobile phones? Literally briefcases owned only by the richest business people wanting to look hip and futuristic.
The first generation of the internet? Two computers trying to communicate over the phone lines by sending the word 'LOGIN'. They broke down after the G.

I'm glad you're agreeing with me but disappointed you didn't realise it.

The GP said none of the products were overpriced unreliable and feature poor.
You provided examples of produces which were overpriced, unreliable and feature poor.

Submission + - How to View the SpaceX Falcon 9 Return to Flight at Vandenberg Air Force Base (

Bruce Perens writes: Silicon Valley folks should, sometime, take the opportunity to view a launch at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Lompoc is 4-5 hours from the Bay, 2.5 hours from LA if there's ever no traffic. An upcoming SpaceX launch is notable because it's their return to flight, months after their last attempt blew up on the pad during a pre-launch test. Read how to view the launch.

Comment Re:Use high quality sources (Score 1) 230

Quite frankly if there's not a Slashdot article about it, it didn't happen. Sometime in our near future I will be sitting in a demolished building with radioactive ash raining down on me and I'll read a Slashdot article saying Trump has launched a nuclear strike, get to your bunker.

The first post will be: "This happened 4 days ago, Slashdot is slow."
My post as I'm dying on my keyboard will be: "ORLY? This is just another anti trump conspiracy."

Comment Re: My Dell XPS that came with Linux installed... (Score 1) 189

I have never encountered a problem connecting to WiFi that was due to the software.

Hug wood. Do it now. Don't just touch it, or tap it, or knock it, make damn love to it.

You have never had a problem connecting WiFi under Linux on a Dell laptop? It's here. Our moment. THE SAVIOUR IS COMING! I got to run to church and pr

Comment Errr (Score 1) 57

Only a few years ago the thought of quickly drawing a 3D CAD design and having it delivered to your door for any reasonably time or cost was ludicrous. Nowadays it is a standard service offered all over the world. Not that this matters as I know several people with 3D printers which is why I haven't bought one.

It may not have revolutionised society on a whole (it was never going to, that was just absurd), but it most certainly has revolutionised the hobby / DIY community.

Comment Re:Doesn't seem to work (Score 1) 85

There is a new option in the menu under content for "Flash". It appears to default to "Detect and run important Flash (recommended)."

I've yet to see something blocked. However you can change this to "Block sites running flash" and then it prompts right click to run flash on all the content. However will still say yes.

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