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Comment Re:Corporate Stupidity (Score 1) 144

Stolen is an interesting term to use there.

If I tell you something in confidence then it is protected. If on the other hand tell you something publicly on Slashdot I can put as many disclaimers and wavers on that I want. Anyone else seeing it can't be said to have stolen it.

Much the same is anything that is exposed to an OS.

Comment Re:Already like that (Score 1) 227

Nope that has nothing to do with GDP or affordability. It has everything to do with regulation and health care systems. An easy counter example: Luxembourg. Twice the GDP per capita of the USA. Much higher cost of living. Higher average income. Very similar discretionary income per household, but many drugs cost a fraction there of the USA equivalent.

Same stories with other countries.

Comment Not good enough! (Score 3, Funny) 217

I want him to roll in the additions from Cilk++, Aspect-Oriented C++ and FeatureC++, the mobility and personalisation capabilities of Occam Pi, the networking extensions provided by rtnet and GridRPC, full encryption and error correction code facilities, everything in Boost, and a pointless subset of features from PL/1.

If you're going to do it all, might as well do it in style.

Seriously, though, Aspects would be nice.

Comment Re:64bit (Score 2, Insightful) 138

But starting with the assumption "4 billion is enough" when some people have more than 4bn in their bank account

Yep, I should bog down my computer processes because someone else is rich. Incidentally how many bits does it take to represent the number 4bn? While we're at it do you realise that the number of planets that humans have colonised is 1? Let's build a database with a 25 year life expectancy, how many bits would you assign to the index? 64bits? Your approach is the reason computers are frigging slow. It's the reason why I wait for ages to open up Chrome on a Quad 1.4Ghz Snapdragon.

How about instead of just blindly wasting resources you actually learn about statements of requirements and project scopes.

Supercomputer architectures did this a long time ago, translating and assuming everything is 128-bit so that you never have to worry about a limit.

Didn't you just say we should use 64bit for everything by default?

Why does it take so long for basics like web servers and databases to get there? 64-bit by default, MINIMUM.

No thanks. I'll target 8bit minimum and scale up as needed.

Comment Re:What happened to slashdot? (Score 1) 313

Virtually every top comment is a victim-blaming shitfest

Nope, not a single comment "blamed" the victim for having their laptop stolen.
Every single comment is however calling out that someone who leaves their laptop in an unlocked car can not in any way be called a "security expert".

"Ooooh CRIME he's a hacker! Arrest the victim!"

Nope, not a single person is calling for his arrest.
Most comments are pointing out that in his efforts of vigilante justice he's committed slander and accessed someone's account in an unauthorised way. Someone who he never confirmed committed any crime, was never charged or prosecuted.

"Every security expert encrypts every piece of technology they own regardless of circumstances! It's his own fault!"

Not a single person here has tied the word "fault" to his lack of encryption. They are just rightfully questioning the "security expert's" credentials given the circumstances. In fact several comments here even say if he encrypted it, then it would be his fault.

".. and they ALWAYS take every possession with them everywhere they go, and never lock anything in their vehicle, because they're infallible! Clearly he's not an expert!"

Well yeah. We hold "experts" to the standards set by their titles. Unlocked, and left valuable items, that's multiple concurrent failures for an "expert".

"That poor thief. ;("

And just like that poor thief who's so quick to vilify an unknown person in possession of his laptop and slander them as a thief, you too have not stopped to even properly read let alone think about the posts of the people you are criticising.


I know right!

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