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Comment Re: Cue the idiots (Score 4, Insightful) 153

seems to be in no hurry to learn any of these things.

Trump himself has said that he will make decisions in the Oval Office based on "what he knows beforehand" and "his common sense" not based on pulling enough information from people who know better than he does. In fact, he also claimed that he knows more about the Iraq War than the generals who were in charge of it. Even setting my policy disagreements with him aside, the idea of a President who would make decisions based on the first thing that pops into their head instead of based on getting all of the available information is scary - no matter what party they belong to.

Comment Re:I'd be excited too, if Comcast lost my address (Score 1) 68

I also got on some list that thinks I am over 65. (Sad story, was because my mom's last address was my house right before she died. Even though she wasn't retirement age either. We have the same last name, so...) So, I get AARP cards, hearing aid advertisements, medical scams, and pretty much every form of insurance scam junk mail constantly.

You would not believe the number of people trying to scam old people. Especially ones they think have just become a widow/widower.

Comment Re:Year of the... (Score 1) 521

Linux share of the desktop/laptop market has doubled in the last eight years to over 2% today. That's not too shabby

Android's market share has gone from 0% to 80% in the same timeframe. So what is Linux doing wrong? No really, you say it's not too shabby but the world is collectively pissed off at Microsoft, and many people refuse to shell out a premium for an Apple. Linux runs well on sub-par hardware and should be an attractive alternative. Why is it only at 2%?

There's something still foul about it that needs to be fixed. It could be that the most friendly and welcoming distros have had their fair share of anti-consumer UI screwingabout (Unity), or it could be difficult to use, or confusing. Something is still wrong if the figures are that low and people prefer to stay with abusive partners.

Comment Re:It didn't have an off switch before (Score 1) 354

Let's take that example further then. You just got shot point blank by a tank, does that mean your body armour is worthless when someone approaches you with a handgun?

I have a better one for you that's more on topic. If you're scared about the potential for something to be amiss because a hosts file is bypassed for one address by a company, then your issue isn't that host file. It's any kind of trust in that company and by extension who cares what happens to the host file, they are running their code in Ring0. You're most rooted.

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