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Comment Re:There perfect cup is the one you pour in the si (Score 1) 162

Coffee and beer are two of the most vile things I've ever tried. I just have no taste for bitterness I guess. At best, I've found a couple of beers that I can tolerate, and one that was actually kind of agreeable, but it had an IBU rating of 17, so that kind of makes sense. I still keep trying though, I'm somewhat convinced that most of my problem is that I don't even know where to start.

Comment Re:Cable Packages, Duh (Score 1) 198

I think the time thing is far more important than most folks realize. I've realized that I can watch quite a bit of high-quality content, and still have plenty of time to actually do something other than sit on the couch all day. It's kind of nice. Honestly I have enough subscription services that my total bill is probably more than what I was paying for cable+internet, but I find the VALUE to be much higher do to the time factor as well as the sheer amount of stuff that I actually want to watch.

Comment Re:Does it matter? (Score 1) 147

Nothing really, other than being "in spec" as the 1080p spec doesn't include things like Wide Color Gamut. HDR also requires HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 (sort of, my understanding is that the Dolby Vision type of HDR doesn't). It's all done in software save for a Dolby chip (think betamax vs VCR) offering that all of the MFGs I talked to at CEDIA aren't interested in.

The long and short of it is that there is no incentive to do so. A 1080p TV that they broke all sorts of spec on to make HDR would cost every bit as much, if not more than, a comparable 4K TV. Sales would be dismal, since folks could simply buy a 4K TV for the same price and everyone knows from the constant marketing speech that 4K is better, no matter what size screen.

Comment Re:Does it matter? (Score 1) 147

I don't know, Sony's new 100 inch Z series that they had on display at CEDIA was pretty sweet. $60k, but pretty sweet none the less. Seriously though, at normal screen sizes, I'm with you. There's not a huge leap in quality by simply changing from 1080 to 4k. However, what the 1080p TV's don't have is HDR, which to me is far more important than the resolution increase.

Comment Emojis part of unicode to begin with (Score 4, Insightful) 331

Why are emojis part of unicode to begin with? Is it literally just because it became popular with 12 year olds and 30 year olds who still think they're 12 so they needed to do something with them? Couldn't we have just made the right choice, declare emojis absolutely stupid, and take away the phones of people that try to use them? I loathe that my phone highlights words it has an emoji for. "Hey do you want to swap out this perfectly understandable English word for a tiny little picture of the thing your talking about?". "Actually, no I don't. I don't live in a pictographic culture so the written word is just fine. Thanks." I received a text invitation from my cousin (See 30yr old bracket above) to a party and I almost couldn't figure out what it meant. There were pictures of chicken drumsticks, ballons, fried shrimp, those stupid noise makers you blow into, a strawberry, a piece of cake or pie, a hotdog, and a couple of drink looking things. There were more emojis than text, so I just couldn't bring myself to actually respond to that mess.

TL;DR I hate emojis and everyone that uses them.

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