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Comment Emojis part of unicode to begin with (Score 4, Insightful) 331

Why are emojis part of unicode to begin with? Is it literally just because it became popular with 12 year olds and 30 year olds who still think they're 12 so they needed to do something with them? Couldn't we have just made the right choice, declare emojis absolutely stupid, and take away the phones of people that try to use them? I loathe that my phone highlights words it has an emoji for. "Hey do you want to swap out this perfectly understandable English word for a tiny little picture of the thing your talking about?". "Actually, no I don't. I don't live in a pictographic culture so the written word is just fine. Thanks." I received a text invitation from my cousin (See 30yr old bracket above) to a party and I almost couldn't figure out what it meant. There were pictures of chicken drumsticks, ballons, fried shrimp, those stupid noise makers you blow into, a strawberry, a piece of cake or pie, a hotdog, and a couple of drink looking things. There were more emojis than text, so I just couldn't bring myself to actually respond to that mess.

TL;DR I hate emojis and everyone that uses them.

Submission + - Nailed it (

bmxeroh writes: SpaceX has successfully landed the first stage of their Falcon 9 on a drone barge in the Atlantic.

Comment Re: Ghost electric vampires finally dealt with (Score 1) 297

Since we're on the subject of cable boxes. You know what else is stupid in electronics? Power toggles instead of discrete power commands. A lot of the home automation stuff we do ties in with home theaters. Our options are either leave the box on, use variables to track power state and hope the power never surge, or use aditional hardware sensors and programming to track power. Time is money, guess which path is normally taken?

Comment Re:Fools think this is horrible. (Score 1) 442

I am forever stealing the phrase "justice boner"...But yes you're right, the ridiculous amount of jail time folks receive for non-violent crimes is amazingly stupid. Judges should lean on community service hard rather than toss people in jail for 30 days or more over something petty.

Comment Re:No More Bennett (Score 3, Interesting) 187

<quote> (Note: While we accept bug reports on the ability to conduct brute-force attacks, we do not allow execution of brute-force attacks on other users. Please see the &ldquo;Do not attempt&rdquo; section. If you believe you have found a method to conduct a brute-force or code injection attack, please report it to us without testing it.).</quote>

The program details specifically say that. He's an idiot, but we all knew that.

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