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Submission + - Einstein Ignorant of Dark Energy (

newsblaze writes: "The model of an extended space-time describes three space-time quadrants below the event horizons of length and time that complete the present picture. Henry Frystacki says Einstein missed a feasible extension of four-dimensional space-time because he did not consider a basic set-up of space-time alone as a vacuum energy construction with an overall distortion pattern that is caused by four interacting quadrants."

Comment Apple should pull the authorization, if it is true (Score 1) 1

The Greek economy is in the toilet and maybe they thought they could just rip off a few customers and nobody would know. If so, they are so far behind the times they don't know the internet can be used to reveal all the bad things they do to customers. Perhaps they were ripoff car repairers in a former life.

Submission + - Mentoring Middle East Tech Women, Without Mentors (

newsblaze writes: The State Department is helping TechWomen to develop a new generation of women leaders in the Middle East and North Africa. The idea is to pair them up with women from Silicon Valley. The women must already have a tech background and can be from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, or the West Bank and Gaza. The State Department doesn't yet have applications out for mentor. Seems a bit backward.

Submission + - Thousands of blackbirds fall from sky dead ( 1

Dan East writes: In a fashion worthy of a King or Hitchcock novel, yesterday blackbirds began to fall from the sky dead. Somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000 birds rained down on the small town of Beeb, Arkansas, with no visible trauma. Officials are making wild guesses as to what happened — lightning strike, high-altitude hail, or perhaps trauma from the sound of New Year's fireworks killed them.

Submission + - Warning not to use same password everywhere (

newsblaze writes: The Gawker Media server hacking on the weekend, exposing commenters usernames and passwords should be a timely reminder to all not to use the same username/password combination everywhere. Anyone who does that should go visit all the sites they register with and make the passwords unique, starting with the ones that use the same combination that was stored at gawker. I know I have done this for a few generally inconsequential blog logins. How many of us have or have not done the same?

Submission + - Judge Declares Federal Healthcare Unconstitutional (

healeyb writes: In a surprise move, U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson issued a ruling today that the universal healthcare law that was pushed through by the Obama administration is unconstitutional. Specifically, he invalidated the section of the law that requires all citizens to purchase healthcare insurance, arguing that it does not fall under the purview of Commerce Clause of the constitution, as has been asserted by the government. — The ruling represents the first major setback for President Barack Obama on an issue that will likely end up at the Supreme Court. Two other courts have shot down challenges to the law...

Submission + - Scientists Suggest Bar Codes for Human Embryos ( 1

Velcroman1 writes: In futuristic movies like "Aliens 2" and "12 Monkeys," prisoners are bar coded for easy identification. But today's reality is even wilder: Scientists have proposed bar-coding embryos. Researchers from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain have just finished testing a method for imprinting microscopic bar codes on mouse embryos — a procedure they plan to test soon on humans. The venture is meant to avoid mismatches during in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer procedures. But privacy experts and children's rights advocates were instantly concerned by the concept of "direct labeling" of embryos, calling for transparency in the process. "An embryo is a human life, so we have to move forward with this very, very cautiously," said Pam Dixon, executive director for the World Privacy Forum. "Obviously we can't ask the embryo what it wants, so the individual making the donation must consent to this as well as the individual receiving the donation. There's got to be a lot of public discussion." The researchers insist that their technique is perfectly safe, claiming that the bar codes simply evaporate as the embryo develops into a fetus. Dr. Arthur Caplan, the director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, said that as long as development is not affected, any improvement on embryo transfer would be extremely beneficial — since mistakes can be heartbreaking.

Submission + - Adobe MAX Gets2010 Mobile Innovators Award (

newsblaze writes: Adobe MAX Receives 2010 Mobile Innovators Award for Innovation Event Breaks New Ground for Technology, Creative and Business professionals. Close to 59% of adults now access the internet using wireless, on laptops or cell phones. A single codebase now works across multiple platforms. This is what we were told about browsers, but that turned out not to be true because of multiple browser manufacturers doing their own proprietary thing. Will it be different now?

Submission + - UN Rights Expert Calls for Scrapping of Draft Wire (

newsblaze writes: Italy has a draft law on surveillance and eavesdropping that could jeopardize journalists and threaten freedom of expression. The UN doesn't like it and they are calling for the abolition or revision of the bill. Anyone not accredited as a professional journalist can be imprisoned for up to four years for recording a conversation without the consent of the person involved and then publicizing that information. Four years seems a bit draconian, but people should know they are being recorded. Across Italy, journalists and citizens protested against the draft law, and some journalists went on strike. I couldn't discover what would trigger the maximum penalty. This is similar to a 2007 bill that was stopped — lobbyists never give up!

Submission + - Netflix, Guitar Hero, Farmville Coming To iPhone ( 1

newsblaze writes: Apple is everywhere and apple has everything. Not resting on his laurels, Steve Jobs announced Nextflix and Guitar Hero for the iphone and iphone4. Pity about Farmville! If there is one thing that isn't needed on iPhone, it is Farmville, but obviously enough people like it to get it on there. I can just imagine... But officer, I was buying a sheep and I didn't see that tree coming. The fact that there are a lot of other great iphone improvements is somehow overshadowed by Farmville!

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